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Chapter 316: 316 Night Attack!

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316 Night Attack!
In the pitch-black tent, Su Bai did not get up immediately. He released his spiritual energy to check the situation first.

Strangely, his spiritual power did not detect anything unusual within a five-meter radius.

Su Bai thought that a Beast was passing by, but he ruled out the possibility. There were more than ten dwarf Beastmasters standing guard.

Ordinary Beasts would not be able to get close to the resting area of the tent.

Since he did not find anything, Su Bai decided to wait and see.

Time passed by.

Suddenly, a corner of Su Bai’s tent was opened. Su Bai’s spiritual energy found that the corner was blown open as if it was blown away by the wind. He did not find anything unusual.

However, they were camping against the mountain, so the wind could not blow into the tent.

Silently, a subtle sound entered Su Bai’s ears. He was sure that there was a threat that he could not detect approaching.

Su Bai was not a slow person. He knew someone wanted to kill him!

At that moment, Whitey was ready. If anything went wrong, it would immediately attack.

The process was a little long. There was no more movement.

The other party was quite patient, so Su Bai would play along.

After nearly ten minutes, only the sounds of the dwarf Beastmasters patrolling and the occasional roars of Beast could be heard.

All of a sudden, Whitey’s Extrasensory was triggered. Su Bai felt a strong sense of danger.

Without waiting for the other party to appear, Su Bai immediately rolled to the side of the tent and saw a sharp blade emitting a red light stabbing him!


It was not fast. Su Bai reacted and dodged the attack again.

At the same time, Whitey also moved out, its sharp legs hitting the opponent in an instant.


A cry of pain sounded.

The voice sounded familiar, but Su Bai did not hesitate. He took this opportunity to summon Dream Wing.

“Nightmare Cage!”


Su Bai smiled bitterly when he saw Paris’s face. He could have guessed it long ago.

Besides Paris, there was probably no one else who wanted Su Bai’s life the most.

Most importantly, Su Bai did not expect Paris to really dare to make a move.

Moreover, Paris had hidden for a few days and only made a move when they were about to enter the dwarven capital.

‘But why couldn’t my spiritual power detect this guy?’ Su Bai pondered.

When Su Bai got closer, he saw Paris seemed to be grabbing something with his left hand, but he did not see anything.

Su Bai touched it curiously and was surprised to find that it was an invisible feather product.

When he first touched it, he only felt a cold feeling, but after waiting for a while, the temperature of this invisible feather product would rise to the same temperature as Su Bai’s hand.

Su Bai used his spiritual power to probe, there was no way to detect the existence of this item.

“Is that the feather of the Mirage Bird?!”

Su Bai already had a guess.

This item was made from the feathers of the Mirage Bird and was called the Mirage Cloak!

The Mirage Bird was a special and rare Beast. It had a low combat strength and fed on mountain berries.

To avoid the attacks of their natural enemies, the Mirage Birds would use special feathers to protect themselves.

As the name suggested, the Mirage Bird was an illusion-type Beast. The special characteristics of its feathers and the improvement of alchemy could help one to hide from being detected by even a Diamond-level spiritual power.

This Mirage Cloak belonged to the spirit level in alchemy.

There were probably only a few of them in the entire Dwarf Kingdom. It could be seen that the family behind Paris was not bad.

A few days ago, Anves found out about Paris’s family. He was part of a major Alchemist family in Heavencraft City.

It seemed that the matter of the Crimson Core vein had angered Paris to the point that he had taken out all his trump cards.

Su Bai’s eyes fell on Paris’s right hand, a dagger with a red blade.

It was made from the skull of a Lavaleo, and it was at least Platinum-Level and above, and the alchemy level was also at the spirit level.

Su Bai had a decent physique. However, if he was indeed stabbed by this dagger, he would have to pay the consequences.

Su Bai shook his head helplessly as he looked at Paris’s hideous face.

In a situation where Su Bai was unprepared, an alchemist would also become a terrifying existence. One could even pull out an unexpected Beast-core weapon.

If it wasn’t for Whitey’s Extrasensory, Su Bai would have lost some blood.

Then, Su Bai immediately went to the tent not far away and woke Anves up.

Anves yawned and rubbed his eyes sleepily. He said, “It’s so late at night. What’s the matter? We’ll be in the capital tomorrow.”

“I didn’t want to disturb you, but this matter … I’m afraid only you can decide.”

“Then tell me.”

“Mr. Anves, please come with me.”

Su Bai returned to the tent. Anves, who was still in a daze, was stunned when he saw Paris.


Anves opened his mouth and was about to say something when he suddenly saw the dagger in Paris’s hand.
This was because Dream Wing’s Nightmare Cage had not been removed.

Paris was still in a state where he was still stabbing with his dagger.

Su Bai did not need any explanation. Anves already knew why he was called.

“You b*stard!”

Anves angrily slapped Paris’s face and threw him out of the tent. He rolled for more than ten meters before stopping.

The commotion alerted the patrolling dwarf Beastmasters.

The patrols ran over and saw that it was Paris. He quickly shouted, “Not good, there’s an enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

Hearing that, everyone in the camp was called to gather.

However, after looking for a long time, the camp did not seem to have been attacked.

“Where did the enemy attack come from?”

“That’s right!”

“F*ck, I was having a good dream, but you ruined it!”

“Who is that lying on the ground?”

Facing everyone’s questions, the dwarf Beastmaster had an innocent look on his face as he pointed at Paris, who was on the ground, and said, “If it wasn’t for the enemy’s attack, how could Lord Paris be beaten unconscious?”

Everyone was surprised. After a closer look, they found that Paris’s face was swollen, and it was obvious that he had been hit by a great force.

“Tsk tsk, you’ve been beaten into a pig’s head. What exactly happened?”

“That’s not right. The patrol team has checked the surroundings, but they didn’t find any signs of Beasts entering the camp.”

“Could it be one of us?”

“Could it be those humans? Lord Paris had a conflict with them before!”

“Don’t push the blame on us.”

Lu Le, who had just arrived, immediately shouted, “Don’t push the blame on us. We’re not fools. Even if we wanted to fight, we wouldn’t let you guys find out. Seriously, we can’t even sleep well at night.”

Everyone stared at each other.

Although Lu Le’s words were unpleasant to hear, they made sense.

“Then who hit Lord Paris!”

A middle-aged dwarf stood out and shouted angrily, “Then who hit Lord Paris! If we don’t find out the truth, no one can leave today!”

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