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Chapter 35

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Superior-Blue Equipment Pear-Rose Thorn

“The danger assessment for this operation is C-Class, so everyone can rest assured.”

There was a routine inspection every year in the Wilderness.

They could prepare themselves for what would happen in the Wilderness mentally.

In the most recent accident, a rodent infestation a few years ago caused a period of panic.

Even so, that operation was only a C-Class.

“Alright, everyone, go and get ready. Before we set off, everyone can go to the encampment to collect a piece of Beast equipment. The academy loaned it to you.” Li Heng took over and said.

The students were excited but not too excited.

After all, the Beast’s equipment was only temporary.

“However! You can keep the equipment as a reward if you perform well enough this time.” Li Heng played a little trick and paused for a few seconds before saying that.

Everyone’s eyes instantly lit up.

A piece of Beastmaster equipment was precious, and they had the chance to obtain it directly this time!

Who wouldn’t be tempted?

Immediately after, everyone rushed to the equipment store and was so excited that they almost jumped up and down.

Before Su Bai left, he was stopped by Li Heng.

“I’ve already found out about Lu Chen’s incident. Don’t worry. The academy will give you an explanation for that,” said Li Heng.

Li Heng took this very seriously when he learned about it.

This matter concerned the reputation of the academy.

At the same time, Lu Chen almost caused Los Monstaria to lose a Beastmaster with potential.

Logically speaking, Lu Chen had totally deviated from the path of a Beastmaster.

“Thank you, Mr. Li.” Su Bai nodded.

“I should be the one thanking you. I didn’t expect that there would be such a despicable person among my students. If it wasn’t for you, my teaching career would have ended.” Li Heng smiled bitterly and said.

Stabbing a student in the back was a matter of great importance in any academy.

That was because Beastmasters mostly moved in teams.

The most important thing was the Beastmaster’s character, followed by strength.

After that, Su Bai went to the equipment store.

As soon as Su Bai entered, he saw the Great-Green grade equipment on the display window.

Just the amount of points required to exchange it was scary enough.

Army Destroyer (Great-Green)

Points required: 10,000

10,000 points were required to exchange for a piece of Great-Green grade Beast equipment.

Su Bai would need at least 25 days to exchange for the piece of equipment based on what he had gained on his day, and he would not eat or drink during that period.

However, there weren’t so many low-level Beasts in the Wilderness for one to gain points.

Su Bai took the bonus on the first training day while others were still planning their route.

When they entered the store, the previous students had already begun to pick out Beast equipment that suited them.

“Why are there so few pieces of fire-type equipment? My Flarodent is very picky.”

“I’ve wanted this equipment for a long time. I finally have the chance to experience it!”

“Everyone, don’t just pick the expensive ones. The most important thing is that they are suitable.”

“That’s right. Don’t let the equipment have side effects before it’s effective.”

“That’s right. Everyone, choose wisely.”

The equipment had to be on par with the strength of the Beast.

Only then would it be able to unleash the greatest effect.

For example, the Thundergod Bracers on Bearen’s had 100% compatibility!

It was a perfect display of the equipment’s characteristics.

That was why Su Bai had spent a considerable amount on buying it.

“So, have you thought about what equipment you want to get? Do you need eyes from a smart and beautiful person like me to help you choose?” Liu Yiyi came to Su Bai and asked with a smile.

“Yiyi, what did you pick?”

“Hmph, Hmph~”

Liu Yiyi took out a gem and said proudly, “An F-grade spirit gem. It can enhance the power of the Illucub’s illusions and is quite suitable for my Illucub.”

“An F-grade? It’s a little low.” Su Bai thought for a while and said.

Illucub had already reached a High-10 Iron level and was fully qualified to withstand a D-grade spirit gem.

However, Liu Yiyi chose the F-grade, which was two grades lower.

“Do you think my little Illucub has as thick skin as Bearen? Stability is needed in an Illusionist’s battle, and power comes second,” Liu Yiyi said unhappily.

Different types had different emphases.

Just like how Bearen was of the electric element, it was simple and brutal.

The special Illusionist type was related to the spiritual.

“Forget it. Are you going to pick one for Bearen?” Liu Yiyi asked.

“I’ll look around.” Su Bai replied indifferently.

There was no need for any equipment now that Bearen had the Thundergod Bracers, and two of them at that.

So naturally, Su Bai chose one for Whitey, who had no equipment.

However, the equipment in the shop was so exquisite that it would take a few days to look through them.

“Are you choosing equipment for the newly formed pact spider?” Liu Yiyi asked. She had a look of disbelief on her face.

From Liu Yiyi’s point of view, Whitey had just hatched, and its level and strength were not qualified to fight.

However, Liu Yiyi did not know that Whitey had Lower Diamond level potential.

When Whitey was newly hatched with the strength of Mid-5 Iron level.

It was fully qualified to wear the equipment.

Coincidentally, Whitey’s head popped out of Su Bai’s pocket. It was curious when it saw the equipment.

“What’s this…”

Su Bai walked to the counter, and his eyes were attracted by a small transparent box.

Pear-Rose Thorn (Superior-Blue)

Required points: 35,000

Introduction: Forged with unique materials, extraordinarily sturdy and sharp.

Suitable for smaller-size Beasts.

It didn’t have any gaudy effects, just solid and sharp.

Whitey excitedly climbed onto Su Bai’s shoulder and jumped up and down.

It could be seen that it was very fond of this equipment.

“You like it? Then I’ll take this.” Su Bai raised his eyebrows and chuckled

After that, Su Bai registered the Pear-Rose Thorn and put it into his Beast Space. He could now test if Whitey were tempted to go in.

In the end, Whitey’s excitement didn’t even die down before it went back into his pocket.

It seemed that the 210 points in affinity were not an exaggeration.

“You are really bold, little fellow,” said Su Bai.

As for Su Bai’s choice, Liu Yiyi was also at her wits’ end.

However, she didn’t interfere.

After choosing their equipment, everyone quickly gathered in the field again.

Lei Xing had also assembled his team.

Five Beastmasters in military uniforms were ready to go.

The aura emanating from each of them increased the students’ pressure dramatically just by standing next to them.

It was a different feeling from Lei Xing.

They didn’t try to hide their viciousness from the battlefield.

Even Li Heng was the same.

This was the most significant difference between the practical and academic parties.

“I’m waiting for someone. That person will be here soon,” said Lei Xing indifferently.

Just as everyone was curious, there was a sudden roar outside the encampment.

All they saw was a pure black motorcycle speeding into the encampment. It stopped elegantly on the sports field, attracting countless eyes.

With her hot figure, one could tell at a glance that she was a great beauty.

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