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Chapter 53: 53 I’m Sorry, You’ll Lose!

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53 I’m Sorry, You’ll Lose!

In less than an hour, Su Bai had easily killed all ten Demon Chimps.

All the materials from the Demon Chimp’s body were stored in the Beast Space.

‘Since it was only nine o’clock now, I could still go and take on another mission.’

After making up his mind, Su Bai was ready to put Bearen back into the Sigil.

But at that moment, the sound of applause rang out behind the tree in front of him.

‘There were others?’

Su Bai wasn’t stupid. He immediately let Bearen stand in front of him.

Sure enough, in the next second, a figure strode out from behind the tree. It was a burly man with a tough look who was looking at Su Bai with a teasing expression.

“Not bad, not bad. A mere newbie can actually complete the Demon Chimp’s mission. You… Looks like you’ll be a tough one in the future.”

That man stopped clapping.

But then, Su Bai became even more serious.

There was more than one person present. Then, several more people appeared.

They were all members of the youth training camp and had been lurking nearby for a long time.

It was not that Su Bai was too stupid to find these people in time, but that he was too focused on fighting to realize that someone was waiting to ambush him.

Furthermore, the strength of this group of people was almost all above the Bronze-level and none of them were kind.

“Kiddo, remember my name, Situ Yang.” the roughneck sneered as he glanced at Bearen and continued, “I’ll be waiting if you ever want to avenge yourself.

“I love teaching newbies like you who don’t know their place.

“Hand over the Demon Chimps’ corpses, and I guarantee that you can leave this place in one piece.”

The threat in Situ Yang’s words was undisguisable.

It was obvious that Situ Yang was going to take advantage of the situation and directly take Su Bai’s spoils.

When the others saw that, they began to voice out.

“F*ck, we’re too slow. Yang got there first.”

“It’s not easy to meet a newcomer who’s alone. Yang, just let me have him.”

“Who do you think you are? I’m the second to arrive and I didn’t even say anything.”

“This newbie’s strength is not bad. Unfortunately…”

Everyone pitied Su Bai because he was targeted by so many people, but they hated that they were not the first to target him.

This was the youth training camp with intense competition.

There were no rules against attacking other members, so they could naturally snatch the spoils from each other.

“What if I don’t?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows and asked.

He had heard of people who could snatch other people’s spoils at will, but he didn’t expect that someone would have their eyes on him so quickly.

But Su Bai was never the kind of person who would compromise.

Since the other party had come looking for him, he would fight them till the end.

“Oh?” Situ Yang didn’t expect that the other party would be so stubborn and immediately said, “You’re tough. Don’t worry. Although the military didn’t set any rules, we have our own rules. We won’t gang up on you.

“I’ll fight you one-on-one. If you win, I can guarantee that you’ll leave this place safely to hand in your mission. If you lose, you’ll have to hand over everything in your Beast Space.”

Nothing can be accomplished without rules. The youth training camp had been established for hundreds of years, and there were all sorts of rules.

Moreover, they had also obtained the tacit approval of the military.

For example, stealing was fine, but they mustn’t gang up on others to ensure that the resources wouldn’t be monopolized by this group of old birds.

It was an opportunity for newcomers to grow.

“Hahaha, this year’s newcomers are arrogant. They actually dared to fight back!” The people around laughed.

Situ Yang also laughed, “You are a fun guy. Those cowards earlier surrendered after a slight scare. It’s not interesting at all.”

“When do we start? I’m in a hurry for the next mission,” Su Bai said.

Hearing that, everyone, including Situ Yang, was speechless.

There was no better word to describe Su Bai’s arrogance.

“Alright, since you’re in a hurry, let’s cut the crap.” Situ Yang nodded.

Although Situ Yang was robbing now, he was still a member of the youth training camp. His actions were somewhat despicable, but he would definitely not take the opportunity to hit someone when they were down.

“Come out, Burst Bear!”

With a loud shout, Situ Yang released a huge bear.

Burst Bear was twice the size of Bearen, and its height exceeded 2.5 meters. It was like a small mountain standing on the ground.

Burst Bear’s momentum was strong as if he could easily tear apart any prey.

Su Bai was unmoved. He immediately checked Burst Bear’s virtual panel.

Name: Burst Bear

Lineage: None

Potential: Mid Bronze

Level: High-10 Iron

Nature: Fickle

Element: Earth

Talent: Bide

Skills: Heavy Fist (C-Level), Trample (D-Level), Earthen Shield (C-Level)

After reading Burst Bear’s virtual panel, Su Bai had a clear idea.

However, he did not expect Burst Bear to have a good name and turned out to be an Earth element.

And looking at its skills and talent, it was also a true melee fighter at the same level as Bearen.

But Su Bai felt that he would be bullying the other party if he released Bearen.

“Kiddo, you’re out of luck. My Burst Bear has recently reached High-Iron 10 level!

“Although I can’t be compared to those geniuses in the youth training camp, it’s enough to deal with you,” Situ Yang said confidently.

“Oh. Then I’ll fight you using my Bearen,” Su Bai said indifferently.

How arrogant!

The crowd was looking at Su Bai with strange expressions. After all, they had been in the youth training camp for so long, but this was the first time they had seen such an arrogant newbie.

When they first came to the youth training camp, they were like a child to their upperclassmen.

They couldn’t wait to see Bearen being beaten up until its teeth were all over the ground and crushed Su Bai’s spirit!

“Let’s see how long you can keep your arrogance on.” Seeing that the other party didn’t panic at all when he saw his Burst Bear, Situ Yang couldn’t keep his face any longer and said ruthlessly.

After that, Bearen and Burst Bear walked to the open space together and faced each other.

It had to be said, Burst Bear directly crushed Bearen in terms of their aura.

After all, Burst Bear had the advantage of his size.

Anyone who saw it would think that Burst Bear could beat up Bearen.

“Do you think that killing a few Demon Chimps is enough to make you arrogant?” Situ Yang took a deep breath and said with the demeanor of an upperclassman, “As long as we can find the right weakness, we can deal with these ferals, even if they’re only at Mid-Iron level. Judging from your Beast’s equipment, you should be able to handle them.

“But in the face with my Burst Bear, then I’m sorry, you’ll definitely lose!

As soon as he finished speaking, Burst Bear immediately took action and released the C-level skill, Earthen Shield!

It used a defensive skill as soon as he entered the field.

The reason was Situ Yang had seen the Lightning Armor that Bearen had released and knew the element of his opponent.

Coincidentally, the earth element could counter the thunder element.

This was also the reason why Situ Yang was able to be fearless.

“You talk a lot of nonsense.” Su Bai shrugged helplessly and said to Bearen, “Bearen, let’s end this quickly. Don’t waste time.”

Hearing that, everyone was stunned.

However, Bearen had already charged forward and arrived in front of the Burst Bear in an instant, striking it with a vicious blow.


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