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Chapter 56: 56 The Blue Stone Stele

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56 The Blue Stone Stele

The next morning, Situ Yang went with Su Bai to accept the mission together.

On the way, a lot of the youth training members around were looking at Su Bai and murmuring.

“That’s the genius from the Xuanyuan family?”

“He doesn’t look like one.”

“I agree. After all, he’s so low-key that he changed his name. Why can’t he pretend to be a commoner?”

“You’re right!”

“I’ve noticed it before. That young man is quite handsome.”

“Isn’t that Situ Yang? I heard that he was the one who robbed the genius of the Xuanyuan family. How come he’s with him now?”

Seeing Situ Yang and Su Bai talking and laughing, the crowd was stunned.

Situ Yang was unbelievable. The speed at which he was leeching on Su Bai was simply swift and decisive.

Since Situ Yang had already made an example, many members of the youth training camp gathered their courage to look for Su Bai and started to flatter him with all kinds of flowery words.

“Su Bai, do you need more people? I want to learn from you and I don’t want any merit points!”

“Look at me, Su Bai. I’m known as the daredevil. As long as you say the word, and your wish is my command!”

Su Bai was stunned.

Seeing that, Situ Yang, who was beside Su Bai, immediately muttered a few words in Su Bai’s ear.

After explaining the whole story, Su Bai finally understood what had happened.

“You’ve got me that.” Su Bai’s mouth twitched and he rolled his eyes at Situ Yang. Su Bai asked, “Do you really think I’m the genius of the Xuanyuan family?”

“I don’t know,” Situ Yang was also an honest man. He said frankly, “I was just guessing, but don’t worry, even if you’re not, I won’t regret the decision I made last night.”

Especially after Situ Yang saw Su Bai’s familiarized skill of extracting Beast-cores.

Situ Yang was even more certain that even if Su Bai wasn’t a famous genius, he wasn’t an ordinary person.

Su Bai chuckled and didn’t say anything.

After receiving a mission, Su Bai left the youth training camp and started to complete the mission with Situ Yang.

The first mission was to let Situ Yang take action.

What Su Bai valued was Situ Yang’s scouting ability. Although his fighting ability was not important, it was indispensable.

The result was pretty good.

Situ Yang’s Songbird spread its wings high in the sky and hovered in the dense forest, keeping a close eye on the target.

It informed Su Bai and Bearen dealt with the target as fast as lightning.

Compared to yesterday, Su Bai was much more efficient. He finished the mission in half an hour.

While the sun was still hanging high, Su Bai had completed three missions.

That kind of efficiency could only be achieved by the experienced teams in the youth training camp.

When there were no good missions on the mission list, Su Bai went to the canteen to have a full meal. During the chit-chat, Situ Yang mentioned the numerous benefits of the youth training camp.

One of them was to complete three missions a day and get a chance to train a Beast.

“This training isn’t the kind of training that’s better than nothing like school. It was sponsored by the military!”

Situ Yang put down his chopsticks and said excitedly, “As far as I know, a student’s Beast once obtained an S-Level skill in the training room!”

An S-Level skill was a dream that most Beastmasters didn’t even dare to dream of.

Based on the known records, any S-Level skill could be an existence that could shake the world.

As of now, there were only a few Beastmasters with S-Level skills in Los Monstaria.

There were only less than a hundred people.

Aside from being able to develop the potential of the Beast, the training room could also strengthen the connection between the Beast and the Beastmaster.

Ever since his Beast had reached High-10 Iron level, Su Bai’s strength had reached another level.

The power of the thunder that was acquired was also a hundred times stronger than before.

However, it was only about 5 – 6% of Bearen’s.

It was a normal natural improvement.

Su Bai was the one who made the Beast level up and then received the Beast’s buff.

As for human improvement, it was like cultivating feelings with Beasts and so on…

Or perhaps there was the help of external objects.

For example, the stone steles sponsored by the military had the lowest gray color, followed by green, blue, and purple.

The gray stone stele was mainly used to increase the Beast’s experience points, but the amount was less.

There was a chance that the green stone stele would allow the Beast to acquire skills from F-Level to D-Level and increase a small amount of experience points.

There was a chance that the blue stone stele would allow the Beast to acquire skills between C-Level and A-Level, which would increase many of the Beast’s general experience points.

There was a chance that the purple stone stele could allow the Beast to acquire skills of B-Level to A-Level skills and above. There was a very small chance that the Beast would obtain a new talent and a large amount of experience points.

One could get a gray stone stele for free after completing three missions a day.

Anything above the green stone stele had to be exchanged with merit points.

The stone stele was an extremely rare resource for Beasts. The school did not have such a thing.

“Su Bai, I recommend you try the free one.” Situ Yang chuckled. “The first time I went in, everyone was dumbfounded. There was only one stone stele on the ground in each room. I was chased out before I could understand it.

Many of the students who came into contact with the stone stele for the first time were in the same situation as Situ Yang.

After all, this wasn’t a school, and there wouldn’t be any teachers doing it personally.

“Interesting.” Su Bai checked his merit points. It was just enough to exchange for one blue stone stele.

His opinion on the stone stele was that the higher the level, the better.

It was simple. Beasts were not like treasure bags that could store all kinds of skills.

Usually, after obtaining five skills, there was a 50% chance of obtaining the sixth skill, which would replace the original skills. The other 50% chance would remain unchanged, expanding from five skills to six skills.

With the system’s help, Su Bai was not worried about wasting his merit points.

After the meal, Su Bai immediately went to the training center.

During the day, the members of the youth training camp were out on missions, so there were not many people.

Su Bai took out his ID card, handed it to the staff, and said, “I’d like to exchange it for a blue training session.”

While he was speaking, Situ Yang, who was listening from the side, was dumbfounded.

After the staff confirmed the information on the identity card, they were also dumbfounded.

“Are you sure you want to exchange for the blue training?”

The staff member did not dare to be careless and asked again, “You’ve completed three missions today, so you have a free training opportunity. Since it’s your first time, I recommend you go for free training first.”

“That’s right, Su Bai, the merit points are not for nothing.” Situ Yang was also anxious.

A few hundred merit points could be used to eat, drink, and have fun in the youth training camp for a few days, but now it was actually wasted.

Although it was not Situ Yang’s merit points, his heart ached when he saw it.

Not far away, a few members of the youth training camp also heard it and came over to dissuade Su Bai.

“Bro, this is your first time at the training center, right? Don’t be rash.”

“Listen to us. It’s dangerous here. You won’t be able to grasp it.”

“You dare to enter the blue training room on your first try? This is crazy.”

“F*ck, if you don’t want these few hundred points, just give them to me. I can still serve you for a long time. Why waste them?”

Su Bai didn’t change his mind after everyone stopped him.

The staff member didn’t waste any more time and handed the blue training qualification card to Su Bai.

Su Bai then entered a single room.

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