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Chapter 59: 59 A Bronze-Level Beastmaster

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59 A Bronze-Level Beastmaster

‘Was Su Bai crazy?’ Those were the words in the minds of everyone present.

Su Bai had to be arrogant to challenge the Xuanyuan family on the spot if he wasn’t ignorant.

“Doesn’t this guy know about the Xuanyuan family?!”

“Did Su Bai fall on his head or something?”

“My God, this is the first time I’ve seen such a brave person. Awesome!”

“Look! Xuanyuan Haoyu’s face is livid!”

The crowd’s initial focus on watching a show quickly shifted to being on edge.

After all, the other party was the Xuanyuan family.

Su Bai was just a commoner and there was a huge difference between him and the Xuanyuan family.

Even though this was military territory and the influence of the eight great families could not reach here, Su Bai couldn’t stay there forever and he would have to leave someday.

Once Su Bai left the military territory, the Xuanyuan family would try to kill him.

It was as easy as crushing an ant.

Of course, if Su Bai became an official soldier, he would have the entire military as his backer.

Although it couldn’t make the Xuanyuan family let that matter rest, he wouldn’t die without a reason.

“Su Bai, you’re crazy!” Situ Yang rushed up, pulled Su Bai, and said anxiously. “Let’s just apologize and this matter will be over. It won’t be so ugly.”

They looked at each other and Su Bai asked, “Why should I apologize? Am I wrong?”

When Su Bai said that, the people present suddenly recalled. They had only heard it as a rumor from the beginning to the end.

Su Bai had never said he was from the Xuanyuan family, let alone an impersonator.

“Good, very good!” Xuanyuan Haoyu gritted his teeth and growled. “Since you don’t want to admit it, don’t blame me!”

“That’s it, we’re finished.” Situ Yang couldn’t stand it anymore.

But suddenly, the crowd became restless as a figure in an OCP uniform barged into the training center.

The person who walked in was Liu Xin.

“Who’s causing trouble?” Liu Xin’s loud and clear voice resounded throughout the scene.

The sharp and serious temperament of a soldier was completely exuded from Liu Xin at this moment, making the youth training members not dare to breathe loudly.

Liu Xin strode over when he saw Su Bai and Xuanyuan Haoyu.

“I can sense there’s some intensity here. Do you wish to fight here?”

This was not a coincidence.

After Liu Xin got the news, he rushed over without stopping to stop this farce.

“Tsk!” Xuanyuan Haoyu’s expression remained disdainful when he saw the soldiers, but he did not take any further action.

Even though Liu Xin was only a D-rank soldier, he’s still a soldier and a soldier has an entire military as a backer.

Even the eight great families would not dare to rashly offend Liu Xin.

“Liu Xin?” Seeing that, Su Bai chuckled. “It’s just a misunderstanding. This guy said I was pretending to be a member of the Xuanyuan family. But I believe everyone could testify for me.”

“Yes, yes, it’s just a misunderstanding.” Situ Yang immediately said.

‘They had almost fought just now. What a scare. Though, I wasn’t afraid of how powerful Xuanyuan Haoyu was. Instead, it was because there will be no stopping once he takes action.’ Situ Yang thought.

“I know about this.” Liu Xin nodded, then turned to Xuanyuan Haoyu and said. “Do you have evidence of Su Bai impersonating one of the Xuanyuan family members?”

Hearing that, Xuanyuan Haoyu shook his head, his face grim.

“Since you don’t have any evidence, what right do you have to act so atrociously here?” Liu Xin’s angry shout caused the atmosphere in the training center to drop to a freezing point.

The youth training members present were trembling.

They didn’t expect the situation to change so quickly, and at the same time, their admiration for soldiers rose to a new level.

Everyone saw that Xuanyuan Haoyu, a member of the eight great families, was berated until he couldn’t even make a sound. It was really satisfying.

Xuanyuan Haoyu’s expression was extremely ugly.

However, there was no rebuttal. Obviously, as everyone thought, Xuanyuan Haoyu did not dare to easily contradict the soldiers.

In fact, it was true. Xuanyuan Haoyu had come to the youth training camp this time because he had gotten into trouble.

The elders in the Xuanyuan family were furious. His father even threw him here after a fierce beating and let the soldiers discipline him.

Xuanyuan Haoyu’s father even said some ruthless words.

That if Xuanyuan Haoyu caused any more trouble, his father would not acknowledge him as his son.

“It’s my fault.” after a long while, Xuanyuan Haoyu finally said. “But Su Bai, do you dare to come to the military arena?!”

Xuanyuan Haoyu couldn’t afford to offend the soldier but he obviously didn’t want to let Su Bai walk away.

“Any benefit for me to be there?” Su Bai asked.

“A benefit…” Xuanyuan Haoyu’s mouth twitched in anger. “How about 1,000 merit points?”

“So less.” Su Bai’s eyes lit up, but he said pretentiously. “1,000 is too little. It should be at least 3,000. That’s more befitting of the Xuanyuan family’s generosity.”

Su Bai had been worried about not having any merit points to use, and now there was actually a rich young master to give them to him.

And Su Bai had already seen the Thunderhawk on Xuanyuan Haoyu’s arm. It was at the Lower-2 Bronze level, only one level higher than Bearen.

If the difference in their levels was not too big and they were able to match up with Bearen’s current strength…

Even if Bearen couldn’t have a great advantage, it would definitely not fall into a disadvantage.

Hearing that, Xuanyuan Haoyu gritted his teeth and said, “Alright!”

However, this made Liu Xin, who was at the side, so angry that he became furious and said, “Nonsense! Xuanyuan Haoyu, you’re already a Bronze-level Beastmaster! You can’t challenge Su Bai!”

“But I’m already a Bronze-level Beastmaster too.” Su Bai blinked and said.

Upon hearing that, Liu Xin and Situ Yang were dumbfounded and unable to react for a long time.

They all knew that Su Bai’s Bearen was at High-10 Iron level, only one step away from reaching the Bronze-level.

However, it was not something that could be done in a day or two.

Talented Beastmasters would need at least a month or two, while the more clumsy ones would need a year and a half.

But Liu Xin and Situ Yang had only known Su Bai for two or three days, and he had suddenly advanced from Iron-level to Bronze-level. This was simply ridiculous!

“Su Bai, don’t let your emotions affect your decisions!”

It could be seen that Liu Xin was really doing this for Su Bai’s own good, so he tried to persuade him, “I’ll deal with that Xuanyuan brat. You’re all alone, what do you have to fight him?

“The military rules state that you can’t challenge people of a higher rank in the arena. You’ll be punished for lying about your rank!

“You’re absolutely not allowed to mess around!”

“But I’m really already a Bronze Beastmaster.” Su Bai helplessly spread his hands and said. “But I haven’t had time to register yet, please wait a moment.”

After saying that, Su Bai ran to a corner of the training center and registered Bearen’s information into his identity card. The original black identity card turned into a green card.

“I-It’s true?” Liu Xin was dumbfounded.

The others didn’t expect Su Bai to go into the training room and become a Bronze-level Beastmaster!

It was Su Bai’s first time in the training center!

“Su Bai…” Situ Yang was so excited that he wanted to hug Su Bai. He said excitedly, “You’re my idol!”


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