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Chapter 60: 60 A World of Difference

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60 A World of Difference

“That won’t do either!” Liu Xin frowned. “You’ve only just advanced to Bronze-level Beastmaster. You haven’t had the time to stabilize your status yet. What if your Beast dies from serious injuries?!”

Beasts were able to share their strength with their Beastmasters.

Similarly, the impact on Beastmasters after their Beast died was heavy.

“Don’t worry, Liu Xin, I know what to do.” Su Bai said softly.

Su Bai looked at Xuanyuan Haoyu and said with a smile, “It’s a rare opportunity to compete with the Xuanyuan family.”

Xuanyuan Haoyu was taken aback.

He didn’t expect a commoner to be so arrogant as to use the Xuanyuan family as a joke.

The surrounding youth training members were all planning to watch the show, and some had even run to the arena to grab a seat.

A bet of three thousand merit points.

It was extremely rare in the entire youth training camp, not to mention that this was a duel between two Bronze-level Beastmasters.

“Brat, you’re courting death!” said Xuanyuan Haoyu.

After that, Xuanyuan Haoyu immediately walked toward the arena.

Su Bai was not idle either.

He looked into Thunderhawk’s information and took a closer look.

Name: Thunderhawk

Potential: Mid-Gold

Level: Lower-2 Bronze level

Nature: Brutal

Element: Thunder

Talent: Extreme Thunder

Skills: Thunder Blade (B-Level), Nimble (C-Level), Iron Wing (C-Level)

Su Bai didn’t take a close look at it before, but he nodded to himself after checking it again.

‘As expected of the young master of the Xuanyuan family.

‘His Thunderhawk was of excellent quality, especially its talent, Extreme Thunder. Its element had become purer, and its power had increased by another level.

‘But unfortunately, Bearen’s Lightning Armor was not afraid of the thunder element.’ Su Bai thought.

The match had yet to begin, but the outcome was already decided.

When Su Bai arrived at the venue, the audience seats were already packed with people.

It was the highest attendance rate in the past year. After all, it was a gimmick.

“Look, that’s Thunderhawk! It’s so cool!”

“He’s indeed quite handsome.”

“Handsome…? Those fiendish eyes are too scary. If my sister were to see them, she probably wouldn’t dare to sleep at night.”

In the arena, Thunderhawk held its head high and puffed out its chest. The subtle thunder element between its wings made a crackling sound.

It was as if it was showing off to Su Bai.

‘Another Beast who likes to fight. Just so happens that Bearen has just advanced and it’s feeling bored.’ Su Bai thought for a moment.

When Bearen appeared from the Sigil, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

In terms of size, the bears were naturally much larger than Thunderhawk.

However, in terms of aura, the current Bearen was obviously a little adorable and cute.

“What a cute bear!”

“It’s furry, it must feel good to touch.”

The girls present were immediately interested, and they had completely different reactions from the boys.

One preferred the fierce Thunderhawk, while the other liked the charmingly naïve Bearen.

It was a matter of who would win or lose.

Most people were still more optimistic about Thunderhawk.

The reason was simple, one was on the ground and the other was in the sky.

Thunderhawk could fly in the sky and attack the Bearen as it wished. However, no matter how strong Bearen was, it could not slap Thunderhawk in the sky.

Therefore, when Su Bai summoned the Bearen, many people lost interest.

“How can he fight like that? The difference is like heaven and earth.”

“That Su Bai is really stupid. He’s just letting Bearen get beaten up for nothing!”

“Youngsters these days. They don’t have enough experience.”

“Haha, he’s going to suffer.”

The crowd discussed spiritedly, but they would not stop the challenge because of that.

“The battle is about to begin. I’ll be the judge,” said Liu Xin.

Liu Xin stood in the arena and shouted, “There’s only one rule for the challenge, and that is until one of the Beasts loses the ability to fight or consciousness. It starts now!”

Xuanyuan Haoyu immediately ordered, “Thunderhawk, use Thunder Blade!

Thunderhawk on Xuanyuan Haoyu’s shoulder spread its wings and soared into the sky.

Thunderhawk spread its wings and leaned back slightly, immediately shooting blue-white Thunder Blades at Bearen.

“Lightning Armor!” Su Bai shouted, and Bearen was immediately equipped with Lightning Armor.

“Those two Beasts are thunder element?” Everyone was stunned.

The experienced youth training member laughed and said, “Interesting, both of them are thunder elements, but one is in the sky and the other is on the ground. If they don’t have any tricks up their sleeves, it’ll be a long battle.”

“Indeed,” Another member agreed. “If two Beasts of the same element want to decide the winner, it depends on who has a higher level and more tricks. To put it bluntly, it depends on who is more capable.”

In terms of capability, no one thought that Su Bai, a commoner, could be better than Xuanyuan Haoyu.

“Hmph.” Xuanyuan Haoyu laughed. “Looks like you’re a fool. How dare you use a Beast of the same attribute to compete with my Thunderhawk!”

Thunderhawk’s talent, Extreme Thunder, was not just for show.

When facing thunder element attacks, it can be immune to 90% of the damage. In the same situation, the Bearen can only be immune to 50% at most.

By right, Thunderhawk was one level higher, and the chances of it winning were higher.

“Su Bai…” Situ Yang looked at the arena worriedly and he was extremely conflicted.

After all, the situation was already very clear. Thunderhawk with the Extreme Thunder talent had no reason to lose against the Bearen with the same element, coupled with the favorable timing, location, and chances.

Situ Yang knew that the Bearen was very strong, so it could display the power of the thunder element to its fullest.

But it was futile. Situ Yang was in the same boat as Su Bai. If Su Bai’s Bearen was defeated, Situ Yang’s fighting spirit would be extinguished.

“Something’s wrong!” Situ Yang exclaimed.

Suddenly, Situ Yang seemed to have thought of something and immediately shouted, “Su Bai, Hang in there. Thunderhawk’s stamina is not good enough. It can’t stay in the air for a long time!”

As soon as Situ Yang said that, he immediately attracted the attention of the people around him.

Especially the younger brother of the Xuanyuan family. He rushed over and grabbed Situ Yang’s collar, threatening, “Little brat, are you tired of living? If you continue to talk nonsense, you’ll be the next one on the stage!”

Liu Xin also agreed with what Situ Yang had said. Su Bai just needed to stall for time!

Situ Yang chuckled, and said, “As long as Thunderhawk lands on the ground, Bearen’s power will definitely crush Thunderhawk. There’s no point in you panicking.”

At the same time, Xuanyuan Haoyu laughed coldly and said, “That is a good idea. You can struggle as much as you want. I like to see you in such a sorry state.”

Thunderhawk’s Thunder Blades on the battlefield continued to land on Bearen’s body. Among them were sharp feathers from Thunderhawk’s skill, Iron Feathers.

“It’s unlikely.” Su Bai smiled. “However, your Thunderhawk’s endurance is indeed lacking. Why did it fly so low?”

“Let’s end the battle quickly. Bearen, Gigamax! After that, send it flying!”

As Su Bai spoke, a surge of energy gushed out of Bearen’s body, and its body expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Xuanyuan Haoyu’s smug expression disappeared instantly.

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