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Chapter 7

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Bearen Mercilessly Crushing in Battle!

While Su Bai was still hesitating, Bearen, who was in the Sigil, had already appeared, roaring at Madjackal.


As expected of a combative nature. If Bearen felt threatened by hostility, it would fight without hesitation.

Bearen had not moved because it was waiting for its master’s order.

Su Bai smiled bitterly and said to himself, “It seems that I was too indecisive.

“Since you wanted to fight, then let’s do it!

“Retreat immediately if anything goes wrong.” Su Bai said as he started to strategize.

After a night’s electrical energy replenishment, Bearen was twice as big as before.

It was now more than half a meter tall from its original palm-sized body.

Of course, Bearen was still small and thin compared to Madjackal.

However, a Beast’s strength was not determined by its size.

Madjackal was a meter tall, and their fur was tough enough to withstand attacks from anything sharp.

It also had a mouth of sharp teeth that could easily tear apart a human body.


Madjackal had already noticed Bearen and Su Bai.

A low warning growl came from Madjackal.

Bearen began waving its claws, not willing to back down.

“Go!” Su Bai saw the right time and immediately gave an order.

Following that, Bearen charged toward Madjackal with its short legs.

That scene looked comical. After all, Bearen was too small and thin compared to Madjackal.

The people in the houses on the street couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

“Little one, you can do it!”

“Come on, Bearen! Defeat the big bad Beast!”

The children on the second floor of the orphanage were also paying attention to the situation, and they began to cheer for Bearen.

Madjackal watched as the little Bearen charged at it. A trace of contempt flashed in Madjackal’s eyes.

That was normal.

A ferocious Beast’s battle experiences in the wild could not be compared to those of a newly hatched.

While Bearen was charging at Madjackal, it attacked with Lightning Strike, and electric currents flowed out of Bearen’s body.

Bearen’s claws slashed toward Madjackal.

Madjackal was indeed very experienced. It did not take Bearen’s attack and dodged.

Bearen’s waving claws hit nothing.

Bearen continued to attack, its claws madly slashing at Madjackal.


After continuously dodging several times, Madjackal couldn’t take it anymore. It opened its bloody mouth and pounced forward.

However, what surprised Su Bai was that Madjackal’s sharp teeth bit Bearen’s body but did not cause any damage.

‘So that’s Bare Physique!

‘It could significantly increase Bearen’s defense and efficiently defend against Madjackal’s attacks.

‘Now, not only did Madjackal not deal any damage, but it also could not continue dodging the Bearen’s attacks.

‘It’s time to strike back!’ Su Bai thought.


With an angry roar, Bearen swung its lightning-imbued claws at Madjackal.



Bearen combined Heavy Strike with lightning and directly hit Madjackal until it wailed continuously.

At the same time, Madjackal’s body twitched as it was numbed by electrical energy.

The situation had been reversed.

“Alright, let’s continue our victorious pursuit!” Su Bai clenched his fists in excitement.

This was Bearen’s first battle, and it was up against an experienced wild Beast.

If the other party kept dodging, Bearen would be unable to do anything to it.

After all, Bearen’s short legs could not catch up to the agile Madjackal.


Bearen let out a furious roar again.

Bearen’s Lightning Strike struck Madjackal repeatedly, and waves of electrical energy ran through its body.

Even though Madjackal’s eyes were bloodshot and in a state of fury, its numb body couldn’t move.

It could only take the attacks from Bearen.

Madjackal was like a sandbag, allowing the Bearen to attack it.

“Good job!” Su Bai shouted excitedly, “Use Heavy Strike and hit its vital!”

Having the advantage would determine the outcome.

“Heavy Strike!”

Even though Bearen was not large in size, it still had the bloodline of the Bears, and its power was unique.

Bearen used Heavy Strike with its claw, accurately striking Madjackal’s head.

In an instant, Madjackal’s head was smashed like a watermelon, and blood splattered everywhere.

The battle had ended.

Bearen immediately ran back to Su Bai and waved its furry paws excitedly, like a child waiting for praise.

“Good job!” Su Bai smiled and touched Bearen’s head.

“I have brought help! Where’s the Beast?”

At that moment, Li Yan had just returned with a group of helpers.

However, they were instantly dumbfounded when they saw the bloodied Madjackal on the ground.

When Li Yan knew Su Bai’s Beast had killed Madjackal, Li Yan was shocked.

They had all awakened their talents yesterday and made a pact with their Beasts.

However, Li Yan’s Beast, the Peawillow, could only fly now. Its combat ability was nothing.

But Su Bai’s Bearen could kill Madjackal on its own the second day after it hatched.

Moreover, it was an overwhelming victory. Judging from the bloodied state of Madjackal’s corpse and Bearen’s perfectly healthy condition.

“Su Bai, you’re amazing! You’ve just returned and already surprised everyone,” Luo Qiu said excitedly.

Luo Qiu had watched Su Bai and Li Yan grow up.

Su Bai’s actions today were awe-inspiring.

At the same time, the townspeople who had arrived were very grateful to Su Bai.

“Well done, Su Bai. That little bear of yours was so brave just now!”

“I knew long ago that Su Bai was cut out to be a Beastmaster. Seems like I was right!”

“I was scared to death just now. I thought the little bear would be swallowed by Madjackal in one bite. Fortunately, nothing terrible happened.

“Su Bai, come to our house for dinner later.”

Everyone invited Su Bai enthusiastically.

Su Bai smiled bitterly, not knowing what to do.

The lady who was attacked by Madjackal hugged Su Bai excitedly. She wiped her tears and said: “I have to thank you for saving my life. If I were to die, what would happen to my grandson?”

“It’s fine, Auntie Qin. Isn’t everything alright now?” said Su Bai.

“Right, I have to thank this little bear, too!” said Auntie Qin.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the Bearen, but they called it little bear.

Bearen was not happy to be looked down upon like this.


Immediately, Bearen let out a roar.

The person who was about to reach out and stroke Bearen was so scared that he immediately took a few steps back and could only stare at it.

Some people even went back to their homes and brought some pork to feed Bearen to please it.

However, the result was no different from before.

Everyone was in a deadlock as the little bear was feisty.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Bearen’s little temper. After comforting everyone, the farce was quelled.

“Sigh … I didn’t expect that I still couldn’t catch up to you,” said Li Yan.

Li Yan finally had the chance to speak, and he said unwillingly, “Other than being older than you, I’m inferior to you in every other aspect.

“But I won’t be discouraged! Peawillow, you have to work hard too!”


Peawillow replied with a lot of of fighting spirit.

“Good luck to you! I hope you can become a Beastmaster as soon as possible.”

Su Bai just chuckled and encouraged his best friend of many years.

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