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Chapter 70: 70 The Ninth Legion

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70 The Ninth Legion

When everyone saw the Realization Stone, they went crazy as if they had seen a miracle. Even if they weren’t crazy, they would think they had recognized the wrong stone.

After all, the Realization Stone was like a miracle in this world.

As long as one could understand the profoundness within the stone, it would be able to give a Beastmaster unparalleled fortune!

“Kiddo, are you retreating in the face of difficulties?” Long asked. He took a deep breath and said, “The Realization Stone is not something that can be easily comprehended. As far as I know, the governor of Los Monstaria has one. It’s not that he doesn’t want to comprehend it, but he can’t.”

It was different from the stone stele used for training.

The Realization Stone was completely dependent on the Beastmaster’s fate and aptitude.

The stone stele could still be used with time and for one’s own use.

It was said that countless experts and wealthy families had visited the governor of Los Monstaria to see the Realization Stone. The governor of Los Monstaria had also generously agreed.

He also boldly stated that as long as one could gain insights from it, he would give it to everyone.

However, after a while, that group of people returned with no success.

It was enough to show how difficult it was to completely comprehend the Realization Stone.

“That’s true.” Chen Hui nodded. “The Realization Stone isn’t that easy to comprehend. It’s like a mountain of gold in front of us, but we can’t take it away with our hands.

Hearing that, the others’ expressions also calmed down.

Although the Realization Stone was considered a rare treasure to Beastmasters who couldn’t comprehend the profoundness within, it was equivalent to a useless and dangerous item that would be coveted by others at all times.

“Phew … I’m going to start.” The young girl took a deep breath and sat cross-legged in front of the Realization Stone. She could not wait to enter the state of enlightenment.

The other four laughed when they saw that. To them, the younger generations were different. They had a passion for fighting.

“It seems like you’ve suffered quite a big blow.” Long laughed and teased.

After all, he had Su Bai as a foil.

Su Bai’s performance on the third floor aroused the girl’s competitive spirit, but she was defeated again on the fourth floor.

Now, she had to get back some face.

“Shall we try it too?” a soldier asked.

“Let’s give it a try! Since we’re already here, we can’t possibly return empty-handed.” Chen Hui chuckled.

Trying to comprehend the stone was as difficult as ascending to the heavens. Still, it would definitely benefit their journey as a Beastmaster if one could comprehend a little from it.

Then, everyone sat down in front of the Realization Stone.

“Kiddo, are you really not going to try?” Chen Hui turned around and said sternly. “Who knows how many Beastmasters won’t even get to see it once in their lives, and you actually have the time to sleep?

“It’s the same as how you threw away an opportunity.”

Su Bai had heard his upperclassman’s words, but he just turned over and yawned.

“You guys go on ahead. I’m not in a hurry,” said Su Bai.

Hearing that, Chen Hui was so angry that he laughed out loud. He helplessly shook his head and could only focus on the Realization Stone.

Everyone wholeheartedly focused on the Realization Stone.

However, the more they wanted to understand the profoundness within, the heavier their steps felt.

The young girl felt it especially profoundly.

She was the most eager of them and had been trying to figure it out.

However, they seemed to be blocked by an invisible barrier.

If they thought of taking a step forward, they would immediately feel a tsunami-like wave forcing them to take a few steps back.

The other soldiers had been on the battlefield for many years.

They knew that opportunities could not be snatched, so they tried slowly.

Ten minutes later, Chen Hui, Long, and the others had no progress. They knew there was no hope of comprehending it, so they gave up.

They just lay on the ground like Su Bai and started to chat.

“What a pity… I guess it’s not our destiny to have it.” Chen Hui sighed. “However, at least I’ve seen the Realization Stone, and I’m definitely not losing out!”

“That little girl, Qing, is still so desperate.” Long looked at the young girl’s back and smiled. “Well, I don’t dare to imagine the pressure of having a military man as my father.”

The young girl’s fair cheeks were covered in sweat. After trying again and again, she had long exhausted her physical strength.

Su Bai was very calm. He didn’t get up from the ground at all.

Chen Hui was lying beside him, interested in Su Bai.

The other three immediately changed the topic to him.

Since countless members of the youth training had entered the ruins, only Su Bai could enter the fifth floor. He was definitely a genius.

Especially his achievement on the fourth floor, Su Bai would have no problem joining the military.

“Kiddo, have you thought about your future plans after you enter the military?”

“If you want my recommendation, you’ll definitely be entering the First Legion!” Long sighed. “It’s a pity. If I wasn’t lacking in points back then, I would have chosen the First Legion. I wouldn’t have ended up in this f*cking Ninth Legion. Now, I still have to fight with the students for things.”

“Ahem. I’m still here. You better be careful when you speak ill of the Ninth Legion,” Chen Hui said.

Long rolled his eyes, then said thoughtfully, “Su Bai, you must work hard. The First Legion is definitely your first choice!”

Su Bai had some understanding of the military.

In the military, the First Legion was the strongest. There were countless elites in it, and they could help Los Monstaria expand its territory yearly.

Furthermore, they had the best benefits out of the nine legions.

Next was the Sixth Legion, Second Legion, and Fifth Legion.

From their words, the team led by Chen Hui was from the Ninth Legion.

And… It was the worst legion, and there was no other.

Whether it was strength or benefits, they were far inferior to the Eighth Legion, which was the second weakest.

It was no wonder Chen Hui and the rest would be so down and out that they would fight with the youth training members for the ruins.

If this matter were to fall on someone from another military, they wouldn’t be so thick-skinned.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. The Ninth Legion isn’t as difficult as he said. At least there aren’t so many restrictions!” Chen Hui said passionately.

The military was definitely a more intense place than the youth training camp. They often had to go in and out of no man’s land, and they were always accompanied by death.

As the weakest legion, the Ninth Legion was not forced to take on dangerous missions.

They had no way to compete with the other armies for resources, causing the benefits to worsen. In the end, they might as well not have any benefits!

Thus, the number of people quickly decreased to only a few hundred.

Long was disdainful and said, “Come on. You joined the military just to waste time?”

“Hey, why are you always bickering with me? I can’t take it anymore. Let’s have a fight!” Chen Hui said as he got up.

When the other soldiers saw that, they were already used to their bickering.

However, at that moment, the young girl who was not far away suddenly ran to the front of the crowd. Her face was as if she had seen a ghost.

“The Realization Stone… It’s starting to disappear! How is that possible?” the girl exclaimed.

Upon hearing that, everyone turned their heads.

As expected, the Realization Stone turned into stars and gradually dissipated.

“Who has successfully comprehended it?” Chen Hui realized it and immediately looked left and right. When his eyes fell on Su Bai, and he saw that he was covered in a golden light, he opened his eyes wide and said, “F*ck! When did you comprehend it?!”


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