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Chapter 71: 71 An S-Level Skill, Massacre

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71 An S-Level Skill, Massacre

“When did he comprehend the Realization Stone?”

Everyone was silent.

They looked at Su Bai, lying on the ground with a complicated expression.

Su Bai’s entire body was enveloped in threads of golden light. This was the symbol of successful comprehension.

“That’s impossible…” the young girl thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her, unable to accept reality.

She was born into a military family. Though a girl, she could still go into battle in this world of Beasts with her armor on and look down on everyone.

As such, he wanted to become an outstanding Beastmaster and contribute to her family.

Other people would only awaken their talents when they became adults, fighting for the path of a Beastmaster.

On the other hand, she had been reading about the knowledge of Beastmasters since she was young, building a solid foundation.

She didn’t dare to slack off in her physical training.

Now, because of her outstanding talent, she entered the military earlier than her peers and was praised as a hero among women.

On the other hand, Su Bai was only a member of the youth training camp. He was one step ahead of them on the third and fourth floors, and he could even comprehend the Realization Stone!

The young girl immediately felt ashamed and resentful.

“How did you do it!” the young girl asked.

Su Bai got up from the ground, stretched, and said, “I just lay down and comprehended it.

Everyone was speechless.

In defying nature, no one was more heaven-defying than Su Bai.

He didn’t even meditate in the most basic form. He just lay on the ground to thoroughly understand the Realization Stone.

Chen Hui’s eyes widened. “I’ve never heard of such a ridiculous thing. How could you be lying down… and completely comprehending the Realization Stone? Kiddo, don’t play with us.”

Even though Chen Hui didn’t believe it, the truth was right in front of him.

Since they came in, Su Bai had been lying on the ground without moving and didn’t even get close to the Realization Stone, and he had completed comprehending it.

The young girl trying her best to comprehend the Realization Stone was so tired that she was sweating profusely. The others also knew the difficulty and retreated.

On the contrary, Su Bai, who had the most leisure time, understood the Realization Stone.

“Kid, you will definitely be a great man in the future.” Long’s eyes were burning as he said. “Those who can study the Realization Stone will be geniuses in the future.”

“What is the opportunity from the enlightenment?”

“It could be talent, or it could be a skill.”

“Double innate talent… Damn, I don’t even dare to think about it. ”

“It’s too early for you guys to be happy. Although it’s a Realization Stone, it’s not that godly in these ruins.”

Now that things had come to this, there was no point in arguing. Instead, they were more curious about what kind of opportunity Su Bai had gained.

After all, this was a Realization Stone that was hard to come by in a hundred years.

To be honest, Su Bai was also looking forward to the opportunity after he fully comprehended the Realization Stone.

However, his body was still receiving the rays of golden light, and he was slowly waiting.


Your Beast has learned the S-rank skill, Massacre!

After the golden light dissipated, a notification sounded.

Su Bai didn’t move on the outside, but he was secretly very excited.

‘An S-Level skill! Not only that, but it was also an attack skill highly compatible with Whitey!’

This trip to the ruins greatly exceeded his expectations.

Massacre (S-Level): Every time your Beast kills a Beast of the same level, it gains a permanent attribute increase!

An S-Level skill with unlimited potential. Su Bai was so excited that he couldn’t even speak.

The Realization Stone was an opportunity that countless Beastmasters dreamed of. An S-Level skill was enough to instantly turn an ordinary Beastmaster into a top-tier existence.

At the same time, with the help of comprehension, Whitey’s level rose to High-10 Iron level, and it was about to step into the Bronze-level.

“I wonder what he has comprehended.” Long was very curious.

All the Beastmasters who could comprehend the Realization Stone had experienced tremendous changes.

“Don’t ask!” Chen Hui said with a rarely-seen serious expression. “Everyone, listen up. Don’t let this matter spread. It’s not good for Su Bai.”

“If I find out who’s spouting nonsense outside, I’ll be the first to tear him apart!”

If it was someone else, Chen Hui would not have been interested.

But Chen Hui had a good impression of a student like Su Bai, so he had to keep it a secret.

Hearing that, everyone knew the severity of the situation and would not make a big deal out of it.

The military was powerful in Los Monstaria, but that didn’t mean no one would have any ideas.

As for what Su Bai had gained from this encounter, it was reasonable for Chen Hui to tell them not to ask.

After everyone recovered from the shock, someone realized that the door did not open after the Realization Stone disappeared.

They had not been driven out of the ruins either.

“What’s going on? Are we trapped here?” Long scratched his head and said. “Why isn’t there a way out?”

Everyone realized this when they heard that.

However, it didn’t matter. One could leave the ruins by themselves and didn’t need an exit.

But before they could leave, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of Su Bai.

“Who’s there!”

Chen Hui thought that someone had made a move. He immediately rushed forward and slashed down with the long saber.

However, the long blade pierced through the black shadow.

It did not cause any effective damage at all.

“A phantom! Whose phantom is it?” Chen Hui asked in surprise.

A phantom was an Illusionist’s skill; at the same time, it had to be paired with a Spiritualist item.

After everyone saw the phantom’s face clearly, they were even more shocked than when he saw the Realization Stone.

“Xuan Tian! It’s him!” Long’s eyes widened as he shouted. “That’s the missing Grand Beastmaster, Xuan Tian!”

Everyone was so scared that they did not dare to move. They knew what kind of person Xuan Tian was in Los Monstaria.

The first Beastmaster to step into the Grand Beastmaster level in Los Monstaria.

At that moment, they finally realized that these ruins were made by Xuan Tian. No wonder there were treasures like the Realization Stone.

Realization Stones were rare, but they were of no use to Xuan Tian, who had already entered the Grand Beastmaster level.

Furthermore, Xuan Tian had always loved to nurture the younger generation.

There was nothing strange about leaving behind such a ruin.

“Xuan Tian…”

Su Bai looked at the kind-looking old man in front of him. He didn’t expect it to be the famous Xuan Tian of Los Monstaria.

It was said that such a person had disappeared decades ago, and his whereabouts were still unknown.

Some people said that Xuan Tian had entered a no man’s land and brought a group of Beasts with him, but they were killed by millions of Beasts. Some people also said that Xuan Tian had been killed by other forces.

However, these were all rumors, and there was no way to know if they were true.

No one had expected to meet Xuan Tian in the ruins today.

“Greetings, sir.” Su Bai bowed slightly and dared not to be slow.

Although it was only a phantom, Xuan Tian still exuded the aura of a Grand Beastmaster, causing everyone to be unable to catch their breath.

The others followed suit, not caring whether Xuan Tian was looking at them.

After all, Xuan Tian was definitely a hero-like symbol to Los Monstaria.

“Since ancient times, heroes were juveniles.” a hoarse voice sounded.

Xuan Tian smiled and said to Su Bai exaggeratedly, “It’s your good fortune to be able to see through the Realization Stone. May I know your name?”

“I’m Su Bai.” Su Bai answered.

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