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Chapter 83: 83 Bing He’s Intentions

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83 Bing He’s Intentions

Late at night, in a small house on the military base.

A Beastmaster with a scar on his face opened the door and strode towards Bing He, asking, “Why are you looking for me in the middle of the night? If it’s just drinking, then forget it. I have a mission to complete recently.”

“It’s not about drinking.” Bing He pointed at the note on the table.

It was the IOU that Xuan Tian had given Su Bai.

“What’s this…” The man picked it up and looked at it. His eyes flickered, and he said, “Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian has returned?”


“Damn you, He. Are you making fun of me at night?”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They couldn’t help but recall the days when they were still mere soldiers.

The Beastmaster with a scar was the Commander of the Ninth Legion, Xu Chu.

The two hadn’t seen each other for a while, and they couldn’t stop talking tonight. Especially reminiscing about the past together.

After a while, Xu Chu took a sip of hot tea and said, “If Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian didn’t come back, then where did you get this IOU?”

“That’s why I asked you to come.”

“Do tell.”

“I’ll recommend you a good newcomer.”

“This newbie isn’t simple. He passed the ruins left behind by Grand Beastmaster Xuan Tian and is now taking the test in the military selection,” said Bing He after thinking for a moment.

Xu Chu frowned slightly.

It was rare for new Beastmasters to clear the ruins, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any.

‘Someone who could be recommended by He is definitely not that simple.’ Xu Chu thought.

“So he used an IOU to ask for benefits from you and tried to enter the Ninth Legion?”

“You wish! Why don’t you look at the Ninth Legion’s reputation? As long as one is not an idiot, they won’t join us,” Bing He said with disdain.

“I was just joking, don’t get angry.” Xu Chu smiled awkwardly.

“Take a look at Su Bai’s resume.”

After that, Bing He handed the information sheet to Xu Chu.

The information sheet was very thin.

There were less than two pages of content, but the content finally moved Xu Chu.

“Not bad, a real talent!” Xu Chu expressed his appreciation. He added, “He’s just a commoner, and he’s able to contribute in the wilderness not long after he entered the academy. If a newcomer like him joins the military, he will undoubtedly become a target for all major legions.”

“Now you know why I asked you to come!”

“I know. You mean to get in touch with Su Bai in advance and pull him into our legion. But he might not be willing,” Xu Chu said, raising his eyebrows.

“You are still as rigid as ever!” Bing He looked at his useless commander.

The biggest reason for the Ninth Legion’s decline was the lack of new Beastmasters.

For example, there were less than ten new soldiers last year, the lowest number in history.

The benefits and treatment were the lowest, as was the overall strength.

The Ninth Legion would exist in name only in a few more years!

“You must hurry up while the other armies are not paying attention. I don’t care what method you use. Even if you must trick him into coming!” said Bing He seriously.

The two of them formed the Ninth Legion when they were young.

Since the Ninth Legion was in crisis now, the two wanted to save it more than anyone else.

“Alright,” said Xu Chu. He stroked his beard and suddenly came to a realization. “Then why don’t you go? Haven’t you already met?”

“I-I can’t lose my face!” Bing He’s face turned red. He said stubbornly, “He was holding the IOU and didn’t take advantage of me. How can I trick him?”

“F*ck you, He. You wanted face as if I don’t!”

It was as if the two of them had returned to their younger days, where they scolded and teased each other.

Su Bai got up early the following day and went straight to Area B1.

It was the second day of the military selection.

All the participants had already started to move out and hunt down the Beasts.

Area B1 was vast but sparsely populated, so they wouldn’t meet each other unless something unexpected happened.

However, it had happened before when Su Bai entered Area B1, and he could sense strange gazes behind him along the way.

After entering Area B1, Su Bai used the terrain to circle around.

He realized that the ones following him were none other than the other participants from the military selection.

There were at least 34 of them.

“We’re safe for the time being. Let’s keep up with him!”

“What is Su Bai doing? He’s going in circles.”

“Follow Su Bai closely. Even if you can’t get the good stuff, you might be able to get some scraps.”

“Stop! Su Bai has stopped!”

It was impossible for a group of thirty to forty people to not be exposed if they followed one person.

Su Bai acted like he didn’t feel anything and continued to move in the jungle.

Su Bai wasn’t close to memorizing the location after yesterday’s scouting, but he was familiar with it.

In just a short while, he had left the participants behind him so far that their shadows couldn’t be seen.

However, he wouldn’t go for Waterchimp for the time being.

Area B1 was filled with danger. With such a large group of troublesome fellows following him, who knew what kind of commotion they would cause.

With Whitey, Su Bai moved in the forest as fast as lightning.

Very quickly, he aimed at a group of prey.

Nine Iron Rhinos moving in groups were splashing water in the pool.

The Iron Rhino had a vast body with tough and sharp horns on its head.

In terms of size, it might be similar to a Bearen.

However, in terms of weight, it could be compared to three Bearens. It was considered a heavy Beast of the same level.

“This is it!” Su Bai thought for a moment and released Bearen from his Sigil.

However, he didn’t summon Bearen to fight but to replace Whitey to protect him.

“Whitey, let’s test the waters.”

Arriving at the pool’s edge, Whitey shot forward and instantly landed on one of the Iron Rhinos.

The Iron Rhino’s skin was quite thick, so it couldn’t detect Whitey’s existence at all.

It only instinctively swept its tail and whipped its body as if it was driving away flies.

Whitey dodged, raised its sharp feet, and stabbed at the Iron Rhino. The Iron Rhino’s skin was flattened at a speed visible to the naked eye. Then it was full of elasticity to defend against the attack.

“Its skin is really thick… But…”

Su Bai noticed that even though Whitey’s sharp fang couldn’t completely penetrate it, it still left a tiny spot.

This meant that the attack was still effective but wasn’t obvious.

“Whitey, make a few more holes.”

Following the order, Whitey began to jump back and forth between the nine Iron Rhinos.

The innocent Iron Rhinos didn’t notice anything and enjoyed the water without any worries.

When the time was right, Su Bai came to the pond with Bearen. It was at that moment that the Iron Rhinos noticed Su Bai.

The Iron Rhinos’ eyes quickly turned red. It was a sign of warning.

If Su Bai didn’t retreat immediately, the Iron Rhinos would crush him into meat paste without hesitation.

Whitey had already left the pond and was watching from the side.

“Bearen, use Thunderfury!”

Su Bai put his hand into the water, along with Bearen’s paw.

The thunder filled the entire pool in an instant, but the surface was calm.

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