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Chapter 84: 84 Extrasensory! The Danger of Death

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84 Extrasensory! The Danger of Death

The Iron Rhinos had thick skin. Su Bai feared it would be insulated if he used thunder to paralyze it directly.

However, as long as Whitey could poke many tiny dots on the skin, it would be fine.

It might have a wondrous effect.




A second later, the Iron Rhinos’ movements stopped, and they let out a miserable cry.

“Whitey! Use Rip!” Su Bai shouted. Whitey went out and attacked without hesitation.

Its blade was much sharper than before.

In two rounds, the thick skin of the Iron Rhinos was torn entirely open, and blood gushed out like a waterfall, quickly dyeing the pool red.

The injured Iron Rhinos triggered a strong will and broke free from the thunder’s paralysis. It raised waves in the water with its massive body.

The waves hit Su Bai, and he felt a little pain.

‘What a terrifying power!’ Su Bai thought.

This was even more so with the water as the medium. Even Bearen wouldn’t be able to take it if it was a direct hit.

Whitey, among the Iron Rhinos, was using its Talent, Extrasensory.

It kept avoiding the waves to keep itself safe.

“They won’t be able to struggle for long.” Su Bai kept his eyes on the injured Iron Rhinos.

Sure enough, with its main artery bleeding, the Iron Rhinos was only retorting before its death. It couldn’t struggle for long before it fell into the pool and died completely.


Crackantula has killed the Upper-Bronze level Iron Rhino and gained 590 experience points!

The effect was pretty good, and Su Bai immediately followed up.

Bearen’s Thunderfury was getting weaker and weaker. Su Bai immediately took over and released the power of thunder himself.

Even though it was pitifully weak compared to Bearen’s body, it was better than nothing.


One of the Iron Rhinos roared and immediately gathered its companions.

As they squeezed against each other, the numbing effect of the lightning weakened.

“They can do that?” Su Bai was surprised.

The Iron Rhino was considered a dangerous Beast in Area B1. The reason for that was that when it went berserk, its offensive power far exceeded that of Beasts of the same level.

There was a rumor that a mercenary had provoked an Iron Rhino.

In the end, after his Beast was killed by the Iron Rhino, it still chased after the mercenary for more than ten kilometers. It couldn’t shake off the mercenary even after they left Area B1.

Fortunately, they were seen by the soldiers passing by, and they killed the Iron Rhino, saving the lives of the mercenary.

“Whitey, retreat!”

Something unexpected happened. Whitey immediately retreated and returned to Su Bai.

At the same time, the numbing effect of the thunder had disappeared entirely.

The Iron Rhinos ran towards Su Bai like a wild horse out of control.

The water waves that splashed up were shocking.

“There’s no other way.” Su Bai took a deep breath. He ordered without hesitation, “Bearen, use Gigamax!”


With a furious roar, Bearen’s body instantly expanded by three times.

Under normal circumstances, compared to the Iron Rhino, Bearen didn’t have the size advantage. Even its weight was a disadvantage.

However, using Gigamax could reverse this situation.

The nine Iron Rhinos began to surround and attack. Still, the sudden appearance of the Gigamaxed Bearen completely blocked their way.


They were also stubborn and didn’t give in at all. They rushed straight at Bearen.


Bearen put on the Lightning Armor and equipped the Thundergod Bracers.

The Iron Rhinos’ horns came one after another.

In an instant, a hole was cut open on the Lightning Armor, revealing Bearen’s body.

“Whitey, go!”

At the critical moment, Whitey moved out instantly, waving its sharp blade, and charged into the terrifying Iron Rhinos.

At the same time, Su Bai activated his talent, Soul Link.

The two Beasts’ attributes were greatly enhanced, and the hole in Bearen’s Lightning Armor was fixed instantly.

With its greatest boost, Whitey broke through the Iron Rhinos’ defense and cut through its blood veins.




In an instant, the three Iron Rhinos lost too much blood and fell to the ground, struggling for a moment before dying.

Bearen, who had been enhanced, was fearless of the remaining Iron Rhinos.

Bearen grabbed the Iron Rhino’s horn. A powerful force surged up, and the Iron Rhino’s horn broke with a crack.

Without the horn as a weapon, the Iron Rhino only had its weight as a means of attack. However, the Gigamaxed Bearen directly ignored it and had no effect.

The two Beasts began to kill all the Iron Rhinos, and Their cooperation was flawless.

One by one, the Iron Rhinos fell to the ground.


Crackantula has killed the Upper-Bronze level Iron Rhino and gained 590 experience points!


Crackantula has killed the Mid-Bronze level Iron Rhino and gained 430 experience points!


Crackantula has killed the Upper Bronze level Iron Rhino and gained 590 experience points!

After the battle, the green pool was dyed entirely red. It became a pool of blood.

Su Bai extracted all the Beast-cores of the Iron Rhinos and put their corpses into his Beast Space.

“It’s massive.”

All nine were stored in the Beast Space, taking up at least a lot of space.

It wasn’t an easy battle. Su Bai had basically given his best shot.

While resting, Su Bai held Whitey and checked on its skills.

Massacre (S-Level): Permanently increased by 37 attribute points!

This was an S-Level skill that it had learned in the ruins.

When Su Bai was doing missions in the youth training camp, he wanted to let Whitey make good use of this skill to improve.

But he didn’t expect that Whitey’s strength had increased, and it soon surpassed most of the missions’ targets.

But at that time, Su Bai was busy providing combatant service, so he had no choice but to put the plan on hold.

Now, he had killed nine Iron Rhinos, and Whitey had killed seven of them. It had grown a lot.

“It’s not increasing fast enough.” Su Bai couldn’t help but sigh.

Whitey’s experience points were almost full again, and it needed 2,000 experience points to level up.

Su Bai had to train them as soon as possible, or he wouldn’t be able to find a few skills for Whitey to grow after it reached Silver-level.

At noon, they had a simple lunch box.

Su Bai went back and forth in Area B1, leading Whitey to hunt.

Whenever there were weak Beasts to kill, Su Bai would let Whitey finish them off first. Its Massacre instantly increased to 81 points.

Whitey had improved in every way, even though the growth wasn’t noticeable.

Hundreds of square meters of the Beast Space was filled with the corpses of the Beasts, and there were still two hours left.

Su Bai and Whitey continued to hunt.

For the entire day, Whitey was dancing with joy. It had not had such a satisfying battle in a long time.

Only Bearen stayed in the Sigil gloomily. It was as if it had fallen out of favor.

Seeing that, Su Bai smiled and comforted Bearen to let it show off some other day.

Soon, it was already dusk. Whitey returned to Su Bai after killing three Golden Eagles.

“It’s time to go back,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai looked at the sky, determined the direction, and was ready to return to the camp.

However, Whitey’s talent allowed it to detect the threat of death at that precise moment.

Su Bai felt the same, so he suddenly turned around and summoned Bearen to block in front of him.

When Bearen appeared, even though it didn’t see any enemies, it released a monstrous fighting spirit, ready to fight.



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