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Chapter 87: 87 The Non-threatening Killer

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87 The Non-threatening Killer

Su Bai arrived at Area B1 early in the morning and continued to hunt Beasts.

He had 800 points which were enough to pass the military selection.

The team led by Sun Qi didn’t pose a threat to him winning first place.

However, Su Bai wanted to have more experience and earn more merit points.

He was happy to go to the purple training room a few times.


Crackantula has killed a Mid-Bronze level Rainbow Python and gained 250 experience points!


Crackantula has killed an Upper-Bronze level Hungry Eagle and gained 590 experience points!

The notification for the experience points gained kept on ringing.

However, Whitey and Bearen had reached the High-10 Bronze level, so the experience points were no longer helpful.

If they wanted to break through to the Silver level, they only needed an opportunity.

Perhaps it was during a battle or in a daze. The former had a higher chance than the latter.

Therefore, Whitey and Bearen needed to fight continuously to break through to the Silver level.

Su Bai was not in a hurry. There would definitely be many missions to choose from once he joined the military.

If the other members knew about this, they would probably drool with greed. The experience points from defeating the Beasts were free resources to them!

Su Bai had been fighting throughout the morning.

As long as they didn’t get too close to the danger zone, Whitey and Bearen’s combined strength was enough to sweep the entire field. Nobody on the same level could possibly be their match.

Soon, after a short rest, Su Bai was ready to move again.

However, several figures appeared in the forest and surrounded him at this point. They didn’t hide at all.

One of them gave Su Bai a gloomy look and asked, “Kid, are you Su Bai?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m asking you questions now. You just need to answer.”

“Interesting, Are you here to avenge the few people from the day before yesterday?”

Su Bai looked around and confirmed that there were six people.

“Avenge? I’ve never avenged anyone. But, I’m sure to earn money.” the man sneered.

He added, “Someone paid a high price to take your life.”


Su Bai frowned and asked, “If I ask you who paid you, I’m afraid you won’t answer me, right?”


“Then why are you still talking so much?”

“Hmph!” That man glared at Su Bai and said fiercely, “Killing you is one thing. The other thing is to make that shocked expression on your face.”

There were all kinds of Beastmasters among the mercenaries.

Among them, there were assassins for hire. They were a wondrous existence that could satisfy any employer’s request.

For example, if the employer hated someone to the core, he would get the mercenary to use all means to torture the target and achieve his goal.

Su Bai realized that was what the employer of the mercenary wanted. He wanted to see Su Bai’s shocked expression before Su Bai died.

There was no other explanation for them to appear so openly. In fact, it was more efficient to launch a surprise attack early on.

As for who spent the money to hire the mercenaries, Su Bai didn’t plan to ask now because he couldn’t get anything out of it.

“Since you’re an understanding person, please cooperate.” The man sneered and summoned his Beast, Demon Finch.

Name: Demon Finch

Level: Lower-3 Bronze

Potential: Upper Bronze

Nature: Timid

Talent: Flock (Great)

Skills: Charge (C-Level), wind blade (C-Level), blade breaker (D-Level)

There was more than one demon Demon Finch. A dozen of them circled in the air, chirping.

The Demon Finch was an ordinary Beast.

It didn’t have any outstanding traits, nor did it have powerful skills.

Furthermore, they were all timid.

It did, however, have one outstanding talent, and that was Flock.

It will receive an attribute bonus after flocking with the same species. The benefit increased as more species flocked.

As far as Su Bai knew, there was no limit to that bonus. If thousands of Demon Finches were gathered together, it would be a terrible disaster.

“Ermm…” Su Bai looked at that man and said, “Please hurry up. I’m in a hurry.”

Hearing that, the man immediately revealed a ruthless expression and angrily shouted, “Ignorant fool, let’s attack together!”

He was a mercenary, not a soldier, so he didn’t care about fairness.

Immediately, the mercenaries waiting in the surroundings rushed over with their Beasts.

Without hesitation, Su Bai had Bearen activate his Lightning Armor and protect himself.

“Kill them!”

Whitey moved invisibly. It had already approached the mercenaries among the Demon Finches without being discovered.

Its sharp legs streaked across, instantly reaping lives like a god of death.

The target didn’t even notice anything abnormal and died on the spot.

Su Bai didn’t expect the hired killer to be so weak. They didn’t even notice Whitey sneaked over.

Su Bai had thought there would be a few mercenaries who were good at reconnaissance and had even thought of a plan. It seemed that it would not be needed.


“This kid has another Beast. It should be tiny!”

“Everyone, pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t let your Beasts get too far away!”

“We’ll avenge our boss!”

As the leader fell, the other mercenaries reacted one after another.

Without a Beastmaster, the Demon Finch was in a mess, flying around in all directions.

‘This group of mercenaries was too weak. Out of the remaining five, only two had reached Bronze level.’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai was a little embarrassed to be killed by these weaklings.

“Whitey, finish this quickly.”

After receiving the order, Whitey moved again. It agilely landed on one of the White Leopards and attacked it before it noticed anything.


The White Leopard cried out in pain, and its Beastmaster immediately took two steps back.

The other mercenaries reacted quickly. When they noticed Whitey, they immediately ordered their Beasts to attack.

“Giant-eyed Monkey, use Intimidate!”

“Berserk Eagle, use Wind Blade!”

At that moment, many attacks were launched, one after another.

However, Whitey had already run away, so their attacks were missed.

It had even sneaked right under their noses at a breakneck speed and killed a mercenary without a sound.

Dealing with a Beastmaster of a lower level was equivalent to a dimensional attack.

Whitey’s speed was unparalleled among those of the same level. The group of mercenaries couldn’t even catch a shadow of it.

They could only defend passively.

‘As expected, the seniors in the military were right. Although there were many ruthless people among the mercenaries, there were more mediocre people.’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai wanted to know who was so stupid to hire such a mercenary to kill him.

But it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t angry.

Su Bai had been in control of the whole battle. He didn’t want to be killed, but instead, he was the one who killed others.

One by one, the mercenaries fell to the ground. Some of the Beasts ran away, while some stayed by the corpses because of their high favorability.

Until Su Bai left the last person alive.

He had been observing the mercenary for a long time, hiding behind his teammates.

He could tell at a glance that he was a coward.

It was an excellent time to keep his life so that he could ask who the employer was.

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