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Chapter 90: 90 A Sensational Choice

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90 A Sensational Choice

Under the dusky sky, the numbers on the vast screen were highly eye-catching.

Even though the final result wasn’t announced, everyone knew that Su Bai would win first place in this military selection. There was no doubt about it.

Zhao Yue appeared and went up to the podium to announce the number of qualified people.

Out of the 300 participants, 137 of them had forfeited. The seven-day deadline was up, and only 36 of them had qualified!

Most of the members of the youth training were frustrated and dejected.

“It seems like there’s no hope of entering the military.”

“Damn, I’m only 30 points short! This isn’t fair!”

“This year should be the year with the least suspense. Su Bai is too overpowered!”

“Yeah, he’s got more than 3000 points. More importantly, he did it alone!”

“Hehe, it’s good that I passed the borderline. Guys, I’m one step ahead of you!”

The members who passed the selection were happy, while those who failed were depressed.

However, what they were most concerned about at the time was the decision of the first place winner, Su Bai!

“Next, I believe everyone already knows who the first place winner is.”

Zhao Yue’s lips curled up into a bitter smile. Thinking about how the kid had chosen the Ninth Legion, he felt a headache. However, he had no choice but to announce, “The champion of this year’s selection, Su Bai!”

This result wasn’t unexpected, and everyone was convinced.

Then Su Bai went up to the stage and stood beside Zhao Yue.

The people inside knew that the youth training members who had come to watch the show were excited and caused an uproar.

“Holy sh*t! Su Bai just crushed everyone?”

“Oh my God, isn’t Su Bai the one who fought in the youth training camp? He’s already so strong. Why did he come here to compete with the weak?”

“Awesome! I even hired Su Bai to hunt for me!”

With Su Bai around, the second place had no sense of existence.

Apart from the crowd that was there to join in the fun, members of the various legions were also present. However, they were not important figures and only the legion’s team captains.

“The quality of this year’s selection is a little poor. It’s not as intense as the previous years,” the captain of the Sixth Legion said with a smile. “That kid doesn’t look that good.”

“Oh, your Fifth Legion shouldn’t fight with our Third Legion. We want that kid.”

“It’s like this every year, are you guys tired of it?”

“That’s right. The first place can choose by himself. You don’t have to fight here.

That was what the other legion captains said. Still, to the legions, the first place in the military selection was undoubtedly a good seedling.

Naturally, it was reasonable for the captains to fight for it.

The captains of the various armies arrived one after another. The First Legion, the Second Legion…the Ninth Legion took their positions.

“Su Bai, you can choose after you have thought about it.” Zhao Yue said seriously. He added, “This concerns your future. What Beastmasters need the most are high level resources. The Ninth Legion doesn’t have much to provide for you.”

Su Bai nodded. As for whether or not he listened to Zhao Yue, that was another matter.

“Since everyone is here, let’s start.”

The captain of the First Legion, Lin Hong, stood out and said, “Su Bai, you’re the first in this year’s military selection. You’re way ahead of the rest. You deserve it.”

To be able to receive the praise of the First Legion’s captain made countless members below the stage extremely jealous.

Lin Hong continued, “This year’s military selection differs from previous years. You can choose any legion you wish to join this year. Do you have a choice?”

“There is.”

“Very good. Then, please announce it in front of everyone.”

Su Bai glanced over all the captains, and his eyes fell on the man sent by the Ninth Legion.

The rest of the captains frowned.

“I chose the Ninth Legion.” Su Bai finished his words and fulfilled his promise to Xu Chu.

Instantly, the entire place fell into an unprecedented silence. It was so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping on the ground could be heard.

When they came to, everyone present was as tense as an explosion.

“What’s wrong with Su Bai? He actually chose the trashiest military!”

“Did I hear wrong? He chose the Ninth Legion?! That Ninth Legion?!”

“Well, other people would try their best to join the First Legion, but Su Bai did the opposite and chose the worst legion.”

“Su Bai wasn’t threatened to join, was he?”

“He’s a number one in the military selection. How could such a good talent enter a pigsty!”

Not only were the onlookers shocked, but even the captains of the legions were also dumbfounded.

Normally, the ones who had the best chance to fight to recruit the first place winner were, without a doubt, the First and Second Legion. The one with the least opportunity was the Ninth Legion.

In the end, they had heard the most unlikely name, the Ninth Legion!

“Su Bai, I’ll give you one more chance. You can choose whatever you want this year. It’s not a joke. It’s a decision made to not drown out talents!” Lin Hong said sternly.

“That’s right, you chose the Ninth Legion of all legions. Kid, don’t joke around with your future.”

“Those who managed to be the first place winner in the previous years, even if they are not geniuses, would still have a great future. H-How could he be an idiot?”

The various legion captains were all feeling heartache.

Lu Yuan, the Captain of the Ninth Legion, didn’t know the inside story between Su Bai and his commander, so he was also confused.

Lu Yuan was only the captain of an ordinary team.

It was part of the Ninth Legion, and its strength was considered below average.

This time, Lu Yuan had only come to the selection because he had lost to the other team captains in the legion.

After all, the Ninth Legion didn’t get a chance in the military selection every year.

They were just here to go through the event and let others know about the existence of the Ninth Legion.

Lu Yuan didn’t expect to finally have a new member joining this year.

Moreover, it was the first place winner of the military selection!

No one would just stand there and not fight for him.

“Ahem, I don’t think so. Which legion to choose is Su Bai’s own decision. You have no reason to interfere.”

“You have no right to speak here!”

“That’s right!”

“Su Bai, think carefully. The door of the Sixth Legion is open. It’s up to you whether you want to come in!”

“Didn’t you say that the quality of this year’s military selection wasn’t good? Su Bai, come to our Fifth Legion. Your treatment will not be worse than others!”

At first, they were not very enthusiastic about Su Bai. It was different now.

As soon as they heard that Su Bai was going to join the Ninth Legion, they were all heartbroken and tried to save him from the pigsty.

However, Su Bai had already decided and wouldn’t change his mind. He said to the crowd, “Thank you for your kind intentions. But I’ve already decided.”

Everyone sighed after hearing what Su Bai had said.

Although Lu Yuan was badly criticized, he was very excited. Because the Ninth Legion was finally not empty-handed for this year’s military selection!

Soon, the surrounding crowd dispersed.

However, the appearance of the two figures once again attracted their attention.

The youth training members might not be familiar with that figure. Still, the various legion captains were all very familiar with it.

They were the Commander and Deputy Commander of the Ninth Legion, Xu Chu, and Bing He!

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