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Chapter 364: 364

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Chapter 364: Humans Need A Hero

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Su Bai looked at his contract book. The contract book had completely fused with the knowledge book. Now, it could be said to be the strongest contract book among the Pet Tamers. There was no other one like it.

The Book of Knowledge of the mermaid Recorder of All Things was formed from the first strand of water origin that had been separated from Chaos. As long as it was something that happened in the endless void, it could be found in this Book of Knowledge no matter how much time had passed since it happened.

Even if it was a secret that had been deliberately hidden, clues could be found in the Book of Knowledge. This book could be said to be the most powerful treasure in the endless void.

The reason why the mermaid had died was related to this Book of Knowledge. The existence of the Book of Knowledge made it so that secrets that were deeply hidden could potentially be exposed to a third party.

Su Bai also understood that the source of his golden fingers was the Book of Knowledge from the mermaid Recorder of All Things.

Only the power of this Book of Knowledge could allow him to obtain information on any monster that he saw.

However, compared to this contract book, his golden fingers were insignificant.

Other than that, the power contained in this Book of Knowledge was not small. The source of all the water in the world was here. All water-type attacks could not harm Su Bai anymore.

Unfortunately, the offensive power of this contract book and the knowledge and secrets recorded in it were temporarily unusable.

This Book of Knowledge was still in a sealed state.

Even after Su Bai found the universe origin left behind by the four great creation pets, he only unlocked a few basic abilities of the book.

Perhaps when Su Bai’s strength reached the level of the mermaid Recorder of All Things, he would be able to unseal it.

“Ah Bai, I feel like the barrier of the Ruins of Chaos is weakening. We can leave now.”

The elf piped up at this time.

After grasping the power of destiny, Purple Jade’s perception ability was not even comparable to that of Planet Eye. It could directly detect everything by observing the changes in fate.

“I see. Then let’s go straight out and return to Blue Planet.” Su Bai nodded. He did not know what the situation on Blue Planet had become after three months.


Chen Ruoxue and her pets naturally had no objections. Although only three months had passed in the outside world, they had not seen Blue Planet for a thousand years. Therefore, they were naturally very curious about its current situation.

Blue Planet.

In the three months that Su Bai had been gone, there had also been a huge change. First, the aliens had descended on Blue Planet and occupied a large amount of land. The Oceania, half of Africa, and a small part of Asia had become the territory of the aliens.

Most of the humans moved to Hope Star. With both internal and external threats, the half-destroyed Alliance and the remaining knowledgeable humans could not reverse the current situation of the world.

It was difficult for them to support themselves alone and they were even losing ground.

Sirius Star and Saint Star, two planets formed by human escapist leaders and traitors, had completely isolated themselves from this event. But it seemed that they did not leave the planet for they would occasionally be spotted on Blue Planet.

Of course, they were not trying to protect their homes. Instead, they were trying to reap benefits and conspire for the tokens and power left behind by the four great pets of creation.

The alien inside was already powerful enough, but it was nothing compared to the pressure from the outside.

Originally, after the void world’s defense line had been broken, Blue Planet had been unable to withstand the invasion of all kinds of terrifying existences in the endless void.

With the appearance of the Lord of Infinite Matter’s maze realm, clues left behind by the four pets of creation had appeared one after another, causing Blue Planet to encounter an unprecedented invasion.

The four legendary pets all had very rare abilities and powers in the endless void. It was said that the origin of the universe they hid was also a very special existence, and they seemed to contain different powers.

Not only were all kinds of powerful monsters constantly entering the space where Blue Planet was, but some low-level monsters were also running here in piles, crowding toward Blue Planet.

It was as if there was something special here that attracted them.

Groups after groups of them charged forward without fear of death.

On Blue Planet, outside the atmosphere of the Rabbit Kingdom, as well as in the void world, huge floating islands were built here.

In addition to continuous missiles and all kinds of attacks, countless Pet Tamers were defending here to kill these monsters who were trying to enter Blue Planet, especially those charging toward Asia.

The Sea Abyss.

Originally, the situation here had been mostly cleared up by the various gymnasiums, human Pet Tamers, and the government. But as news of the Lord of Infinite Material spread, the situation here changed.

More and more powerful monsters or existences had quietly descended here and watched everything closely.

One month ago, the secret plane of the Lord of Infinite Matter had completely opened. All kinds of monsters had flocked to it. A few gymnasiums and the government of the Rabbit Kingdom were forced to retreat in defeat. They were squeezed to the edge of the abyss. Only some legendary Pet Tamers could barely enter the secret plane to start exploring.

On this day, on the surface of Sea Abyss, in the void in front of the various gymnasiums where they were stationed, dense monsters constantly surged out from the various space cracks in the Sea Abyss, attacking Sea Abyss’s exit.

There were countless monsters. The number of monsters that came out of the rift was in the hundreds of millions, but there were even more that had yet to come out.

The weakest monsters here were at least in the third-tier commander grade. Most of them were at the monarch or emperor grade. They were much stronger than the monsters that had invaded the void world outside of Blue Planet.

Even with Fuyao Gymnasium, Yin Yang, Imperial Dragon, and the military from the four gymnasiums, as well as the 20 million Pet Tamers from the Rabbit Kingdom, they were still losing.

In the face of almost endless monsters, countless Pet Tamers had died in battle.

In a huge conference room, eight people were sitting around a rectangular conference table. In front of them were holographic projections that contained all sorts of information.

The person sitting here to take charge of the entire situation was none other than the number one human expert, the founder of the Imperial Dragon Gymnasium, Du Qiankun.

Of the other seven people, except for the four curators of the gymnasiums, the other three were from the military.

After a moment of silence, Du Qiankun said, “Everyone should be aware of the situation. After more than a month of holding our ground, we have already lost more than 100,000 Pet Tamer. The number of pets that have died in battle is uncountable. Even so, we can’t hold on anymore. Facing more and more monsters, we can’t hold on anymore.”

“But behind us is Blue Planet and my Rabbit Kingdom. If we abandon the defense here, it’s equivalent to giving up the Rabbit Kingdom. The Rabbit Kingdom is our only home on Blue Planet. How can we give up?”

The person who spoke was a big boss from the military.

“Actually, what we’re doing is meaningless. I know that we can’t abandon our homeland. But now, all 10 space cracks on Blue Planet have been opened. It’s only a matter of time before the entire planet is occupied by monsters. If we continued to hold on, many people will die in such a meaningless battle with a foregone conclusion.”

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The person who spoke this time was the curator of Yin Yang Gymnasium. She was a female curator named Qiu Yue. She had a middle-level immortal monster and was a legendary Pet Tamer.

“I think Qiu Yue is right. There’s no point in holding on. If the other six gymnasiums were still around, we could still manage.”

“But now, our strength isn’t enough to protect Blue Planet anymore. We might as well let them in and let them kill each other with the otherworldly humans and the other monsters…”

“If we use up too much of our energy, we might not be able to protect the people from Sirius Star and Saint Star from kicking us while we’re down. Those traitors have been eyeing us covetously all this time.”

The person who spoke this time was the curator of Imperial Beast Gymnasium, Liu Mo.

Upon hearing this, the others fell silent. Liu Mo was telling the truth.

Originally, only the peak gymnasiums, Giant Kraken, Giant Ray, Water Sage, and Insect God had originally betrayed them. Not long ago, two other gymnasiums, Phoenix and All Living Things gymnasiums had left collectively on their way back to Hope Star and had defected to Sirius Star.

This was a huge blow to the others.

With the departure of the upper echelons, the defense difficulty on the Sea Abyss side has increased by many times.

Advanced Pet Tamers were what humans lacked the most at the moment.

“But don’t forget, the source of the Pet Tamers is on Blue Planet. If we leave Blue Planet, our descendants might not be able to create contract books and become Pet Tamers.”

“Although this has yet to happen, the aliens have already occupied Blue Planet. Some of them have already given birth to soul stones and now possess contracts.”

The potential of being a royal pet warrior was limitless…

It was very likely to be lost after leaving Blue Star.

“The reason why those monsters kept entering Blue Planet was probably that the legendary universe origin left behind by the Four Divine Beasts of Creation was hidden here…”

“Just the aura emitted by this origin source could allow these monsters to obtain endless benefits. As long as we humans occupied Blue Planet, we’ll definitely have great achievements in the endless void in the future.”

“This is an opportunity for our entire race. I don’t want to escape.”

“Furthermore, where can we run to? Did everyone forget Alliance Leader Fang Ziyu’s warning before he left?”

The person who spoke this time was Fang Qingcheng, the curator of Fuyao Gymnasium.

He was also one of the strongest humans.

He was a half-step mythical Pet Tamer and had an eternal pet in his arsenal.

Furthermore, he was the youngest half-step mythical Pet Tamer in the human race. He was only 35 years old this year. It was only a matter of time before he surpassed Du Qiankun and became the strongest human expert.

As he said this, many people present recalled the secret meeting held by Fang Ziyu when the Pet Alliance was established more than a hundred years ago.

If what Fang Ziyu said was true, then there was really no place for humans in the vast universe.

For a while, everyone fell into a long silence. The fate of humanity seemed to have fallen into an irreversible abyss of despair just like the current situation on Blue Planet.

“Sigh, if only a hero could step forward now. A human hero!”

Imperial Beast gymnasium’s curator sighed.

Then, he shook his head again. The current situation of humans was not something that a lone hero could salvage. Thousands of heroes could not save them either.. The opponent they were facing was simply too terrifying and with strength beyond their imagination.

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