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Chapter 695: 695

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Seeing that Lin Mengya was still in the mood to joke, they felt relieved for the time being.

However, Lin Muzhi looked at his daughter with a worried look.

In the past few days, he had felt that something was amiss and his daughter’s maids seemed to be trying to hide something from him.

He had asked his daughter in a roundabout way several times, but every time she managed to explain it away, which made Lin Muzhi feel at a loss.

He couldn’t help sighing. His daughter had really grown up now. Back then, when she was still an ignorant child, she had never hidden any secret from him.

But now, she had been married and had her own companions. Her great change made Lin Muzhi feel lost.

He seemed to have missed out on many things unconsciously.

“Father, why are you standing here? Get inside and have a seat.”

Hearing Lin Mengya’s clean and crisp voice, Lin Muzhi raised his head to look at the smiling woman in front of him and asked after freezing for a moment, “Mengya, did you meet anyone today?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Mengya felt her heart skipped a beat.

She could hide it from anyone other than her father, who was sharp-eyed.

After pondering for a while, Lin Mengya nodded and said, “Yes, I met an unimportant person and talked about some past events with him. Don’t worry, Father. After all, with your protection, no one dares to hurt me.”

In fact, she was right about one thing in the villa.

The Lin Family was by no means insignificant to the Emperor.

From ancient times to the present, most talents would not be loyal and devoted to a single person, while those, who were completely loyal and devoted, were usually mediocre.

However, as the commander of the army of Dajin, Lin Muzhi had always been loyal to the Long Family.

Therefore, given her father’s talent and loyalty, the Emperor forgave her for acting impudently and promised her to let her brother off as long as she left Long Tianyu.

Unfortunately, the Emperor didn’t expect that if she really left, he would lose his son and loyal minister forever.

He, who sat on the throne, had been blinded by his arrogance.

Perhaps power could dominate everything around the world, but it couldn’t influence her relationship with Long Tianyu.

“Okay… His Majesty… I’m tired and want to return to my native town after resigning. I want to bring you with me,” Lin Muzhi patted his daughter’s head tenderly and said.

Although now she was still Vice Princess Yu in name, it was said that Prince Yu was going to marry someone else soon.

He would rather take his daughter away than leave her behind mocked by others. In this way, he could protect her from these rumors for the rest of her life.

However, Lin Mengya suddenly smiled, and her fluid eyes became as curved as cutlasses but sharp enough to cut the entire Dajin into pieces.

She said, “Okay, I’ll do as you ask. But before we go home, I want to get my brother out of prison. Without him, our family will not be complete and mother will not feel at ease.”

Although Lin Muzhi could tell his daughter seemed to be implying something, he didn’t figure out what she was up to.

If he had known it earlier, he probably would have stopped her.

That night, Lin Mengya had a coat draped over her shoulders, revealed half of her round shoulders, and rested her face on her hands, seeming to be lost in thought.

As the breeze blew, a dark figure appeared behind her on time.

Lin Mengya was totally unaware of it in the darkness. By the time she realized it, she had already fallen into a strong embrace.

“You…” Before she could speak, her breath was taken away.

It seemed that he had given her an extremely affectionate kiss as the special beginning of their meeting these days.

After an unknown period of time, Lin Mengya could only remember she laid on his chest and listened to his heartbeats with an unconscious smile.

“You did mischief again. Can’t you just talk with me normally?”

Hearing her reproachful tone, Long Tianyu laughed in a low voice.

He lifted a strand of her hair, placed it in front of his nose, and greedily smelled her unique fragrance.

Sticking close to her, Long Tianyu felt as if he had found his world.

“Go ahead. I’m listening,” he said.

He enjoyed sitting quietly with her and had long been used to her ceaseless talk. Only in this peaceful moment could he relax after a hard day.

Lin Mengya hit him lightly, raised her eyes, put her arms around his neck, and asked, “Tell me, do you know why my mother passed away back then?”

His hand suddenly paused.

Nevertheless, Long Tianyu returned to normal before Lin Mengya noticed it.

He said, “Didn’t your mother die of metrorrhagia after giving birth to you? Could it be something fishy about it?”

Lin Mengya had expected that he would not know about the sordid things his father had done.

She didn’t want to hide it from him, especially after what had happened today.

“Yes, although there is no solid evidence, I’m sure that it definitely has something to do with your father and the Empress. But don’t worry. I know it’s none of your business, so I’m not so stupid as to vent my anger on you. In fact, the reason why I’m telling you this today is…” Suddenly, Lin Mengya changed the topic with a wicked smile, “I want to divorce you.”

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With a “bang”, Long Tianyu overturned the table, causing the stuff on it to fall to the ground.

With his face turning ashen in an instant, he looked as if he could only vent his anger by strangling the woman in front of him.

“What did you say? Say it again!” He spoke through clenched teeth in a deep voice.

Lin Mengya couldn’t help feeling a little excited, but she still maintained an innocent look and said, “Well, I mean I want to divorce you, or you can divorce me. However, if you divorce me, I’m afraid my father and brother will rush to you and tear you into pieces.”

Long Tianyu suddenly clenched her shoulders and turned her around by force.

Then he stared at her very seriously, as if he were interrogating a criminal, and said, “Divorce? I won’t allow that! Lin Mengya, what on earth are you thinking?!”

Long Tianyu felt he was almost driven crazy by this wicked woman, who asked for a divorce after saying that she would not vent her anger on him.

They had made their affection for each other clear long before, and she enjoyed kissing him so much just now.

But she asked for a divorce after that. Did she go crazy?

“Cool down. Listen to me, okay?” As Lin Mengya said, she reached out to gently stroke Long Tianyu’s head.

Gosh! Although she had expected his reaction, she did not expect it to be so intense.

Should she be pleased with how much he cared about her, or angry with him for having no tacit understanding with her?

After Long Tianyu, who had been furious, calmed down, Lin Mengya smiled and told him her plan, “Actually, there are many advantages to getting a divorce. To be honest, the person who took me away for a meeting today is your father. To put it simply, he was displeased with your frequent stay in my place, so he asked me to leave you so that those coquettish sluts outside can hook up with you as soon as possible. Nevertheless, he also promised to let go of my brother. So I think we should show him some mercy and comply with his simple request.”

As she said, she threw up her hands, looking as innocent as she could be.

However, Long Tianyu gradually cooled down and stared helplessly at his wife, who always twisted others’ words and presented them in her own way.

He said, “You don’t have to take my father’s words to heart.”

Long Tianyu was indeed qualified to ignore his father’s words now.

Perhaps half a year ago, he had to compromise for something, but now he didn’t need to do everything as his father asked.

Moreover, his father had enraged him by locking him up in his mother’s palace and secretly depriving Mengya of her position as his legal wife. Therefore, this time, he really wanted to ignore his father’s unreasonable request.

However, Lin Mengya said, “You can ignore it, but I can’t. What’s more, after getting a divorce, we can remarry in the future. Why not satisfy an old man’s request?”

In fact, if the Emperor did not make this request, there might still be room for maneuver in the relationship between him and his son.

After all, as a filial son, Long Tianyu seldom refused his father’s requests.

But this time, the Emperor misjudged the situation.

He thought he had total control over the nation and was capable of including everyone in his plan, even including the Empress and the Shangguan Family.

However, Lin Mengya was going to present him with the cruel reality to let him know that things had changed.

Perhaps the Shangguan Family and the Empress were still under his control as usual, but his son he thought of and his loyal minister had already learned the so-called selfishness under her guidance.

If the Emperor considered quitting blind loyalty and protecting those, who they wanted to protect, as selfishness and willfulness, she would show him that he couldn’t rule the country without selfishness.

Back then, the Emperor had sacrificed the lives of numerous innocent people to gain his end. In order to hide his capacities and bide his time, he even allowed the Crown Prince and his force to plague the imperial court for three years.

In the eyes of the benevolent Emperor, those people greatly afflicted in the calamity in Yun State were just what he had to sacrifice temporarily in the game of interests.

Lin Mengya had already seen through him. The hypocritical Emperor under the cloak of benevolence and morality was just a poor guy sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of desire for power.

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