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Chapter 1526: 1526

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“Then if one day you meet a man who looks better than me, won’t you fall in love with someone else?”

Shen Zhiyi crossed her arms in front of her chest. “It’s possible, so you have to treat me better and listen to me in everything. That’s why I’ll always be by your side.”

“TSK, you really can’t take teasing. Just treat me a little better.”

The two of them flirted like they were performing a crosstalk. Qiao Wenyu was so angry that her entire body was trembling, but she said, “Shen Zhiyi, save it. If the eldest daughter of the Shen family were to marry a cripple, how many people would laugh at her!”

Shen Zhiyi laughed mockingly. “Then who do you think I should marry?”

Qiao Wenyu’s tone was tactful. “Of course, I should marry a young and talented man who is of equal status to you and has a healthy body.”

Qiao Wenyu thought that she had been persuaded by him, so she raised her lips arrogantly. “Actually, I think we are quite suitable. As long as you can agree to my conditions last time, I still don’t mind being with you.”

Shen Zhiyi laughed out loud.

“Qiao Wenyu, the sky is already dark. What kind of daydream are you having? Your boyfriend is still by your side, yet you dare to go around flirting with him. Don’t say that I don’t care about a piece of rotten grass with an owner. Even if I really like you, what makes you think that the eldest daughter of the Shen family will be your wife? “Are you worthy?”

Qiao Wenyu’s face was dark from the blow. “Shen Zhiyi, I’m saying this because I think highly of you. Don’t be so Shameless!”

“I really don’t care about your ugly face.”

Shen Zhiyi had no interest in arguing with him. She turned around and grabbed Tang Chen’s wheelchair handle.

“Peach Blossom Eyes, looks like our luck isn’t too good. It’s rare for us to go out on a date, but we actually encountered such disgusting things. Let’s go home and eat. I’ll personally cook.”

Shen Zhiyi directly pushed Tang Chen away, and Qiao Wenyu’s exasperated voice came from behind. “Shen Zhiyi, you don’t know what’s good for you. You’re willing to fall into depravity. There will be a day when you’ll regret it!”

When Shen Zhiyi was far away, the youth beside Qiao Wenyu said timidly, “Wenyu, don’t be angry. Shen Zhiyi doesn’t have good taste. It’s fine as long as you have my love.”

Qiao Wenyu gave the youth a slap on the face, causing him to stagger with tears in his eyes.

Qiao Wenyu tugged at his tie in frustration.

“Our Qiao family has been going downhill all these years. Only when Shen Zhiyi and I get married can we regain our position as the successor and use the Shen family to support the Qiao family. What’s the use of loving me? You Can’t give me what I Want!”

The young man covered his face and lowered his head. He felt extremely sarcastic in his heart. What a heartless good-for-nothing!

“I must marry Shen Zhiyi!”

Qiao Wenyu’s eyes flashed with a ruthless luster. “As long as Tang Chen dies, I’ll have a chance to be with Shen Zhiyi… Oh right, and you!”

Qiao Wenyu suddenly looked at the young man and said firmly, “Let’s break up. I want Shen Zhiyi to see that for her, I can even throw away my love. When that time comes, she will definitely be touched by me.”

The youth’s body trembled.

He understood Qiao Wenyu’s personality and knew that no matter what he said, Qiao Wenyu would not change his mind.

He raised his pear blossom-like face that was drenched in rain with a pitiful fragility.

“Wenyu, as long as you live well, I’m willing to do anything. However, I hope that after you and Shen Zhiyi are together, I’ll leave. Only then will I feel at ease, okay?”

Qiao Wenyu still had feelings for him. His heart softened. “Okay. When the time comes, I’ll give you a million dollars. It’s enough for you to live well.”

The youth’s face was full of gratitude, but his heart felt like vomiting.

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