The Beloved New Daughter-In-Law of the Wolf Mansion

The Beloved New Daughter-In-Law of the Wolf Mansion
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Arsene, the only heir to the wolf family known for his illness, has died.

The culprits are my father and my half-sibling.

They killed the heir by lying to use the family’s healing powers.

Thanks to this, the family was destroyed, and I was caught up in it and died.


“Lady, wake up!”

When I opened my eyes, I was back at the age of seven before I died!

“Let me marry Arsene!”

I can’t die under false accusations again.

I requested a contract marriage to the Wolf family without my father’s knowledge.

After curing the heir’s illness, I was going to divorce and leave when I turned 20.

As the wolf family and our family are hostile to each other, they might hate me, but it’s better than to die motionless.

Let’s hold it in until we turn 20!

That’s what I thought—.

“Look at these fluffy feathers… how…”

“Lady, you look cute today too. Hoho, you seem to be getting cuter day by day.”

“I guarantee you, you will be the most beautiful of all the beasts at this festival!”

Strangely, the people in the Wolf Mansion like me so much?

“You’re not pretty? It looks like all the mirrors in the mansion are broken. I’ll have to ask them to buy a new one.”

My father-in-law even changed all the mirrors.

The servants wished to touch my feathers once.

Besides, my contract husband is weird, too.

I thought he was waiting for divorce whenever he had time—.

“Linsy, you’re my wife. Where are you going to leave me?”

“Now that you’re an adult, you have to fulfill your duty as a married couple.”

My adult husband’s eyes are strange.

Is this okay?

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