The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

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Long Jiaojiao took no advantage of this attack. Sher Qianqian slid her head from behind Ma Fei and clap her hands and smiled. "Ha ha ha, it is not a real dragon. The fake is always a fake."

Long Jiaojiao was quite annoyed. She had a massive ego, never would she accept loss. She felt embarrassed, then she used some real skills. She shook her arms, reads the mantra silently, and shouted, thunderbolt!

Sher Qianqian was shocked by her action at first. She knew that her skill was low level. She closed her eyes and waited for the thunder. After a few seconds, she found herself safe and sound. Long Jiaojiao felt strange as well. There were only a few clouds floating in the sky, and a few blue arcs flashed from time to time.  
"Thunderbolt!" Long Jiaojiao read the mantra again, and even shouted three or four times. But the clouds on the top of the head did not become a little thicker.

Sher Qianqian realized it in an instant. This was in the heterogeneous space created by Ma Fei. The grass and trees here were all made by Ma Fei’s skills. If Long Jiaojiao wanted to make a difference here, her skills must be much higher than Ma Fei’s. Or she should break this space directly at first. Sher Qianqian laughed excitedly,"Ha ha ha. You performed badly. Here is our territory. I have the final say on my territory!"
Long Jiaojiao was so angry that her dragon beard stood upside-down. And her two claws hit a cross knot on the chest. She scolded: "Let me tear it apart!" A powerful gas field pressure was suddenly pressed against Ma Fei and Sher Qianqian. At the same time,a thick layer of blue fog spreads out from Long Jiaojiao.

Sher Qianqian cried when she saw this. "Be careful. She will use her space to crush yours!"  
Ma Fei’s figure had skyrocketed, and her clothes had been blown into pieces by her own skills. Ma Fei completely appeared her prototype. She was a white-brown horse. The horse was shouting. And the ground and houses around Longjiaojiao were broken into pieces. Broken bricks were like being caught in a tornado. They flew like a bag of scorpions and wrapped Long Jiaojiao tightly. The powerful gas field that Long Jiaojiao just released suddenly disappeared without a trace.

"Terrific!" Sher Qianqian smiled and said, “Ma Fei, your preserved egg is great, but unfortunately it can't be eaten."  

The "preserved egg" was swaying unwillingly, and screamed with anger. "You want to eat me? Your teeth are not ready yet!"

Sher Qinaqian said. "You have nothing to do with my teeth. If you have the ability to come out, and then come out."  

They heard Long Jiaojiao squeaked a dragon scream, then a loud bang, the eggshell of the preserved egg exploded. And a dragon smashed out in the air, whispering in the air. "Two lower creatures, you still want to catch me?"

Sher Qinaqian thought it was bad in her mind. She was bloody. And her body showed prototype. It was a big snake of four or five meters long. But this girl always remembered the nature of scaring people. She was standing. Her hands turned into two snake heads and her long hair turned into thousands of small snakes biting into the air. Of course, in the end, she did not forget to turn her tail into a rattlesnake. At the same time, she yelled at Long Jiaojiao. "We aren’t afraid of you, and everyone is streaking!"  
Long Jiaojiao was not afraid of this kind of bluffing illusion. It was just illusion. It could only scare ordinary humans and small monsters. In fact, it was vulnerable. Her real opponent was Ma Fei, this girl could bear hardships. In recent years, her skill has been extraordinary. And she was said to be still practicing the ultimate form. She may be able to see it today.  
However, Ma Fei suddenly converged on her body shape, and she was arrogant. She was not afraid, but like a child who stole sugar and was discovered by an adult. Perhaps it was because she was too anxious, she did not completely turn into the human form.She got a horse head, and was a real version of a half-orc.  

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At the beginning, Long Jiaojiao thought that this was Ma Fei's lure of the enemy, but she struggled with Ma Feiming for many years, knowing that Ma Fei had always used strength instead of tricks. Without loosening the alert, she vacated a little consciousness and scanned in the direction of Ma Fei’s gaze. The result was shocked! There was a mortal who sneaked into heterogeneous space, and this mortal was Gong Ping.

Generally speaking, mortals are incapable of entering heterogeneous space established by a monster. Unless they are invited or it was an accidentally coincident, or this person was not an ordinary mortal.  
After finishing buying the clothes with Long Jiaojiao, Gong Ping returned to his place and put all the clothes he had bought on Ma Fei’s bed. He imagined the surprised expression that May Fei might appear after seeing the new clothes. He felt happy. She also thought that if Ma Fei found that he had bought underwear for her, would she feel that he was frivolous? In any case, she had taken care of him for so long a time and she deserved more respect.  

It was already late when Gong Ping came back. When people were thinking about things, time flew. It seemed that it was not long before Ma Fei got off work. Gong Ping waited for a while and couldn't sit anymore. He decided to pick up Ma Fei from work. Since he saw such a weird thing in the hospital last night, this world was really not safe. And he may be able to meet Ma Fei on the way.  
Although it was past midnight, the street was still a few nights. Gong Ping walked down the street, breathing the fresh and cool air at midnight, thinking about the new life that he was about to start. It was really fun. Suddenly he saw a faint mist rising in the street ahead, and the color was weird. The color was mixed with red and blue. Gong Ping also felt a few powerful energy shock waves from his heart, making his heart beat.  

"What is going on?" Gong Ping thought, was this the aftereffect of acquiring super power? He blinked his eyes and looked at it again. This time, he saw three or four nights swayed out from the side of the alley. They were probably drunk, laughing and joking, and they were very happy. The fog wrapped around them, but they don't have anything different.  
"It's my eyes." Gong Ping thought to himself, recently his body was always weird. Thinking about it, Gong Ping also stepped into the red fog.  

Suddenly everything in front of him was different. It seemed that he entered another world. Even the taste in the air seemed to be different. The few drunken men and women suddenly disappeared. Instead, several half-human and half-beast guys were fighting. Although Gong Ping was not a coward, whoever suddenly encountered this situation would have a very unusual reaction. These reactions were often different from person to person. Some people would scream and fainted, some people would faint without a word and some people who were a little stronger would think of running away, but they would fall to the ground because their legs were powerless. The bravest man would escape like a flash. Gong Ping didn’t have any performance above, he just stayed there.  
Although Ma Fei was the first to discover Gong Fei, Long Jiao Jiao did not react slowly. After she saw Gong Ping, she immediately recovered her body, she said: "Gong Ping, don't be afraid. I am Jiaojiao.Let me explain to you..."  
Gong Ping watched her and spit out a word from his lips, "Dragon Warrior, I have watched a book that about a half frog before I was unconscious... I collected it from anti-vice operation..."

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