The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Counterattack


The wind caused by the whip twisted by the white cable is cool, but it can be hot to be placed on the flesh. Gong Ping felt the feeling of splitting the skin in an instant. Almost instinctively, Gong Ping wanted to resist, but he couldn't do it. His hand was firmly tied to the iron ring on the wall, and he struggled fiercely. It would make the handcuffs tighter and tighter, and the wrists would become more and more painful, but he did not shout, because shouting can only arouse the animal nature of the abuser.

"Hey..." "Hey!" The second whip arrived again. It felt more painful than the first whip. In addition to the pain, it was accompanied by a strong sense of humiliation, a strong man with no resistance. The portrait was beaten like a whipping animal. This humiliation rose from Gong Ping’s heart and almost filled all the cells in his body in an instant.

To be fair, turn it upside down. For the confession of torture, Gong Ping has seen and heard a lot. He also thinks that this is wrong, but only when he is in the position can he really feel that the confession of torture brings not only the pain of the body but also the spirit. 

Can't stand it anymore! Gong Ping slammed back, and his sharp eyes violently collided with Xiong Jianguo’s eyes. Xiong Jianguo was distracted by Gong Ping’s fierce eyes, and the movements on his hands naturally stopped.

"This guy!" as a policeman for many years, Xiong Jianguo has seen a lot of thieves, but the person with this kind of look is to be seen for the first time. This eye contains not only a fierce embarrassment, but also another thing, another inviolable and invincible thing, which is called righteousness.

Xiong Jianguo felt that his lips were dry. He licked his lips and stabilized his mind. He laughed at himself. "I am not afraid. I am not afraid of a guy who is caught by hands as a policeman?" Then he deliberately shouted. "How dare you stare me" it seems to cover up the weakness of the soul, and he raised the whip high again.

At this time, the miracle reappeared. In Gong Ping’s eyes, Xiong Jianguo’s movements became slow motions, even several times slower than Wu Min’s movements of handcuffs. 

"It's now." Gong Ping turned his gaze to the handcuffs, preparing to use the slow-motion opportunity to find a way to open the handcuffs. Then he surprisingly finds that he can see through the handcuffs, perhaps not in the true sense of visual see-through. It is a conscious look through. But one thing is certain. He can clearly see the internal structure of the handcuffs, including each reed, and every cam is clearly displayed in front of him. Gong Ping’s is familiar with the opponent’s structure, but the section is so clearly seen is for the First time.

He saw two metal bumps. Yes, as long as the two bumps are opened with a key or other metal, the handcuffs can be opened, and he can restore his ability to defend himself, but now there is no key. There is also no metal that he can use.

Damn it! Gong Ping stared at the bulge, cursing, "The guy who blocks the road! Get out!"

Under Gong Ping's idea drive, the bumps in the handcuffs moved around, and the handcuffs were opened and slammed on the concrete floor.

All of this process was very long for Gong Ping, but in the eyes of Xiong Jianguo, it was a momentary thing. He only saw Gong Ping shaking and his handcuffs fell. He didn't even have time to respond to any response.

Gong Ping recovered his freedom and immediately started his action. The left arm blocked Xiong Jianguo's whip, and then a right hook hit him on his gang. The bearded Xiong Jianguo flew out like a leaf, first falling on the table, then knocked over the interrogation light and rolled to the ground at last.

Little Li responded very quickly. When the situation reversed, he immediately pressed the talker on the table and called, "Upstairs! Below..." A thing has not been exported yet. Gong Ping stepped forward and kicked Little Li, he flipped a chair, and then he hit the wall. When he bounced back, his head just hit the back of the chair that had just been turned over. Due to the effect of gravity, the last one bumped and let him faint.

Gong Ping didn't want to cause big trouble. He just wanted to defend himself. Therefore, when attacking, he only used the "push" force instead of the "play" force, but he did not expect his strength to be much larger than before. Therefore, although the two policemen who flew out, but whether they were injured or not, he was not sure. Xiong Jianguo was originally strong. At this moment, he had struggled from the ground and climbed up. He reached out and pulled out the pistol from the waist. His hand was shaking, because he had never seen such awkward person, and he moved fast just like lightning.

Gong Ping saw Xiong Jianguo pulled out the gun and immediately rushed further. His left hand held his wrist and his right hand used his index finger to hit his elbow. The body of Xiong Jianguo was immediately numb, and the pistol fell into the hands of Gong Ping.

This trick used by Gong Ping is a very high-handed technique. It is an old policeman of the police school who taught him in his spare time. However, this trick is too technical, so almost no one could use it. Accurately playing the opponent's numbness is an impossible task. Therefore, since Gong Ping learned this trick, he has never used it in actual combat, but today the miracle has continued, and the movement of Xiong Jianguo has become a slow motion. Gong Ping practiced this trick.

The weapon was in Gong Ping's hands, and Xiong Jianguo raised his hands, said, "Brother, don't be impulsive, you can't escape, now surrender, I will pretend nothing has happened."

Gong Ping sneered, "Escape? Who said that I have to escape? I am afraid that I will not be able to get out of this building and I will be shot dead. I have no chance to speak. You! Now stand in the corner!"

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When Xiong Jianguo moved to the corner, Gong Ping saw the handcuffs falling on the wall." I just opened the handcuffs with my mind, can I suck it with my mind? "Reach out only one hand, read silently, Come! In an instant, he felt that his hand was heavy and the handcuffs really came into his hands. Then he thought." even if I can't do the police in the future, I can find a job at the circus."

Xiong Jianguo did not see how the handcuffs flew to Gong Ping. The interrogation lamp was knocked over on the ground. The light in the house became uneven. He only saw Gong Ping throwing a handcuff like a magic. Come over and say, "Put your hand and his feet together”.

Xiong Jianguo faced the black hole's muzzle and had to follow suit. But in this way, he could not be confident anymore.

When Gong Ping saw him stunned, he came over and expertly searched them up and down. Xiong Jianguo asked. "Brother, have you learned policing?"

Gong Ping said. "I told you earlier, I am Gong Ping, and I am also a policeman like you."

Xiong Jianguo said, "Even if this is the case, your troubles are big."

Gong Ping said. "Mind your own business. It is better than being forced to confess by torture."

Suddenly,the interrogation room is bright, and some people in the pager also shouted,"Xiong Jianguo, how are you doing?"

Xiong Jianguo just wanted to respond, and he saw Gong Ping with a pistol. He immediately closed his mouth. Gong Ping said to the talker. "How? Are you not monitoring again?"

A voice in the caller said, "The following suspect ..." The following words have not been finished, Gong Ping shut down the caller and said to Xiong Jianguo. "Now it's up to me. The time and person that I am willing to talk is up to me,do you think it's right?”

Xiong Jianguo said. “Guy, we must consider the consequences when doing things.”

At this time, Little Li woke up leisurely, but when he saw Gong Ping holding the pistol and immediately knew the current situation. His body trembled and said nothing.

Gong Ping looked around and quickly found the location of the line, then he smashed it. The display on the upstairs monitoring room turned into a snowflake point, and the lights in the interrogation room were all shut off.

The darkness does not hinder Gong Ping’s vision. This is not known to others, so Gong Ping has an ally. 

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