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Chapter 1317: 1317

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Chapter 1317: Talk Is Easy (4)

“If you’re not crazy, then what are you? You were already fine, but you still destroyed John like that! You made him go from being a genius to being someone who’s worse than an ordinary person. You’ve ruined so many improvements in psychology!”

Mu Huan was greatly accused of this crime. People always liked to stand on the moral high ground and criticize others.

“Yes! You’re already fine!” She was stronger than John and could control him. It would have been fine even if she had beaten him up and crippled him, but how could she inject such a drug into someone so viciously?!

Mu Huan raised an eyebrow.

Yes, she was fine. If she was fine, could she not return a tooth for a tooth?


She wasn’t a saint!

Mu Huan thought so, but she did not say anything. She only gave Lu Zichen a look. Lu Zichen immediately picked up a small syringe. Then, he accidentally bumped into the person who was the most aggressive among the group. The needle in his hand pierced right into the other party.

The other party immediately felt the pain. Then, he looked over at the source of the pain and saw the needle that had been pierced.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Lu Zichen immediately apologized!

His anxious apology made one instinctively feel that something was amiss.

Indeed, in the next second, Lu Zichen said, “There’s an AZ virus on this needle…”

His words made the expressions of everyone around him change. The one who was pricked turned pale!

Although Lu Zichen had won an award because he had developed a drug that could effectively suppress the AZ virus, there was still no way to completely cure AZ disease. That drug could only effectively suppress the development of the disease and reduce the patient’s pain.

Now, everyone’s expression changed when they talked about AZ.

This kind of needle with a virus, this…

There was a 90% chance that the victim would get AZ.

The blonde man’s face turned pale for a while before he snapped back to his senses. He grabbed Lu Zichen’s collar and said, “Damn bastard! I’m going to kill you!”

What was he going to do in the future when everyone found out about his illness?!

“Mr. Mason, calm down. Mr. Lu didn’t do it on purpose!” Mu Huan hurriedly reached out to stop him.

“So what if it wasn’t intentional?!” He deserved to die for giving him such a disease!

“Didn’t Mr. Mason say just now that people should be magnanimous when they make mistakes? Especially since Mr. Lu didn’t do it on purpose.

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“Besides, it’s meaningless even if you killed Mr. Lu now. Why do you have to do this?” Mu Huan used his own words to stop him.

“I…” Mason was exasperated.

Mu Huan added, “Also, Mr. Lu is an authority in this area. If you beat him to death, there’s no hope for you to recover from your illness in the future.”

“You…!” After a long pause, Mason said, “Was it you?! Did you order him to do this on purpose?!”

“What are you saying? Why would I let him do this on purpose? This was purely an accident!”

“Damn it! Damn you all!” No matter how Mason looked at Mu Huan, he felt that there was something wrong with her. No matter how he looked at it, it didn’t seem like an accident.

Hence, he was so angry that he wanted to rush forward and kill Mu Huan.

Mu Huan easily dodged his attack. This made Mason grow even angrier. Six to seven people could not stop him as he tried his best to take Mu Huan’s life.

However, just as he was about to dash forward to hit Mu Huan, he was kicked down by her.

He wanted to get up, but he was in so much pain that he could not get up. At this moment, Mu Huan walked up to him and said condescendingly:

“It’s not even certain if you’ll get sick. This was just an accident. This has nothing to do with me. You think you can take my life just because you think it’s me. What did you say to me just now? I’m evil? I’m crazy? If I’m evil and crazy, what do you call this?”

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