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Chapter 1319: 1319

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Chapter 1319: Talk Is Easy (6)

“When someone maliciously tried to inject me with such a drug, you said that I shouldn’t have retaliated. You said that I was vicious for doing so. And now, when you haven’t even confirmed that you’re fine or not, you already felt that I deliberately got someone harm you. It’s fine if you wanted to kill me then, but now that you’re fine, you still want me to be finished. A person like you still has the cheek to say that I’m evil. What kind of face do you have? Are you born with thicker skin than others or are you born with more face?” Mu Huan mocked.


“Do you see how when it comes to you, others deserve to die, but when it comes to others, others deserve to suffer? Do you know how disgusting it is to be a double standard dog who shouldn’t retaliate?”

“If you want to be a saint, you have to be a true one!”

Mu Huan snorted and turned to leave.

When the people surrounding her saw her walking over, they involuntarily made way for her.

Although Mu Huan was very arrogant, through this matter, they felt that she was right.

Thinking about it from another perspective, if someone wanted to destroy them, they would definitely want to destroy the other party as well! Don’t say that she shouldn’t have done anything if she turned out fine. It was only because she was stronger than John that she was fine. What if she was weak? Then the person who would have become an idiot was her! She had no grievances with John, yet he went to destroy her. And she went to destroy John because he tried to destroy her. This…

She was indeed vicious!

Only God could unconditionally forgive someone who did bad things. Not to mention Mu Huan, no one else could do it.

Those who had come to find trouble with Mu Huan and wanted to seek justice for John now felt that they were in no position to seek justice from Mu Huan. This was because, in terms of viciousness, John was even more vicious than others. He was the first to have evil intentions. He had only himself to blame.

Just as Mu Huan was about to get through this crisis, a man standing in a hidden corner quietly disappeared from the scene. He went to a quiet corner and sent a message.

Mu Huan was fine.

When Mr. Liu, who was working, saw this message, he slammed the table lightly.

This Mu Huan was really capable. He had found a group of people to cause trouble for her and wanted half of the medical world to gang up on her, making her so busy that she wouldn’t have the time to pay attention to him. However, she had resolved it so easily.


When he heard a knock on the door, he immediately put away his phone. “Come in.”

Liu Changfeng pushed open the door and entered. “Dad.”

“Why are you here at this time?” Mr. Liu looked at him.

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“Dad, let me do whatever you need me to do,” Liu Changfeng said.

Mr. Liu raised his eyebrows. “Have you completely thought it through?”

“Yes.” Mr. Liu did not hide anything from Liu Changfeng. He also wanted Liu Changfeng to do this with him. However, because of his feelings for Mu Huan, Liu Changfeng had not agreed to his father’s actions. He had even wanted a chance to be with Mu Huan.

Now, he knew that it was impossible between him and Mu Huan.

He wanted her to regret it.

Regret not choosing him! If he couldn’t get her, then he’d destroy her!

“Good son!” Mr. Liu stood up and patted him on the shoulder. “We father and son are now united in striking gold!”


The early summer breeze was like the caress of a lover. It was so comfortable that one couldn’t help but close their eyes to enjoy it.

Mu Huan liked spring the most, followed by early summer. It was a time that was neither cold nor hot.

After dinner, she strolled into a world of roses. This place was so beautiful that she couldn’t help but feel that it was a pity that her husband wasn’t by her side.

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