The Female Supporting Role Shows Out


Lin Dan is bound to an auxiliary system. She does tasks to maintain the plot of countless small worlds. Simply put, she is just a supporting role or cannon fodder, a stepping stone for others to achieve greatness.

Confusion, desperation, madness, loving who she can’t love, wanting what she can’t have: Lin Dan experienced too much loss and misery. When she finally achieved enlightenment and decided to unbind from the system and return to her original world, something interrupted her return journey and she was sent back into the three thousand worlds to continue struggling.

Although she lost her memory, Lin Dan was no longer confused. She decided to take her own path and finally discovered that she had to love herself before others could love her. As long as you live your life well, no matter how insignificant it seems, you will become a protagonist one day. If you bloom, the butterflies will naturally come.

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