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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Rebirth
“Wei Wu Xian is dead! What satisfying news!”

The encirclement of the unmarked burial grounds has just finished, and it is not yet the next day. Yet, this news as if bearing wings has already made its round of the cultivation world, spreading faster than the war did. Immediately, whether its is an aristocrat or a recluse monk, everyone is talking about how the four big Xuanmen families had joined hands, how all the small and big families, hundreds of them came together to participate in the hectic siege operation.

“Ancestor Yi Ling is dead? Who could kill him!”

“Who else could it be. His junior brother Jiang Cheng placed righteousness above his personal relations and brought the Yun Meng Jiang, Lan Ling Jin, Gu Su Lan, and Qing He Nie clans to spearhead the attack. The four families wiped out his lair, the unmarked burial grounds.”

“I have to say, they killed well.”

“Good, they killed well! This scourge has finally been plucked, root and all.”

“If not for the Yu Meng Jiang Clan taking him in and training him, Wei Wu Xian would have been a mediocre person who blended into his surroundings. He would never have been able to create the storms he did. Lord Jiang raised him as his own flesh and blood child, yet the kindness was thrown back when he openly defected and made the cultivation world his enemy. Not only disgracing the Jiang family, he also caused the tragic deaths of almost the whole Jiang Clan. A perfect example of a thankless wretch, kicking his benefactor in the teeth!”

“It’s impressive that Jiang Chen let this guy act arrogantly for so long, if it were me, when that fellow Wei defected I would not have stabbed him, instead I would have immediately cleaned out the whole sect, or I would have definitely stopped him from pulling all those insane stunts later. It’s not even worth to bring up all that same sector fellow initiate childhood friends sentiments.”

“Where did you guys come by this gossip? Wei Wu Xian wasn’t killed by Jiang Cheng, Jiang Cheng only dealt a blow to the main force. It’s the sorcery that Wei Wu Xian was practising himself that backfired on him, he ended up suffering from the eroding bites of his own ghosts and was chewed alive into a fine dust.”

“Hahahaha… It’s retribution, the ghosts he raised were like a group of badly leashed mad dogs, biting people all over the place. It ended up biting himself to death, serves him right!”

“However the suppression this time, if not for Jiang Cheng basing the plan around Wei Wu Xian’s weakness, its success or failure would have been hard to say ne. You all better not forget, Wei Wu Xuan still has an ace up his sleeve, that one night he managed to annihilate more than three thousand famous cultivators.”

“I heard it was more than three thousand, five thousand ba.”

“Really ludicrous…”

“Fortunately before his death he destroyed that monstrous device, if he had left left that thing harming the world, it would have been an even greater sin.”

“Ai… Speaking of this Wei Wu Xian, in those years he was the prestigious son of that respected family, with a good track record. Young, famous, and wild… How exactly did he reach this point…”

“This shows that in the path of cultivation one must stay to the right path. Straying onto the crooked evil path only provides momentary fame, and appears to be really impressive. Hei, in the end what became of him? Dead without even a corpse left.”

“His cultivation practises weren’t the only cause, Wei Wu Xian’s character is truly too bad, angering the gods and causing resentment in the people ah. In the cycle of reincarnation, good and evil will be repaid.”


After his death, the coffin is closed and a conclusion drawn. There is a general consensus, and whenever there is a tiny squeak of dissent, it is immediately suppressed.

It is only that pressing on everyone’s minds is one thought they dare not voice.

Wei Wu Xian’s remnant spirit cannot be called. In other words, his soul cannot be found.

Perhaps it became part of the food during the million ghost’s devouring.

Perhaps it escaped.

If the former occurred, it would naturally be to everyone’s delight and satisfaction. Nevertheless, Ancestor Yi Ling has the ability to upheave the heavens, to move mountains and drain the seas, this no one doubts. If the latter occurred, the moment his spirit is restored, and rebirth is seized, then, the cultivation world, even the whole mortal realm, will welcome an even more frenzied revenge and curse, and sink into a world without justice, under a reign of terror.

A hundred and twenty stone beasts from Zhen mountain cover and push down the top of the burial grounds. Each major family starts to hold frequent evocation rituals and thoroughly investigate the surroundings, they gather anomalies from all over the world and stay on high alert.

The first year, the winds were calm and the waves were quiet.

The second year, the winds were calm and the waves were quiet.

The third year, the winds were calm and the waves were quiet.


The thirteen year, the winds and waves were still as before, calm.

More and more people believed, that maybe, the spirit of Ancestor Yi Ling truly perished.

Even though he once turned his palm up and gathered clouds to turn it down and create rain, after all, there comes a day where he is the one that is overturned.

No one will forever be raised to an altar, and in the end, a legend is just a legend.


Ancestor Yi Ling is WWX, this is because WWX was born in Yi Ling, and according to my friend who has finished the novel, the location where he becomes OP?
Xuanmen - buddhism, basically the good faction.
righteousness above one’s personal relations - 大义灭亲, valuing justice over family ties
the winds were calm and the waves were smooth - all was calm
turned his palm up and gathered clouds to turn it down and create rain - very powerful and capable
The coffin is closed and a conclusion drawn - You can only judge a person's merits or demerits after death.

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