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Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 Malicious Part 1

At this point in the unconscious, Jinlin suddenly sat down. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Before his eyes he stood firm, eyes closed. Since we Wuxian wanted to see what would happen, it was slowly Jin’s ring, he took one step in the discussion, and as a step back to the wall, he stood in front of the season, he did nothing. He put his hand flat on his side. Even his condition was the same as before.

We felt that WuXian was again robbing the situation, was very ridiculous and plundered him from the wall. He was about to tell LAN Wang. Not here to stay the best for a long time, he heard some of the obstacles that came from abruptly far away, called in fear. When they arrived, the spirit of the black man acted and was in balance when the tail was sitting in front of the tail. He wanted them to return to a never-ending and rigid journey without compromising him. But now the barriers are stronger than before.

Lan Wang Ji said: “Something is wrong outside the castle.”

He came out to help the gymnast, Wei WuXian beat him and took Jinlin on his back: “Go!”

Both returned immediately after their arrival. On leaving, they saw a spiritual dog that tumbled under the neck in a certain direction and encountered them on the back. Wei WuXian was able to come, but he really did not endure the sound of this kind, recovering a few steps reluctantly. When the dog crossed and saw Jin Rin on his back, he slowly slowed down and caused Wei Wu Xian to yell. When he sent him jinlin, Ranch moved to him.

The spiritual dog stopped and the tails between the legs stopped. The reason why he has no tongue is because he had something in his mouth. Lan WangJi go out and hand out, take out a bunch of fabric tied to Wei WuXian. It seems to be a dress. Before that they had to listen and spy on the area, they had to think that they were suspicious. Otherwise, the dog’s wall did not put up a war. Wei WuXian said: “They are not far. Let’s hase them!

However, Lan Wang Ji answered. “No need, I know who they are.

Wei WuXian, and I also know. It was not the same group of people spread rumors about Crest Xinglu – set up labiristaron leave marŝkorpulojn, built a stone castle. And from them Saber, but if we do not understand it now it will be annoying to find out later . ”

Ran the royal family: “I go after them, like you and ginkgo?”

Wei WuXian is: “I’ll drop down on his Xinglu-Crest, we’re about where this charlatan appears, which stands somewhere Qinghe will see you here.”

The speed of the conversation was very fast. Ran Wang Ji stops just for a moment, Wei Wu Xian go ‘add’ Then people will run away, I will come back! ‘ This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

When he heard that “I’ll come back,” Ranch saw it deeply and left him without saying anything. Sick dogs want to throw themselves again. Wei Wu Xian cried quickly: “W – W – wait! Get rid of the dog! Take it!

Lan Wang Ji had to come back again. He looked at the black dog. When afraid to resist the resistance, he turned around to see Jinlin once, jumped over Ranch and jumped. We WuXian wiped a few drops of sweat from the forehead. Looking back at the white castle, he again took Jinling and Xingl’s coat of arms dropped.

Now it’s close to the evening. Both the boy was on their back and both were contaminated because they are getting a lot of attention from the pedestrians. We, WuXian, Jinling used the dog to look for him and return to where she found refuge. He bought two new clothes and got a room with the money he had caught from Lan WangJi. He first raised his third line. After the dirt was disposed of, they were washed, then the boots were removed. Suddenly his movements stopped.

It seemed like a shadow of Jinlin’s limbs. We visited boys’ pants, Wei Wu Xian discovered that it was black noise, not a shadow. And that was not a wounded wound, but a curse.

Breast Marco was a marker made from bad creatures from the victims. If that turned out, then that person meant that he was angry about evil. If this leaves a trace, you think that you are absolutely important. The result changes only with the mark or the dead marked from the body part.

The whole Jinlin’s leg has become black, and the whistle is still rising. We have never seen traces of curse with intense shadows, such as brutal black and do not include such a large area. The more he saw it, the harder his face grew. He flew through his gymnastics and weakened the spirit of the gymnasts. He felt relief only after he knew that his breast and stomach were completely clean, but he still had no effect on the curved brand.

At this point, Jinlin opened his eyes.

He mixes for some time. His body was naked and cold and soon came. He stood up immediately and shouted, “Where are you? “Have a face.

Wei Wuxian was happy: “Oh, you’re awake.

He is as if this was accomplished with great instability, close in front of Jin calling his men clinging in the corner of the bed, “You have what you want, you? No matter where the clothes are!” Where’s the sword Where is This Is My Dog? ”

Wei Wu Xian said: “I just worn your clothes for you. Make those panties wet.

His expression and condition was the same as my grandmother, and I think I would like to wear clothes for my grandchild. Jinlin sat on the wall with colorless hair. “I’m not sleeveless sleeve!

Wei WuXian, “What’s Coincidence – I’m !!!” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

When Jin’s ring, Wei WuXian walked away when he killed him, the sinmortigus which was believed to prove his innocence, in such a daring way, lay in the next bed, I pulled out the sword. Wei WuXian finally managed to laugh, “Why are you the one who was a joke? I’m afraid I tried to publish my own from a lot of walls, and please do not increase me too.”

In the middle, Jin’s ring wound his hand to his thin hair, it continues to scream and looked a little more worthy: “If not, what if you were WW would have my clothes. You dare kill a thousand times!

Wei Wu Xian, “Do not Take It. Dying to die, already hurt, drop your sword there.”

For the sake of fantasy, Dzhennlin dropped the sword, as he said.

They leave the ring of Jin the spirit is his body at the time played a survey, he, including the breasts, but did not remember a lot of things, he did to him it is a mountain dug for him, I knew that he was the man in front of him. For a while, when he was buried in the wall, for some time he, at his height, knew the horror and despair in his heart. But he did not really think he would be the one he did not like since he first met because he was freed from fear and despair. His face was white and red. He was also very excited, excited, his thoughts were still shouting everywhere. Suddenly, his eyes went to the window, shocked when he saw that the sky was dark, some stars scattered here. Wei Wu Xian accidentally won to capture new clothes that fell to the ground. Jinlin jumped from the bed, was wearing boots, took off his jacket and left the room.

Originally, Wei WuXian thought that after some time it would remain unlimited for a while. Who knew young people were very energetic? Trivial problem was not his foot, remember the sign at the top of the curse, he immediately “comes back! Running nothing away!” I cried

Jinling ran a jacket that was injured after trial! “I’m in line. Do not take him out of the pub, out of the pub at some lengthy stage after doing some of the block, Wei Wuxian actually lost him.

After a while I was looking for a sunshine, the city’s population fell. Wei Wu Xian was totally disturbed: “Cursed how can this child do such things?

When he went out, an angry young man’s voice appeared on the street. “I just said a few about you, you have never disappeared.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Jiang Chen!

Wei Wu Xian swore in the heart. Secondly, Jinlin’s voice also appeared. “I’m not wrong, I’m back, I stopped it!”

Jinlin seems to come only to Qinghe. Well, that’s not surprising. Last time, in Dafan Mountain, because Jiang 쳉 was there to help him why he did not appear this time? But now look at the fact that both seem to be fighting QINGHE City, KimuRei grew up not mentioning Xinglu-Ridon. The reason was in a hurry to get away, then KoTe could be something like if he had threatened to try to do something to go back to the dark.

Jiang Chen, “bad something wrong, you have nothing to do with you, and you rolled to you only grooves, you say! You think it’s awkward to use your common sect. If you’re hurry, change something else and watch it! what did you do today?

Jin’s ring replied depressed: “I was already stunned to say that it did not go and it was a waste of time,” he called, “I’m three years old, Do not hurry me like you!”

Gangneung said in the back of the tone: “You are mine no longer, even if you have 30, so that you can continue to train you, I can still do it to you, next time, you will be fleeing yourself if you have the courage, do you think that I Would you like to teach me? Paola is waiting for you! ”

Jinling: “I did not want to help or train someone about someone, so I left for myself.

We thought that WuXian did not know anything, but Jiang Ling accused a very nice girl when Jiang Chen was quite right.

Jiang Cheng, “What are you doing now? Where is your uncle, who gave you a spiritual dog?

Lan Zhan offended him at several incidental angles. Likewise, like the Wei WuXian philosophy, two well-known obstacles come from the other side of the band.

Wei WuXian’s pleasure has changed at the same time. He left as if he wins with a potion arrow. The spiritual dog, the black dog flying from the other end, crossed Wei WuXian and amoreco with a tail, sank to the base of the Jin ring.

When the dog appeared here, that is, LAN WangJi had already explored the castle stone, they must understand that it was caught by a person who was on the verge of pruviĝo stood before. However, this time, Wei Wuxian did not have time to think about these problems.

While he ran, he ended just before Jiang Cheng, Jin Ling and the other Jiang Track trained crowd.

After the two camps had been doing it for some time, Wei Wuyi was quietly fleeing.

He only heard a lot of noise at a short distance, and the violet currents grabbed his legs like a snake. When somnolence and pain pass from the bottom up to the inside of the body, it was immediately removed from the back. Then someone picked him up behind his necklaces. Wei Wuxian tried to find the Spirit Swinging bag, but the other found it in front of him.

Jiang Ling went for a walk, clucked to him, entering the nearest store by knocking a wooden screw that had already been put in half.

The owner is ready to close the store in the middle of the night. Suddenly, they find their fantaĝa dress, look at the new kicked open door of the dark face, he looked as if you wanted to drop the victim here inward, and some of his party is the owner, he was scared because I could not talk . The disciple whispered in his ear a few things. When a silver was thrown in his hand, he immediately fled from the corridor and never returned. Without further instructions, the Jiang Sect disciples were scattered from the inside, so they could not enter or escape there.

Jing Ling stood aside, though he seemed to say a few things, doing so was very shocked. Chiang Kai – she saw her and said: “Then I worry about you, stay here!

From the beginning of his memory to this day, Jin Lin never saw Jiang Chen’s face. This young man who led the famous Yunmeng Jiang Track since youth has always been cold and dark. When he spoke, he did not want to have a favor or a good job. However, now he was trying to suppress unnecessary facial expressions, but his eyes were surprisingly intense.

His face was always a cloud with arrogance and satirical features, but it seemed that all corners were alive. It is difficult to assess whether it was a vengeance, a hypersensitivity to hatred or a nice explosion. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Translator Note

Saber: That is, the last chapter, but translated as “sword”, thanks to some commentators, has changed from knowing the exact phrase now.

Bread Mark: Letter translation is “bad curse / scar». This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Dungeon: Ancient Chinese clothes that are subaooj can contain a T-shirt and pair, a shirt and a skirt and a long coat. All works are white and thin. The shirt is nice like a bath. They are called attic, they are more like sleeping on clothes, however, are used to sleep under the usual clothes. Yes, because people still have to take “subweshed clothes” underneath them, most of your thoughts from the brain at the moment (for example, “AIE WWX, in contrast to thinking of looking at other people, technical Wei WuXian’s, ** *** not to cut clothes Jin ring ! “)

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