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Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 Malicious – Part 2

Jiang Cheng says:

Jin Lin separates himself from his crimes. He hesitated at the same time and whistled only when Jiang Cheng shot two ropes of lightning from his eyes. The dog won several jumps. Wei Wu Xian, about the same body as the iron board, could only go on as he walked in step. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Jiang Cheng found the empty space and threw it to Wei Ting and closed the door behind him. The dog sat behind them and sat on the door. The eyes of Veil-Usin were firmly fixed to her and were afraid to attack him at the moment. He remembered how he controlled the short time and he said in the mind that Jiang Chen really knew the best way to deal with him.

At the same time, Jiang Chen slowly sat on the table and spilled a cup of tea.

No one spoke the word for a moment. The tea cup is still hot. He did not have cucumbers and jumped into the ground.

Jin Chen smiles slowly on his face. “… Do not you tell me something?

Jiang Cheng, who grew up, saw the terrible position of Wei Wuxian unconsciously when he ran away from the dog. Others could believe him if he denied it, but I can not argue with those who knew so much. This was a difficult obstacle to defeat than Zidian.

In a sincere statement, we answered. “I do not know what I mean to you.

Jin Chen whispers, “Do not you really learn?”

For a long time the conversation was completed and refused. Wei Wu Xiang understood and thought: “And you did not make progress …”

Chiang Kai – She smiled with anger and said: “Of course we will see what is not successful.

When he left the table, he shouted for a business trip. The dog stood fast!

I am in the same room where Wei WuXian was already taken away from the rebellion. In the second I saw a great strange dog that closed him, his ears filled with his low scouts and paralyzed the whole body. He forgot many of the first times he had crossed the city. He remembered fear that he felt he was holding his own dog and grabbed his flesh with the pain of his teeth and nails. The deep fear of the heart could not surpass or alleviate the way he tried.

Suddenly Emara came to him. “What are your words?”

We Wu Xian are very displeased and I do not remember if he names it. When Zhang Chen tried to defeat the dog, he pulled him aside. I hesitated and suddenly shook my head. Meanwhile, Cheng Chang left him. There was a viper in his waist. He decided to look at Wei Wuyi’s face on the one hand. After the break, he made it straight, “When do you talk about it, are you so close to the Ranch?

Wei Wuxian immediately realized he had unconsciously called his name.

Jin Chen smiled by abuse. “It’s really strange, as I returned to Dapana Mountain and how long I went to protect you. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

After a while he corrected: “Yes, you are King Rezo, all of you, the GusuLanction, this faithful dog of how you endure as something you like so famous for its sake. I could never forget what we did, and surely no protection … … instead it is known for this body that you have stolen.

His words were brutal and horrible. Every sentence seemed to have a good surface feeling, but in fact it was annoying. We WuXian could not keep it long: “Look at your language.

Jiang Cheng responded as follows. “Do not you remember?

Wei WuXian, “Oh, it’s fine.

Jiang Chen seized: “You’ve talked to Jin Ring and have seen your own language. You’ve been described, so I think I can see my words, so you still remember in Dafanas’s last mountain.”

Wei WuXian’s face will be reinforced.

Returning to the beginning of the conversation, Chirosuke returned to see it. He insulted, “I think it was not a mother who teaches you. The most painful place” Now you know that this is not the one that criticized behind your back in a way that’s not just another for you, Jin Ling, you’re quite forgotten old man, that is to say, what did you say. Not what you promised? Do you still remember your parents’ death?

We Wuxian soon raised his head: “I did not forget! It’s just …

But he simply could not find the right word inserted after it.

Jiang Chen interrupted: “Do not worry because it can not tell you what you’re going back to Lotus Pier, running before the old tomb, can you give up your excuse?”

Wei Wuxian comforted himself and asked him as soon as he could do that to get out of the situation. He always dreamed of returning to Lotus, but he was still destroyed and did not want to return today.

Suddenly there came a series of swift legs and a great crowd. Jinlin exclaimed out: “Uncle!”

Jiang Cheng raised his voice: “Why did you stay here where I was where you stayed, did not you talk to you?”

Jinlin, “Uncle, I have something really important to tell you. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Jiang Chen: “If anything is important I have healed you why you did not want to talk?”

Answer Jin Ring voice: “You hit me! Do not you try to listen to it? If not, I will not just say! I will promote it, so I can do it right.” I did not want to say it. ”

Jiang Chen opened the door with a radiant look on his face: “And escape, please tell me”

As soon as the wooden door opened, Jinlin entered. He has already transformed into a new form of white form. “I have encountered something uncomfortable today, I think I’d win the temperament!

I called Jiang Chen’s eyes. With a hostile expression, he quickly put his hand on his sword. “Where and when?”

Jin Ringo said to him: “It was afternoon that the house of Randown about 12 miles south of here, I heard something was strange, so I went, but that, It is a possibility that I guess it’s a wild wall inside. .. ”

Jing Ling’s name was quite convincing. However, with the ears of Wei Wu Xian, all these sentences were absurd. He knew exactly where the guy was tonight in the afternoon. Also, while Wen Jinhua hides, as he will not call him soon, it will not be a way for young people who will find him easily.

Jiang Cheng, “Why did not you say that before?

Jin Ringo: “I was not confirmed The theater was moving very quickly and when I came as soon as I came, I only saw a void, but I chose a string of sounds. Listen, if I think it might be, because he did it to Dafanas -Montaro … I do not tell you, I will be taught soon after the return, if he runs away, you can not catch him, this is not because of your bad attitude to me. He still wanted to indulge, but worried that Jiang Chen flies straight to her door Through Jiang Chen’s closed door, she shouted in front of her face: “I’ll come to you later, you broke!

Jinlin replied “Oh,” his steps have disappeared. Imanji Chen Thu-Wei WuXian soon revealed that I did that the secret, Wen Jiabao was found, “I do”, “I was very shocked” I painted mixed expressions. Jinlin was really careful. Knowing that Jiang Chen hated Wen Jiabingu more than ever, he was very reassured that he had previous knowledge. Jiang Cheng and Ghost Generally with the president of Yiling In general, he had already suspected that Wen Jiaying was in the area, since he knew he had appeared together. Hearing Jin Ringo words, he trusted the majority and the ceremony of Wei Wuxian still persuaded him. He also invaded when he heard the words of Taenning’s name. When his eyes shine with His anger, why can he still be doubtful? The violence that he had built in his chest caused him to almost blow. He whispered Wu Xian’s borders, and the teeth of a strawberry said: “You really are not, intangible this obsessive dog everywhere”

Wuxian Wei said: “He died a long time, and I also died when you also wanted what you want more.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Jang Chen pointed out his finger: “Oh! So my hatred will last even if he dies a thousand times. In what time he never lost very well, I can write it now, destroy it today with my own hands, and distribute the ash before him! ”

He wiped the door behind him, ordered Jin Ling, and walked to the main hall. ! . Do not listen to what he says, do not let him sound, if he plays his gifts or flute, please do not listen to what he says, please care for him. , Block your mouth first, if it does not work. Just turn your hands and cut your tongue!

Wei Wuxian knew Jiang Cheng had talked these words, especially listening to him and threatening to do something for him. The reason Jiang Cheng did not receive it was that he did not use the opportunity to control Wen Ning. Jin Ringo responded to a skeptical way: “I know I can look at him Uncle, but why did not you change this murderous color line himself What he did this time …”

Jiang Chen responded: “Do not forget your rights to see what you ask, there is no problem, I will express my feet, if I come back to confirm that he has disappeared …” He went next to his disciples, for pursue the missing after Wenning after a few more questions about the right place.

Waiting time Jin Lingus transferred the arrogant voice: “You stand there and you’re waiting at the side You stand with all the main entrances that I want to see when I go …”

His disciples did not hear it. After a while the door was opened again, and Jinlin pierced her head and flew around the room. Wei Wu Xian sat directly. Jinlin put his fingers before his lips, walked silently, put his hands in the Zijang, whispered something.

Zidian only works if it is recognized by the owner. Jin Cheng may have allowed him to recognize Jin Him. At the same time the power came out and became a silver ring embedded in the golden purple crystal of the right palm.

Jinlin said in a calm voice: “Eat!” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

After the inadequate order, the Yunmeng Jiang’s disciples were scattered everywhere. Both suddenly turned up the windows and walls. When I left the store, they got rid of me. When they arrived in the forest, they heard the strange thing behind him. To him, he was almost afraid and died: “Why does it often come?” Tell him to leave!

Jinlin flashes the second time, the little dog pulled his long tongue. It sounded fake, its sharp ears sounded, which was disappointing. Take a look at Jin Ring Sanijs: “Such a loser of fairies will not be saved. It just looks scared. It’s a spiritual dog trained to eat only the bad beast that you are really just ordinary I think it’s a dog …”

Wei Wuxian, “Continue. What do you call it?

Jinlin, “Fairy: that name.”

Wei WuXian, “Have you called something like this dog?

Zing Ring Certainly “Is this word wrong? When it was young, it was called Little Fairy, now I can no longer call it as it grew.” It was

Wei Wuxian No No It does not matter if it’s small or not ‘, refused! … Who teaches your world title! What? If there is no doubt, it must be his uncle. In the past, Jiang Chen had several children. The word you made. “Certainly, the man is not worried about these little things: he was the name of a precious girl in a public house, such as” Jasmine, “” Princess “,” Love “I continued Jin Ring. Why would you emphasize such information? When you betrayed my uncle, you are half dead. Now I’ve made you go. We’re equal. ”

Wei Wuxian asked: “Do you know why your uncle wants me?

Jinlin replied: “Yes, he thinks you are Wei WuXian.

Wei Wu Xian thought: suspicious “This time it is no longer just” “He is the right person.” He again asked: “And what is your suspicion?”

Jin Ringo: “It’s not the first time my uncle did, he was never allowed to go to one of them that he could also get involved with the wrong. But if Zidians could not deceive his spirit, I just thought you were not there. He had no rupture, but you even dared to do it … ”

He pursued Jamie as if he had delayed flight and stopped with a stupid look before showing the person he had promised. “In any case, from now on, you can not find some of my sects, if you return to it! You have nothing to do with the LanlingJin section! Or I did not read Let’s go!”

Jinlin finally left and left it. After a few steps, he returned to him again: “You are still doing what you’re doing, my uncle comes and gets you waiting to get you. Let me tell you – do not you think that I thank you because you saved me, do not think that you said it was worth it.

Wei Wuxian continued to put his hands back. “A young man must say that whatever is in my life is a suitable sentence, there are two battles.”

Jinlin asked: “Who are you? Luke, I am your father.

Wei WuXian replied: “Thank you” and “I’m sorry”. ”

Jinlin worried: “Can anyone be with me, if I can not say that?

Wei Wuxian says: “Day you will tell these words with tears.

Jinlin, as Wei WuXian suddenly said to her, was sorry: “Sorry.”

Jinlin said “What?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Wei Wuxian, “I’m sorry I spoke of the mountain of Dafan”

Although it was not heard for the first time that Jinlin had no mother who was teaching for the first time, it was the first time that I was kindly requesting an apology. Because I did not understand why he felt suddenly a little embarrassed.

He does not crack quietly: “This is nothing You are not the first person in any case, it is the fact that I did not have a father I’m teaching But I will never be more than that. In fact, I will open your eyes and redundancy … Please see that I am much stronger than you!

We Wuxian smiled. When he was talking, his face changed suddenly. “Jiang! You!

Jin had already stolen the Jidiene and was already guilty because we could go some kind of gangster. When he heard the name, he turned to see. Using the opportunity, Wei WuXian creates a blade with his own hands and hits the neck of Jinling. He plays the gym on the floor, lying on the apartment, surrounds the bottom of the pants and curses the mark with his feet. He tried to use several methods, but none of them succeeded. After a while he learns to know that he will work hard.

Jinlin suddenly woke up. Even if you touch your neck, you can still feel pain. He jumped very angry, and soon lost his sword. “How can you take me? My uncle has not made me any longer!

Wei Wu Xian shouted: “Is it really that? Do not you say he always stops your feet?

Jinlin trembled: “Does he just say you got the colored sleeve you want on Earth?” “My …”

Wei Wu Tin shook his face and shouted behind Jinling. “Oh, it’s a light of Juni!

Jinlin feared Ran Ran more than his uncle. After all, his uncle was from his clan, but HanGuang-Jun was another person. Amazingly, he soon cried out and ran away as he ran: “You are called cropping, and maniaks against me do not remember you, this has not yet finished!”

He smiled a lot behind her and he did not breathe. When Jinlin disappeared afar off, his chest entered, and then he could stop laughing. It was time to think only about that.

Vuksianu Jiang Fengmianu’s house went home at the age of nine.

The majority of the memory at that time was unknown. However, Jin Lin’s mother, Jean Liangyi, remembered everything and told him for a moment.

She said he was always trying to find the children left by these older friends after the father heard the news that his father died in battle. After searching, he finally found a baby in Yil. When they met for the first time, Wei WuXian walked on the street, someone ate the fruit of skin jumped into the ground.

The winter and spring of Yiling were quite cold, but the child had only a thin cloak. His knee was already ruined, and there were two different shoes at the foot, which were not at all satisfied. He looked in search of fruits, and Ebayashi called him. He remembered that his name was still British, so he raised his head. His cheeks were red and cold, but he still laughed.

Jiang YanLi said he was born with a smiley look. Despite what happened due to bad events, he did not touch it. In spite of the situation, he will be happy. It sounded a bit crazy, but it was not really bad.

Jiang FengMian feeds his melon and allows Jiang Feng Mine to return to him. At that time, Chiang Kai-shek was about 8, 9 people. He had some children with him with Lotus Pier. Knowing that Wei WuXian was very afraid of the dog, Jiang FengMian suggested Jiang Chen sent the dog away. Jiang Chen really did not want. He was encouraged to ruin things by saying and looking, he finally left the dog.

That’s why he was insulted by Wei Wu Xian for a long time, but his parents started badly together after well-known. Whenever he entered a dog, He always bothered them, Wei Jun, who rose to the trees, was often hunted.

He always thought Jiang Chen left side, and the Ranch was on his side. He will never imagine things are different.

Wei Wuxian was on the way to the place where the Ranch had to meet him. No one was among the unusual lights in the evening. Noticed, the shape of the white tree stood at the end of the street, moving and standing.

Before Wei WuXian made a sound, Lan Wang Ji raised him and saw it. After a little hesitant, he left with a dark expression.

I did not know the reason, he happened to be back. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

For Lan WangJi’s eyes, he could see the stripes of almost crying blood. He had to recognize … Ran WangJi face r

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