The Glorious Summoner - Chapter 109

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Chapter 109

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109 Chapter 109 spider’s nest

The bullets of the sniper rifle had attracted four fire spiders, one liquid Spider, and seven demon rats here.

This was the sports field of a middle school Northwest of xinchuan city.

The demonic fire Spider whose head was hit by the armor-piercing burning bullet of the sniper rifle and a demonic rat whose fur was burned by the armor-piercing burning bullet rushed into the school and came to the sports field.

And what awaited them was only a Black Tortoise and a killing trap set up by two elite slave soldiers.

The Black Tortoise’s restraint on the demonic fire spiders and demonic liquid spiders was too strong. One bite at a time, and it was absolutely unintentional. Those demonic fire spiders and demonic liquid spiders didn’t even have the chance to resist.

The Black Tortoise’s body was like a mass of black water, carrying a powerful and terrifying Water-type cold energy. This cold energy had the aura of the netherworld, and one attack from it could wipe out all the life force of those big spiders.

The elite slave soldiers were also cracking demon rats as they threw out their javelins. In the blink of an eye, those demon rats which could not die even after being shot in the head by sniper rifles were nailed to the ground by the javelins of elite slave soldiers.

Xia ping ‘an had only discovered a few days ago that the Black Tortoise that he summoned was not static, but could change. He had only explored the tip of the iceberg of the Black Tortoise’s ability.

The Black Tortoise summoned with 36 divine power was slightly larger than his palm, and it could only be used once before dissipating.

The Black Tortoise summoned with 72 points of divine power was twice as large as before and could attack twice.

This time, the Black Tortoise that was summoned after consuming 180 points was already as majestic as a small millstone. When the five big spiders and seven demon rats rushed in, the millstone-sized Black Tortoise opened its mouth and released a black cold air.

The 5 huge spiders and 7 demon rats were frozen by the black cold Qi in a split second as they moved in slow motion.

The elite slave soldier threw out a javelin.

Black Tortoise’s feet didn’t touch the ground. Stepping on several black waves, it rushed to the front of those big spiders. Its snake-shaped head opened its mouth once again, and five black water balls flew out of its mouth and fell on the five big spiders. As a result, white frost formed on the five big spiders ‘bodies, and their vitality was instantly extinguished.

The Black Tortoise also disappeared.

The javelins of the two elite slave soldiers were still flying out. In the blink of an eye, the small playground of the school had been covered with frost, leaving no demons.

It was only then that Xia Pingan, who had just taken another eight level one divine power Pills, jumped down from the stands at the side and came to the battlefield. He put all the ” spoils ” in the battlefield into his space warehouse.

It was only in these few days that Xia Pingan had truly experienced how cool it was to be a Summoner with sufficient divine power.

In this kind of battle, he didn’t need to fight in person. He just needed to stand on the side like a commander and plan the battle from a hundred meters away. Then, he could easily use his summoned creatures to deal with everything. The traps and ambushes he set up were like an arena. He was the master of the arena. The fate of the monsters that entered the arena was in his control. Everything was that simple.

Because he had sufficient divine power, it was no longer a luxury to consume 20 points of divine power to summon two elite slave soldiers to assist in the battle.

Moreover, it was not a loss. Elite slave soldiers were the nemesis of demon rats. After an elite slave soldier was summoned, as long as it was used properly, it could easily kill four demon rats and earn enough.

After making enough money, the elite slave soldiers could still do many things before the time of arrival. They could spy, investigate, search, lure monsters, rescue other people trapped in the city, further expand the scope of their activity, or deliberately set up a diversion to lure other monsters away or lead them to the killing array arranged by Xia Pingan again.

In short, elite slave soldiers had many uses.

These days, the small village of Xia Pingan’s Secret mandala had become lively and full of vitality. It had truly begun to look like a small village. The number of farmers had exceeded 60, the number of craftsmen had increased to 10, and the number of alchemists had also increased to 5. These people were all summoned by Cangjie.

The previous warehouse was now full. In the secret mandala, a few craftsmen were leading more than 20 farmers to expand the previous warehouse. After the expansion, the warehouse was several times larger than before.

Xia Pingan didn’t know that the warehouse could be expanded in such a way.


Xia Pingan had just collected the corpses of the monsters when he heard another gunshot from the darkness in the distance.

The one who fired was man Zixiao. These two gunshots meant that man Zixiao had killed two more Phantom monsters that had been attracted over.

At the moment, man Zixiao carried a total of 20 to 30 rune armor-piercing incendiary bombs with her, which could be said to be ” rich and generous. at this time, when he found a monster, he would generally avoid or hide, and would not shoot. Only when he found The Phantom monster’s demon spirit would he seize the opportunity to shoot and kill it again.

Xia Pingan summoned the Black Dragon and asked it to follow man Zixiao and cover for her. The Black Dragon was very sensitive to the aura of monsters and could act as man Zixiao’s assistant. It could take man Zixiao to avoid some dangerous areas, stay on guard for man Zixiao, and also cover man Zixiao’s retreat when necessary.

Man Zixiao’s cooperation with him was becoming more and more tacit, and the Black Dragon and man Zixiao’s cooperation was also becoming more and more smooth.

Over the past few days, Xia Pingan’s area of activity and battlefield had gradually expanded from the suburbs of xinchuan city to the edge of the Urban area.

At this moment, the school was surrounded by a small district on the edge of the city.

Xia Pingan glanced at man Zixiao with her long-distance vision ability. A thousand meters away, man Zixiao, who had fired two shots, was putting away her gun and quickly moving to a safe point outside the city. She did not linger in the battle. At the same time, man Zixiao had also set up a time bomb in the same place. A few minutes later, the bomb would explode and attract the nearby monsters, creating an opportunity for Xia Pingan.

Xia ping ‘an also quickly left the sports field of this school. With two elite slave soldiers, they quickly ran in the shadows of the streets and alleys under the cover of darkness, approaching the city center.

Tonight’s plan was for man Zixiao to retreat after the two of them had completed this ambush. At the same time, they would create a small explosion to attract the attention of the monsters. Xia Pingan would continue to explore deep into the city to see where the demon rats, which man Zixiao had mentioned before, had taken the human corpses.

Many people had died in xinchuan city that night and during the evacuation, but there were not many bodies on the streets at the moment.

Xia Pingan felt that this was not a good thing.

In just a few minutes, Xia Pingan had crossed several streets and ran more than a thousand meters in the dark. She was approaching the main road in xinchuan city.

There were some remains of tanks, over 10 demon-fire spiders and dozens of demon rats wandering on the road in front of the main road. Therefore, Xia Pingan hid in a broken store on the roadside with two elite slave soldiers and waited there patiently for a while.

2 minutes later, a boom drifted from the darkness in the distance. Those mutated-fire spiders and mutated rats on the streets turned around at the same time and looked at the flame in the distance. Obviously, they were shocked by the flame. Closely after that, they rushed towards the source of the boom.

The street suddenly became empty.

Xia ping ‘an crossed the street and ran for a while. From a distance, he noticed that there were more Demon Fire spiders blocking his way, and a large group of them at that. He immediately ordered an elite slave soldier to leave and make some noise on another street to attract the demon Fire spiders away.

After doing this twice, Xia Pingan used two elite slave soldiers to lure the monsters and gradually entered the city of xinchuan.

Using his long-distance vision, he could not see many corpses on the surface of xinchuan city. Since the corpses were not on the ground, the greatest possibility was that they were underground. As the provincial capital, there were several large underground shelters under xinchuan city. Each shelter could accommodate more than 100000 people. Xia Pingan was prepared to take a look at the underground shelters.

These super-large national-level fallout shelters had higher construction standards. They were deep underground and had many protective layers. They could even resist nuclear attacks to a certain extent. Xia Pingan’s long-distance vision ability could not penetrate them, so he could only see them personally.

They arrived at the entrance of a large underground shelter. After walking for a while, Xia Pingan suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air. There were a few tunnels in the underground shelter that were densely packed with Demon Fire spiders. There were at least thousands of them. He could not enter at all.

However, there were too many demons here, and it was obvious that something was up.

Seeing a few demonic fire spiders walking over, seemingly patrolling and almost being discovered, Xia Pingan hurriedly retreated from the entrance.

Since he couldn’t enter through the normal passage, he could only think of another way.

A few minutes later, Xia Pingan found an air vent in a building near the fallout shelter. He immediately went into the air vent and slowly climbed into the fallout shelter through the air vent.

These super large underground shelters had more than one air vent. In case of demon rats drilling in, these air vents were specially designed. Demon rats could never drill in.

Xia ping ‘an slowly crawled into the shelter through the ventilation pipe without making any noise.

Inside the ventilation pipe, there was a barrier to prevent foreign objects from entering and an anti-intrusion scanner. Fortunately, Xia Pingan had a lot of tools in his space warehouse. When he encountered a metal barrier, he directly used the small acetylene cutting knife used by the Special Forces to cut it off. As for the scanner in the ventilation pipe, because the entire underground Fallout Shelter had been destroyed and the power supply had been cut off, the monitoring equipment was no longer working, so the scanner naturally could not work as well.

Just like that, Xia ping ‘an moved forward bit by bit. Half an hour later, he finally entered the innermost part of the fallout shelter. Through a transom, he could see the things inside the fallout shelter from top to bottom.

A huge pit had been dug under the sanctuary.

Numerous corpses were piled up in the pit, wrapped in circles of spider silk like mummies. The ground, the walls, and the spider silk hanging down were covered with corpses. There were so many that it was hard to count.

The magic fire spiders and magic liquid spiders were laying eggs in the pit, filling it with spider eggs.

It had only been a few days, and the magic fire spiders and magic liquid spiders were actually preparing to use this place as their nest. If those spider eggs were to completely hatch, it would definitely be a disaster.

The mummified corpses that were wrapped in spider silk were the food that the magic fire spiders and magic liquid spiders had prepared for their ” children.


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