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Chapter 188

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At about half an hour past the appointed time, all of the guests had arrived and were all situated at their respective tables.

"Sorry I'm late to greet everyone, there was some last minute stuff I had to help out with," Airi said.

Entering from the backdoor of the Tanaka residence, Airi Tanaka came out and greeted the guests who had arrived.

She was wearing a neat and tidy light pink-colored dress that accentuated her cuteness and natural beauty.

Standing by her side was none other than her good friend from school, Mahiro.

"My sister is the cutest girl in the world!" Takei passionately exclaimed. "Although, that boy better protect her from other boys with ulterior instincts..."

"Yes yes, we all know that you love your sister. Let's leave those two alone for now and let their love blossom, 'kay?" Akari tried to calm Takei down.

"What's up with the slang?"

"You don't like it?"

"Just feels out of place when a girl of nobility like you says something like that," Takei shrugged.

Akari sighed to herself as a result of Takei's logic. "This isn't the middle ages. There's no such nobility that exists now!"

"Heard you loud and clear, princess."

While Takei and Akari were bantering, the guests began to quiet down as the lights for the event began to dim.

When they noticed the dimming lights, both of them quieted down as well.

The guests eagerly awaited for Flora and Yuuto to make their appearance, but they were left with a deafening silence that hinted towards nothing happening.

"Where are they?" Akari whispered.

Takei shrugged and sat back in his seat without a care in the world. "They're probably building up suspense for a dramatic entrance, just wait for it."

Just like Takei had predicted, something did end up happening.

Everyone heard it before the actual thing was spotted, but the sound of helicopter blades was made known to everyone in the scenery.

So that's why there's a large landing pad in the middle of the backyard...

It probably wasn't Takei's brightest moment, but he took a long time to figure out that the large area marked with an H was a landing pad.

"Yahoo~ Thanks for coming everyone!" Flora yelled as loud as she possibly could from the descending helicopter.

"Sorry for being late!" Yuuto also yelled from beside her.

After a few moments, their helicopter finished fully descending and peacefully landed on the ground.

The helicopter operator gave them the thumbs-up for exiting the helicopter, so Flora and Yuuto did as such.

Both of them walked to the stage that was prepared beforehand as all the guests clapped at their arrival.

"Ahaha, your parents are a riot," Eiji laughed.

"Sorry that they have no common sense. Dad tends to forget the value of money when Mom is involved," Takei exasperatedly replied.

Since this had happened so many times, Takei was already used to his parents' antics of doing weird and wacky stuff in the name of love.

It was something that he always complained about, but Takei truly respected how openly his parents showed their love for each other.

This was exactly something that Takei wanted to be able to do in the future.

"As you can see, the main actors of this play have arrived!" Yuuto said as he and Flora took a bow. "Shall we have a small speech before the party starts?"

With both Flora and Yuuto occupying the stage, Takei was relieved that he didn't have to make any speeches.

"The speech will be done by none other than my son, Takei! Everyone, please give him a round of applause!"


God damn it. To think that I was almost grateful to you. Dad, I'm going to get back at you later for this!

Both of Takei's parents knew that he really disliked giving speeches, but they still gave him the spotlight nonetheless.

This was a trap that he had not foreseen, which was a truly unfortunate scenario for him.

Takei was beginning to get anxious because he didn't have a speech ready, but he felt someone cover his hands with theirs.

"Just speak from your heart, you got this! Fight!" Akari encouraged him.

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With his cute girlfriend wholeheartedly cheering him on, there was no way Takei wouldn't stand up to the task.

I got this!

Takei stood up and walked to the stage with an iron resolve that wouldn't lose to anyone.

Once he got up on stage, his father handed him the microphone and patted him on the back. "Good luck."

Takei knew that his father was doing this as a way to help him conquer his reluctance of public speaking, but it was still annoying to have to deal with.

Therefore, he wanted to get it over as fast as possible.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for coming to our lovely home to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my parents' wedding and to say goodbye to them as they return to work overseas."

He decided to start off the speech with a brief overview of the party, which was a pretty good idea since it worked as a great opener.

"Some of you have traveled long and far to be here, and I want to thank you for that. The entire Tanaka household is overjoyed to have such good friends."

Takei could see Ryuto giving him a thumbs-up on both hands and Eiji making a heart with both of his hands, which wasn't cute at all since he was a dude.

"My mother and father, Flora and Yuuto, got married as soon as they got out of college at the ripe age of 24. They were so madly in love with each other that there was no way that either of them could wait any longer for marriage. Therefore, they did it at their earliest convenience."

Foreshadowing?! Akari thought to herself.

"There was some opposition from some of their friends and family due to how young they were, but the two still persevered. 20 years later, they have two wonderful kids and are still madly in love."

"Two wonderful kids? Pfft, this guy is a comedian," Rikka quietly laughed. "Airi is wonderful, but Takei on the other hand...

I heard that!

"Now that they've reached another milestone in their marriage, they can once again show the doubters that they were anything but wrong. Even if they have to leave to head overseas soon, their love will be an undying trophy for everyone to see. Everyone, please give my parents your best wishes and prayers!"

Due to how powerful Takei's speech had been, the crowd immediately started applauding and cheering for the couple that had kept their love going for so long.

"With that being said, I have nothing else to say. That's why..."

After a few moments of tension building, Takei delivered the punchline.

"...May the Tanaka extravaganza begin!"

Supreme Idiot Couple Meter: 22 -> 25%

These Tanaka people are too rich for their own good?!

Serious-san: Wow, this cake looks good

Sugar-chan: Let's go in the bouncy house next~

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