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Chapter 123

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GNSYL Chapter 123

 Once Ouyang Huanyu determined that everyone had found a team he spoke, “Now, I want to tell you, in order to maintain the balance of each team everyone will have to take a medication that we have prepared. This drug is made to suppress strength. The stronger you are, the greater the suppression. Each person will take one pill prior to entering the dark forest. Of course, we will not force you all to stay weak. Each team’s pharmaceutical student will be given a copy of the formula that will cancel the negative effects on your bodies. If they can successfully craft it, you will be able to restore your original strength.” “….” How twisted can you get!? Ouyang Huanyu’s words only served to further cement his ruthless image into the minds of the students. The stronger teams all had black faces, and those who lacked strength were cheering up. They still had a chance! As for those members of the strongest teams… Shen Yanxiao looked at Qi Xia and the others’ helpless expressions. Her heat silently pumping, as if she had just received a slap in the face. Holding thighs? What holding thighs? Curses! Don’t even mention holding a thigh, now these goods had directly turned into a burden. Shen Yanxiao’s once happy mood immediately crumbled. “It seems that there will be a tough battle to fight.” Qi Xia touched his chin, Ouyang Huanyu’s rules were really unexpected. “The Dean’s trick is really ruthless.” Yan Yu couldn’t help but frown slightly. The other students continued to talk in the background after Ouyang Huanyu had finished. “Look at Qi Xia’s team! At least they got some benefits, they have two pharmacists!” Although the two pharmacists were somewhat new, but even a small advantage could make a big difference. “What are you all muttering about?” Tang Nazhi said as he put his hand on Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder again. “If you ask sincerely, I will give you an explanation.” Qi Xia smiled like a fox to Tang Nazhi. “Obviously you do not understand the meaning of the Dean. If it was a normal situation, this test could be said to be our and Cao Xu’s show. The other teams simply would not be able to last one round. But now we have to take this strength suppressant. You understand what this means for the other students?” Tang Nazhi’s mouth twitched in response to Qi Xia’s comments, then he seriously said, “You mean that we will all be at the same starting line, right?” Tang Nazhi still hadn’t quite grasped the full situation, but Shen Yanxiao had immediately understood. “Qi Xia means that if people couldn’t restore their strength until the end, then we wouldn’t have to worry as much about being singled out. But the problem is that the president suppressed all of the strong and weak forces at the same time, and then gave everyone an antidote formula. No other team would want to see us restore our strength. That is, from the start of the game, people will try as much as possible to prevent us from restoring Qi Xia and the others’ strength.” “Exactly!” Qi Xia nodded, satisfied.  “…”Tang Nazhi finally understood what a dire position they had been put into. He thought the phrase “tough battle” was really an understatement. “I request to change teams!!!” he cried. 

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