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Chapter 145

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Chapter 145th Warlock (1)

Na Ken, holding his Crystal Sensing Device, walked towards the depth of the Dark Forest. He recently learned from the crystal that the five badges of the team he’s responsible for have been lost. He is currently relying on the induction magic he put on those five students to find them, and take them out of the Dark Forest.

Not long after, Na Ken located Lin Ke under a tree, in a very sorry state.

Lin Ke’s face is swollen like a pig, and his body is filthy, a look that just experienced a tragic battle.

Na Ken remembers that this team was made up of Lin Ke, the male student, and four other female students. Looking so miserable right now, Lin Ke obviously suffered from the attack of other teams. Only, he has no idea how are the four girls doing?

“Na Ken mentor.” Lin Ke, with his face swollen, is having a difficulty speaking.

“What about the others?” Na Ken looked at Lin Ke, then he looked around, only to see the clothes of the four girls on the ground, without seeing their shadows.

“They’re taking a bath.” Lin Ke honestly raised his hand and pointed to the back of the hot spring.

Na Ken subconsciously looked in the direction where his finger had pointed. When he saw those four white and tender bodies, he felt his rude behavior and immediately retracted his line of sight. Feeling embarrassed, he cleared his throat.

“You tell them to come over. You have already lost the qualification of the test. I will give you the antidote then you will follow me out of the Dark Forest.”

Lin Ke want to cry. Looking at Na Ken, he said: ”Mentor, I dare not go….”

Na Ken then realized, that’s right, Lin Ke is also a boy. If he just run off to the hot spring and call them, he’s afraid that the boy will be beaten back right away by the four golden flowers.

“Alright, I’ll give you the potion. You’ll stay far and shout at them, then leave the potions at the edge of the hot spring. Let them drink for themselves.”

“I understand, mentor.” Lin Ke obediently nodded.

Na Ken immediately took out four vials of potions from the storage ring and handed it to Lin Ke. He first watched Lin Ke drink his own antidote, then he turned around to prevent himself from seeing some jarring image.

Lin Ke run towards the hot spring holding three vials of potions. But only halfway there, he suddenly change directions and slipped into the low woods.

In the low woods, Shen Yanxiao is crouching behind the trees. She’s smilingly looking at Lin Ke whose face is similar to that of a pig. Lin Ke handed over the three vials of potions on his hands to Shen Yanxiao.

After handing over the three vials of potions, Lin Ke’s clear eyes immediately became blurred, standing upright in place. Until Shen Yanxiao left, he slowly retraced himself under the tree.

Na Ken looked back at Lin Ke strangely, he found that his eyes are somewhat at a loss. His own heart cannot help but harbor a strange feeling.

The next moment, Lin Ke looked as if he just regained his consciousness; his body quivered. He quickly noticed Na Ken standing beside him and immediately panicked. He was about to say something but the severe pain on his face made his sore mouth cry out in tears.

“Na… Na Ken mentor? You… what are you doing here?” Lin Ke grabbed his dizzy head, nervously looking at Na Ken.

“What did you say?” Na Ken looked at Lin Ke with astonishment. It was as if Lin Ke just discovered his existence at this moment.

How is that possible?

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