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Chapter 407

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On the summit of Mount Ku Luo, a small and furry little thing was struggling to move its tiny wing that could easily be overlooked. It was very close to hitting the ground. It flopped continuously as it rigidly advanced towards Vermillion Bird who had a stiff face.


"Chirp~ Chirp ~" At last, it finally reached Vermillion Bird. The little Phoenix tweeted lively as it threw itself on Vermillion Bird’s paw. Furthermore, using its hands and feet, it climbed up to attach itself more to Vermillion Bird’s body and little by little, it shifted further in.


The other magical beasts present at that scene were shocked as they watched the little guy slowly move and climb over Vermillion Bird’s head. After climbing up his head, it immediately plunged straight into Vermillion Bird’s feathers, and then shook its body as it tried to find the most comfortable place to rest down.


The two Phoenixes were completely speechless.


What was going on?


How was their own child so close to the enemy? Did it not remember at all that it was previously thrown out by him?


Seeing their own newborn child being so intimate with others made its parents very jealous.


They also wanted their child to be intimate with them.


Vermillion Bird was also very depressed. Just where did this little Phoenix’s big courage come from that it would be so intimate with him, not even noticing that the way its parents looked at himself could directly burn him to ashes?


"Chirp~!" The Little Phoenix knew nothing of the hearts of the three Mythological Beasts. All it knew was that it felt sleepy when he was near Vermillion Bird, feeling comfortable from the familiar fire elements it had.


Now, the situation had become very strange. Beside the already tense up atmosphere, the noisy little Phoenix was also acting a bit strange.


The two Phoenixes weren’t afraid of Vermillion Bird, but that didn’t mean they weren’t afraid of Xiu.


They knew that they were not Xiu’s opponents, and so they didn’t want to fight with him. Now, their own child was even in the hands of others, so how could they still fight? 

They couldn’t bear to look at their own kid’s eagerness.


Vermillion Bird didn’t have any temper when it came to this little Phoenix. Just because he was defeated by his parents didn’t mean that he could not vent his frustration at this little thing.


But he was a very principled Mythological Beast!


The two sides didn’t make any moves. Only the little Phoenix’s lively tweets could be heard.


These two Phoenixes stupidly looked again. They were afraid that their child thought of Vermillion Bird as its own family, and this naturally made them, the two authentic parents, feel sad!  


This scene looked as if there wouldn’t be any attack.


Xiu knew that these two Phoenixes would not strike again. So he immediately placed Shen Yanxiao under Vermillion Bird’s wings before his figure gradually turned to light and slowly went back into her body.


Right after Xiu had left, all the creatures currently in Mount Ku Luo felt greatly relieved. They felt that the intense pressure they had felt earlier finally disappeared.


Shen Yanxiao's pain also subsided. She touched her chest which  finally returned to normal. All the discomfort she felt before felt just as if it were an imagination.


Were all these because of Xiu?


Shen Yanxiao frowned in contemplation. This was the first time she experienced Xiu’s powerful strength, and she finally realized how tyrannical the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal in her own body was to even confine Xiu, a powerful being. So that’s why she couldn’t untie the seal all at once.


But for now, Shen Yanxiao stopped thinking about it as she stood up and looked at the two Phoenixes.


Vermillion Bird was the one who attracted this trouble; nevertheless, this still needed to be settled down in the end. After being surprised and intimidated by Xiu, she believed that these two Phoenixes would not attack anymore.

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