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Chapter 11

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After chasing Li Yaoyao and Yi Tian away, Xue Fanxin continued to eat her drumsticks and enjoy her delicious food.

Xue Batian was not in a good mood at all, but when he saw that Xue Fanxin was still so happy, he was very puzzled. “Little Xin’er, aren’t you angry? Li Yaoyao almost killed you, and Yi Tian treated you like this because of her. Aren’t you angry at all?”

“Why should I be angry?”

“Shouldn’t you be angry?”

“Grandpa, scum like them aren’t worth wasting our time. Look at you. Your neck is swollen from anger. The gains don’t make up for the losses. My good grandpa, it’s not over yet. Just wait and see.”

When Xue Batian saw that naughty smile on Xue Fanxin’s face, he shuddered, feeling a chill run down his spine.

When did this little girl become as cunning and treacherous as a fox?

“Grandpa, don’t think too much, especially about those unhappy things. You must not overthink. It will hurt your body. Anyway, after eating and drinking my fill, I want to go back and have a good sleep.” Xue Fanxin stretched lazily and walked towards her room according to the memories in her mind.

Although this body was not hers, she felt very comfortable in it as if it had been hers all along.

After going through so much today, she was exhausted. She had to sleep, or she wouldn’t have the energy to fight with a white lotus.

Li Yaoyao didn’t know how she had returned to her room, but her expression was still ugly.

Seeing Li Yaoyao return like this, Xiao Tao knew that something was wrong. She asked anxiously, “Miss, what’s wrong?”

“Xiao Tao, pack up. We’re leaving the Duke’s estate,” Li Yaoyao said weakly. Upon returning to her room, she sat on a stool, looking listless.

“Miss, could it be that Xue Fanxin really told the Duke what happened today?”

“Yes, she did. That’s why I was kicked out of the Duke’s estate by him.”

“What? Kicked out of the Duke’s Estate? Miss, if we leave, we won’t have anywhere to go! We don’t know anyone else in the Imperial City. We’ll have to sleep on the streets.” Xiao Tao was anxious, not just for Li Yaoyao but also for herself. Although she was only a maidservant, she did not want to become a beggar sleeping on the streets.

“With Yi Tian around, our situation shouldn’t be too bad.” Li Yaoyao tried her best to adjust her emotions, but once she calmed down, her intense hatred also followed.

She really wanted to tear Xue Fanxin into pieces.

“That’s right. There’s Young Master Yi Tian! Young Master Yi Tian likes you so much that he definitely won’t let you sleep on the streets. Thank god, you still have Young Master Yi Tian.”

At the mention of Yi Tian, Li Yaoyao’s face was filled with disdain and contempt. The anger in her heart was too intense, causing her to reveal some of the secrets buried in her heart. “Hmph, Yi Tian is only a guard who has nothing. What future do I have by following him? Back then, if it wasn’t for the fact that he still had a little value, I wouldn’t have bothered wasting my effort on him.”

At this moment, Yi Tian happened to be looking for Li Yaoyao. When he reached the door, he heard her and immediately stopped in his tracks. With his heart in his throat, he began eavesdropping.

Li Yaoyao’s words earlier were already enough to shock him, but he had never expected to hear what happened next. It made him even more shocked..

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