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Chapter 141: The Bottom Line

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In the magnificent inner courtyard of the Imperial Palace, Ye Jiushang was playing chess with a middle-aged man. The atmosphere between the two was a little strange.

“Jiushang, are you serious about that Ninth Imperial Consort?” The emperor of the Heavenly Saints Empire, Heavenly Saints Emperor, placed down a black piece. Although he was playing chess, he was more focused on Ye Jiushang.

“The emperor shouldn’t interfere in my business,” Ye Jiushang said coldly as he placed a white piece down. His tone revealed a warning.

How could the emperor not know what Ye Jiushang meant? Initially, he wanted to lay down another piece, but he was frightened and almost made a fool of himself in his panic. After making some adjustments, he said apologetically, “Jiushang is talking about Draconic Lotus? This matter is indeed my fault. I have already investigated clearly. The reason why Draconic Lotus was leaked is that I was drunk a few days ago and accidentally revealed it to the concubines. This matter has been spreading around in circles and Su Baifeng found out, so…”

“Then how does the emperor intend to deal with it?”


“Can’t bear to part with your beloved consort?”

“Jiushang, for my sake, can you overlook this matter?” The emperor lowered his attitude. Even if he was a thousand or ten thousand times unwilling, he had to beg Ye Jiushang.

Ye Jiushang smiled coldly. With a chess piece in hand, he looked at the chessboard and said, “Over the years, I have never interfered in anything. However, some people just don’t want me to lead a peaceful life. Do you think I’m someone easy to manipulate?”

“Well, Jiushang, I will definitely warn those people properly about this and let them… restrain themselves a little, so can you…”

“Your Majesty, I returned this time to teach those people a lesson. If they really restrain themselves, I will act appropriately. Otherwise… you should know my temper. If not for you, they would already be dead.”

“Alright, I’ll definitely chastise them.”

“Also, take care of those women in your harem. Don’t you dare let them set their sights on my consort; she’s my bottom line. Provoking her will have even more serious consequences than provoking me.” Ye Jiushang no longer wasted his breath on the emperor. He placed a piece on the board and left. His arrogant and domineering aura completely suppressed the emperor.

The mighty sovereign of the Heavenly Saints Empire was like an ant in front of the Imperial Uncle, Ye Jiushang.

The emperor looked at the chessboard, where he had already lost. He sat there without moving, and cold sweat dripped from his forehead. He could only relax after Ye Jiushang walked far away from him, taking a long time to recover.

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Everyone thought that he, the emperor, was the most supreme being in the Heavenly Saints Empire. No one knew that Ye Jiushang, the Ninth Lord, the Ninth Imperial Uncle, was the true supreme being. If Ye Jiushang wanted to destroy the Heavenly Saints Empire, it would be extremely easy.

Fortunately, Ye Jiushang was not in the Heavenly Saints Empire all year round. There were very few people who had conflicts of interest with him. Even if there were, there was nothing they could do about him. If not for that idiot Su Baifeng causing trouble, the matter would not have become so serious.

This whole incident had angered Ye Jiushang. He could already imagine the commotion that would arise in the Heavenly Saints Empire next.

However, this was all his fault. If he had kept his mouth shut, the secret of the Draconic Lotus Intoxication wouldn’t have been revealed.

The more the emperor thought about it, the more displeased he became. He had suffered at Ye Jiushang’s hands and had to vent it out on someone else. “Someone, pass my decree that Consort Su is grounded for two months..”

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