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Chapter 151: Settle It Herself

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Xue Fanxin knew that with Miss Lian’s temper, she would definitely find trouble with her. Furthermore, her temper was even more explosive than Lian Bingyu’s. If things went wrong, the two of them would become enemies.

It didn’t matter, though. At most, she could scam some money from Young Miss Lian. Anyway, it was only five stalks of the Star Spirit Grass.

Young Miss Lian sized up Xue Fanxin. Although the girl was beautiful, she could tell from her clothes that she was an ordinary person, so she did not take her seriously. “You must have bought all the Star Spirit Grass, right? Bring out five. I can forgive what happened today, or don’t blame me for being

impolite. In Heavenly Saints City, no matter who it is, offending the Lian family will not bode well for them.”

“Is the Lian family rich?” Xue Fanxin had a pure smile on her face. The question she asked was completely unrelated, making everyone confused.

Young Miss Lian was stunned. She did not understand why the girl had asked such a question, but the always arrogant her enjoyed showing off in front of others. “Although the Lian family is not as rich as the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, as a vassal family of the Blue Sea Villa, we are doing

alright. Why are you asking?”

“Since the Lian family is so rich, buying five stalks of the Star Spirit Grass shouldn’t be difficult, right? I’m willing to take them out, but the price is different from that of the Ten Thousand Medicines Pavilion. Every stalk of the Star Spirit Grass is ten thousand spirit coins. I wonder if Young Miss Lian can

buy it?”

“Little girl, do you know the consequences of extorting my Lian family? One stalk of the Star Spirit Grass is only a few hundred spirit coins, but you want to take 10,000 from me? Are you tired of living?”

“Why must you be so angry, Young Miss Lian? This deal depends on the voluntary principle. We’re both willing parties. I’ve named the price. If you’re not satisfied, you can choose not to buy. Could it be that you want to forcefully buy it from me?”

“So what if I’m forcing you?”

“So the Lian family likes to buy and sell by force!”

At this moment, quite a few onlookers had already gathered outside the Ten Thousand Medicines Pavilion. Everyone had seen what had just happened clearly and was pointing at Miss Lian’s actions.

“The Lian family is indeed the same. They all like to take advantage of their status to bully others. Now, they have even resorted to doing things like forcefully buying and selling, In the future, they might just directly snatch others’ stuff.”

“After all, the Lian family is big and powerful! They even have the backing of the Blue Sea Villa. Who dares to offend them?”

“That’s true. With the Blue Sea Villa behind them, even if the Lian family committed murder and arson, no one would dare to criticize them.”

Young Miss Lian had not expected such a small matter like buying medicine to develop into this. However, she did not care. The Lian family was a vassal of the Blue Sea Villa, and offending them was tantamount to offending the Blue Sea Villa. Nothing would happen even if she poked a hole in Heavenly

Saints City.

“Little girl, if you know what’s good for you, take out the Star Spirit Grass and hand it to me obediently. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you have no place in Heavenly Saints City.”

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“can also give you five stalks of the Star Spirit Grass. As long as you can prove that the Lian family doesn’t have to abide by the rules in the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, I’ll hand over the Star Spirit Grass with both hands and won’t take a single cent.” Xue Fanxin cleverly shifted her conflict with

Young Miss Lian to the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

With her current ability, she had no chance of winning against the Lian family unless she pulled Ah Jiu out as a shield. However, she did not want to rely on him. Furthermore, this was trouble she had caused, so she should resolve it herself.

There were many rules in the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. Apart from not being able to fight indiscriminately, they weren’t allowed to cause trouble either.

Young Miss Lian’s actions today were clearly going against the rules of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. However, if they did not come out to deal with it, then she had to think carefully about how to deal with this matter.

Just as Xue Fanxin finished speaking, a voice sounded from the crowd outside.

“Someone, throw the person who is causing trouble out of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. If the Lian family dares to cause trouble in the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company again, we don’t have to do business with them anymore..”

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