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Chapter 16

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Li Yaoyao waited for an entire day, but Yi Tian did not come to look for her. She sent Xiao Tao out to ask around. Only then did she find out that he had left the Duke’s estate early and was missing. In a moment of desperation, she wanted to act pitiful to continue staying here.

It was impossible for Yi Tian to abandon her and leave Duke’s Estate alone. Something must have happened that she did not know about, so Yi Tian had not come to look for her.

No matter what happened, without Yi Tian, she would definitely be in a terrible state if she left the Duke’s estate. She would probably starve to death on the streets in a few days. Hence, no matter what, before she saw Yi Tian, she had to think of a way to stay here.

Li Yaoyao hanged herself in the middle of the night. After being saved by her maidservant, Xiao Tao, she cried pitifully, waking up the surrounding people and even startling Xue Batian.

Although Xue Batian did not like Li Yaoyao and had even driven her out, he was still an elder who had a soft heart. When he thought of her pitiful background and how she had hung herself, his heart melted. The thought of kicking her out was no longer as strong.

“Why must you do this? Since you and Yi Tian like each other, isn’t marrying him what you want? I’ve already fulfilled your wishes, yet you’re still making a fuss. What exactly do you want?”

Xue Batian, who had spent a lot of time on the battlefield, did not know much about the hidden battles between women. At this moment, he could not tell that Li Yaoyao was just acting and did not intend to really commit suicide.

“Duke, Yaoyao has no parents and no home to return to. After leaving the Duke’s estate, I really don’t know where I can go. Yi Tian said that he would take me away, but he suddenly disappeared. I don’t have a choice. I have nowhere to go.” Li Yaoyao had a white scarf around her neck as she knelt in front of Xue Batian and cried pitifully. She looked really miserable.

Many people were deceived by Li Yaoyao’s pitiful and weak appearance, thinking that she had been bullied in the Duke’s estate.

Li Yaoyao was very good at judging the situation and knew how to make use of it. She could tell that Xue Batian’s heart had softened. Coupled with the fact that there were quite a few people around, she put in even more effort to act. “Duke, as long as you don’t drive me out, I can do anything you want me to! I can give up on Yi Tian and give him to my younger cousin. I can become a slave in the Duke’s estate. I only hope that you won’t drive me away.

“If I leave, I really won’t be able to live. I’m begging you, Duke.”

Seeing Li Yaoyao crying so pitifully, Xue Batian’s heart softened even more.

When the crowd heard Li Yaoyao’s words, they felt pity for her. At the same time, they made wild guesses, thinking that the reason Li Yaoyao was in such a bad state was that Xue Fanxin was deliberately making things difficult for her.

Xue Fanxin knew that Li Yaoyao was causing trouble, so she came to take a look and see what kind of trouble she could cause. After arriving at the scene, she happened to hear Li Yaoyao’s last words. She sneered and walked forward, saying domineeringly, “Since you want to stay in the Duke’s estate so much, I’ll fulfill your wish. Butler, from today onwards, the entire estate will be up to her to clean. If she can’t finish cleaning, or if it’s not clean enough, don’t let her eat.”

“You…” Li Yaoyao had said that she would become a slave in the Duke’s estate if asked, but she had never had such thoughts. It was just something to say to make herself sound more pitiful.

However, Xue Fanxin had asked her to clean the entire Duke’s estate.. How could she actually bear being treated like a servant?

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