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Chapter 173: Honest (2)

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Hearing Ye Jiushang say that he had approached her because she was a tool for him to transcend his tribulation, she felt unhappy. She only felt better after hearing the second half of his sentence.

But she understood that people needed time to get to know each other. Only then could feelings be nurtured.

How could there be so many instances of love at first sight in this world?

“Although I am displeased that you treated me as a tool for transcending the tribulation in the beginning, seeing that you have helped me so much, I’ll reluctantly forgive you.”

“Yes, yes, yes. All of this is my fault.” Ye Jiushang would give in and dote on Xue Fanxin when it came to small things, but not big things. When he thought of the hardships and dangers in the future, he hesitated. “Xin’er, being with me will probably be dangerous. Are you afraid? If you are, I can let you go.

After all—”

“shut up! What do you mean by letting me go? You were the one who said you wanted to be together, and now you want to let go. Why should you be the one calling the shots?” Xue Fanxin scolded angrily, but there was no anger in her words. All she had was her care and determination. “Ah Jiu, you have to

remember one thing, If you don’t leave me, I will stay by your side forever.”

If you don’t leave me, I will stay by your side forever… These words shocked Ye Jiushang, and his heart beat rapidly. He felt like something important had rushed into the depths of his heart, taking root there.

Xue Fanxin pounced into Ye Jiushang’s arms again and hugged him tightly. She said with deep emotions, “Ah Jiu, as long as you don’t abandon me, I’ll always be with you. I’m not afraid of any calamity that will lead to death. Furthermore, I have endless troubles by my side. I’m a troublesome person, to

begin with. Perhaps my calamity is even bigger than yours!”

“Little Xin’er, you have a magical power that can affect my mood and state of mind.” Ye Jiushang dropped the idea of breaking up. Instead, he made up his mind that he would walk with Little Xin’er in the future.

He wanted to see how ferocious those so-called calamities were.

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“Of course. I’m the one and only Xue Fanxin. Ah Jiu, actually, I have a secret too. Initially, I didn’t want to tell you, but I think that if two people are together, they should understand each other a little more. If you know this secret, you might be able to understand me more.”

“What secret?”

“The past Xue Fanxin and the current Xue Fanxin can be said to be one or two people. We are independent existences, but we are also one whole.”

“What do you mean?” Ye Jiushang felt that what Xue Fanxin was talking about was even more difficult to understand than his Star Divination Technique. There was only confusion on his face.

Based on the depths of his knowledge, there was actually something he did not know. Little Xin‘er’s secret was indeed extraordinary.

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“Idon’t know how to explain it either. According to the letter my father left behind, my soul was separated into two parts. One part was left in the Duke’s Estate of the Nanling Empire to grow up with the real body. As for the other part, my soul was sent far, far away to become another person. One soul,

two people. Two lives, two personalities. And now, they have merged together.”

“You mean the Spirit Dividing Art?”

“I don’t know if it’s the Spirit Dividing Art. Anyway, this is what happened. Not long ago, when I was pushed down the cliff by Li Yaoyao, the original Xue Fanxin had died. It was only the return of her soul in another place that allowed her to come back to life, and the soul that returned was me.”

“Troughly know what’s going on now.”

“You understand? Then what exactly is going on? Tell me. Actually, I still don’t get what’s happening with me.” Xue Fanxin was like a curious baby and kept staring at Ye Jiushang, waiting for him to clear her doubts.

Her Ah Jiu was indeed omnipotent and knew everything!

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