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Chapter 361: : Siblings

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Yi Fentian’s departure did not cause much of a stir. The people from the other three families were busy enjoying themselves. Even if a few people had noticed him, they did not care.

However, Xue Hanxi paid special attention to Yi Fentian. After he left, he came to Xue Fanxin and reminded her with concern, “Yi Fentian hates you and will definitely cause trouble for you in the future. You have to be on the lookout.”

“He’s just an ungrateful clown. I can handle him,” Xue Fanxin replied politely, her attitude towards Xue Hanxi quite friendly.

“I believe you have the ability. Thank you very much for this time. If not for you and your companions, we don’t know how long we would have been trapped in that place. I was the one who was there the longest. Although it’s only been a month outside, I’ve spent more than a year. It’s really long.”

“Didn’t you save me too? You don’t have to be so polite. No matter what, we’re related by blood.”

“Yes, we are related by blood. You’re my younger sister from the same clan.” Xue Hanxi was so happy that his face was filled with a smile. It was a smile that came from the bottom of his heart and was incomparably sincere.

“It’s not easy to be my brother. You might be scammed by me at any time. Are you prepared?” Xue Fanxin teased.

Those who could be teased by her were equivalent to obtaining her affirmation and acceptance.

Xue Hanxi naturally could hear the true meaning in Xue Fanxin’s words. He smiled gently and said, “Alright, I’ll wait for you, my younger sister, to come and scam me.”

“Who would look forward to being scammed so much?”

“That depends on who the scammer is. Alright, I’ll end the chat here. I’ve left for so long; there must be some trouble in the family waiting for me to deal with. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely get the Xue family to give you an explanation about the ban.” Xue Hanxi left with his subordinates after giving Xue Fanxin his word.

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Then, Lian Fangcheng and Bai Han also came to thank Xue Fanxin. Although these two left with heavy emotions, there were no grudges, unlike Yi Fentian, who was filled with resentment.

Everyone had left, except for one person.

Xiao Muyan stood there in a sorry state. He walked up to Xue Fanxin and asked solemnly, “You haven’t told me what the acupuncture technique you used is. Also, where did that pill come from?”

Xue Fanxin did not expect Xiao Muyan to still be stuck on her acupuncture technique and pills. His clothes were dirty and torn, and his hair was in a mess. How was he still the young master he used to be?

When ordinary people reached such a situation, the first thing they cared about would be themselves. However, this Xiao Muyan was a weirdo. After surviving a calamity, he did not find a place to refreshen himself like others. Instead, he ran over to ask things that he should not have asked. Didn’t he know that those mysterious needle techniques were not to be taught to outsiders?

“Young Master Xiao, give me a reason to tell you what that acupuncture technique is. Have you seen anyone who will casually tell others about their family’s secrets?”

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“I must know what that acupuncture technique is, so you must tell me.” Xiao Muyan was very domineering.

“Must? Why should I?”


“Because you’re from that Blue Sea Villa? I’m sorry, but I don’t care. Get lost now.”

“You…” Xiao Muyan could not win against Xue Fanxin, but he was unwilling to give up. Hence, he turned his attention to Gu Jinyuan. “Gu Jinyuan, I want you to help me settle this matter. Otherwise, the Blue Sea Villa will no longer provide medicinal pills to the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. ”

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