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Chapter 380: Ask Her Yourself

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Xue Fanxin knew how heaven-defying the Reverse Spirit Art was. Without it, it would have been very difficult to injure Su Baifeng. She had to practice it well.

If the first tier of the Reverse Spirit Art was already so powerful, wouldn’t the second tier be even more so?

She naturally had to prioritize it. Perhaps she could become stronger soon.

As her enemies improved, how could she not become stronger? Otherwise, she would only be destroyed.

Cultivation was endless, especially for someone like Xue Fanxin, who would forget everything once she started cultivating.

Two days passed, but there was still no movement from Xue Fanxin’s side. The people waiting outside became more and more anxious. In the end, they couldn’t help but enter her room. There was no one inside.

“Where did she go? Where did she go?” Xue Batian was the most anxious one, almost going crazy.

Little Lei was least worried. He looked like he was used to it. Seeing Xue Batian pacing around the room, he said speechlessly, “She’s just hiding in her space. What’s there to be shocked about?”

“Space? What space?”

“It’s…” Little Lei did not know how to explain it. Although he knew about Xue Fanxin’s space, others did not. How could he casually reveal her secret?

Even he did not have a treasure like the portable space. It was incomparably precious. Once the word spread, the world would fight over it. That idiot would be in a lot of trouble.

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Zhuri and Fuyun did not know about the existence of the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel’s space either. They only knew that Xue Fanxin had a treasure with her. When Little Lei mentioned some space, they were also confused. But they recognized the severity of the matter, so they did not inquire further.

Sometimes, it was better to be ignorant. Not knowing was not necessarily a bad thing.

Xue Batian did not care about this. All he wanted to know was where his precious granddaughter had gone. “What is it? Little Lei, quickly tell me. I’m dying of anxiety.”

“Aiya… You can ask her yourself when she comes out,” Little Lei said irritably. Feeling that he could not handle Xue Batian, he shouted, “Girl, come out quickly. Your grandfather is going to go crazy from anxiety.”

Xue Fanxin was cultivating in the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space and was in a mysterious state. Her comprehension of the Reverse Spirit Art had reached a certain level, and she had also grasped the Heart Cleansing Incantation. When the two were combined, she could sense the changes in her body. Her meridians had widened, and the spirit energy in her dantian was incomparably abundant. There were faint signs of a breakthrough.

She wanted to break through in one fell swoop and advance to the Spirit Transformation Realm. Unexpectedly, at the critical moment, she was disturbed by Little Lei. That feeling of advancement vanished. In the end, her cultivation level was still stuck at the peak of the Spirit Refining Realm, just a little shy of the Spirit Transformation Realm.

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This damned Little Lei. She would go out and beat him up.

Xue Fanxin did not notice the situation outside the space. Annoyed, she started scolding immediately after coming out. “What are you arguing about? Didn’t I tell you not to disturb me? I’m telling you…”

Midway, she realized there were many people in the room. Everyone was looking at her strangely.

Oh no, she had appeared out of thin air. She must have frightened them, right?

How could she explain it?

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