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Chapter 396: What Happened Back Then (1)

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Su Wanlian naturally knew that the four great clans were giving Xue Fanxin a gift today. It infuriated her. She stomped over to Xue Lianfeng, asking for an explanation, and even brought up what had happened back then.

“Xue Lianfeng, don’t forget that you were chosen by me because you promised me that you would let me obtain everything I wanted in the Xue family. To secure the position of the family head, you used me to drive Xue Liantian out of the Xue family. If not for me, do you think you could have become the Xue family head? Back then, the person the Old Master liked was Xue Liantian, not you.”

“What do you want?” Xue Lianfeng looked at the woman coldly. Although she had taken extremely good care of herself and looked young and beautiful even though she was almost a hundred years old, for some reason, he had an indescribable hatred for her.

As long as he saw her, he would be reminded of the events back then, that unbearable past.

“I want you to kill Xue Fanxin and save my nephew. Xue Lianfeng, if you don’t agree, I’ll announce what you did to the world tomorrow, telling them that you killed the Old Master. Don’t think I don’t know that you secretly put a slow poison in the Old Master’s tea; that’s why he died so early. If Xue Liantian finds out about this, do you think he’ll let you off?”

Xue Lianfeng was originally only cold to Su Wanlian, but now, killing intent rose in him. “Do you think you’re still the same Su Wanlian from back then? Do you know why I haven’t let my family have any close contact with the Prime Minister’s Estate all these years? Do you know why your meddling with Hanxi’s marriage fell through?”

The Xue Lianfeng in front of Su Wanlian suddenly looked terrifying. She felt waves of panic in her heart and said nervously, “What… What do you mean?”

“Hmph, I know very well what kind of women come from your Prime Minister’s Estate. That Su Baifeng is just like you. She looks beautiful on the surface, but she’s actually ruthless. I definitely won’t let the men of the Xue family marry the women of your Prime Minister’s Estate. Hanxi is the heir I chose, and I won’t let you destroy him. As for what happened back then, go ahead and tell if you want. It’s already been decades, so it doesn’t matter. If you have evidence for the Old Master, go ahead and say it too. If you don’t, be careful not to get yourself into trouble. Su Wanlian, what do you think will happen if I tie you up in front of Xue Fanxin and apologize like Yi Qingshan?”

“Xue Lianfeng, you can’t do this to me.”

“Really? Su Wanlian, look at Su Baifeng. She has a bad reputation and is hated by everyone, like a rat crossing the street. I heard that Su Baifeng captured quite a few doctors recently. Although there’s no evidence yet, there’s no smoke without fire. Do you think you can hide those dirty things in your Prime Minister’s Estate for long? If you want to accompany Su Baifeng, I can fulfill your wish.”

“You… You can’t do this to me. Back then…”

“Don’t mention the past to me. A fly can’t bite a seamless egg. You and I are about the same. If you really expose what happened in the past, you’ll be even more miserable than me.”

Back then, he and Xue Liantian both pursued Su Wanlian. She had wavered between the two and even greedily wanted to obtain benefits from both of them. In the end, he used a little trick to force her to make a choice.

With Xue Liantian’s intelligence, he must have known what he had done back then. It did not matter if they hid it.

However, Xue Liantian could not know the truth about the Old Master’s death.

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