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Chapter 410: The Three Major Sects

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The coachman’s eyes were red with anxiety, and he was so angry that he had lost his mind. He did not care who the person in front of him was. Every whip landed on someone, but this time, not only did he not hit anyone, but the whip also got stuck.

It was impossible for Xue Fanxin to stand still and take a beating. When the whip was about to hit her, she reached out and caught it. She pulled it with a little force, preventing the coachman from taking it back. She coldly looked at the man.

“Little slut, how dare you hold on to my whip? Are you courting death?” The coachman was waving his whip around randomly. Only when he realized that it did not budge did he look up. He saw a beautiful little girl holding onto his whip and not letting go, so he warned her angrily.

If not for the fact that this little girl was beautiful and wore a white dress like a fairy, he would have whipped her a second time.

He actually could not bear to hit such a beautiful person. He wanted to dote on her.

“I think you’re the one looking for death.” Xue Fanxin could not stand such an arrogant and domineering person the most. She did not want to stick her nose in other people’s affairs, but this busybody had come knocking on her door. She had to interfere even if she did not want to.

The coachman’s mood also worsened. He used a little more force, planning to take the whip back. “Little slut, you’re courting death…”

His few tries resulted in failure. Even if he used all his strength, he could not do it. He finally realized that the other party was not a pushover.

Yet, he had no intention of showing weakness. He still warned arrogantly, “Little slut, let go, or the consequences will be dire. If you offend the Flowing Cloud Sect, even if you are a relative of the Heavenly Saints Emperor, you will die without a burial place.”

“What’s the Flowing Cloud Sect?” Xue Fanxin asked in confusion.

Fuyun, who was standing by the side, replied, “Your Highness, the Flowing Cloud Sect is one of the three great sects in the Tongxuan Realm, along with the Heavenly Spirit Sect and the Flying Dragon Sect. They venture out every ten years to recruit new disciples. Calculating the time, the ten years are almost up.”

“What three great sects? They’re nobodies,” Little Lei said disdainfully. He did not control his volume, so everyone around could hear him.

The coachman was infuriated. “Rascal, how dare you slander my Flowing Cloud Sect? Are you tired of living?”

Little Lei rolled his eyes at the coachman. “Tch, it’s a small sect to begin with. I didn’t say anything wrong. How is that slandering your Flowing Cloud Sect?”

“You dare say that my Flowing Cloud Sect is a small place? I think you’re tired of living. And you, little slut, wait for your death. You must have caused the unicorn to lose control. I’ll definitely report this to the higher-ups. When the time comes, you’ll suffer.” The coachman was worried about not being able to find a scapegoat, but now, he had found one.

The unicorn had lost control and was now missing. When he returned, he would definitely be punished. If he pushed this matter to others, the punishment he would receive would be much lighter.

Yes, he would do that.

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