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Chapter 411: Another One

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Xue Fanxin had not expected the coachman to be so shameless. In a rage, she casually snatched the whip from him and whipped him ruthlessly. “How dare you to talk nonsense. How dare you find a scapegoat. How dare you bully others.”

“Ah…” The coachman screamed in pain from the whip and kept rolling on the ground. Only now did he realize how painful it was to be whipped.

“Does it hurt a lot? When you were whipping others just now, did you think about how much pain they were in?” Xue Fanxin did not stop and whipped the coachman a few more times.

This damned coachman wanted to blame them for the unicorn losing control and escaping. He was simply pushing the blame on them.

Since you’re heartless, don’t blame me for responding in kind.

“I’m from the Flowing Cloud Sect. How dare you… How dare you… Ah…” Even though the coachman was being whipped, he was still parading his identity. He tried to scare them with his sect, but he did not know that the more he was like this, the more he would get beaten.

“Flowing Cloud Sect, Flowing Cloud Sect, Flowing Cloud Sect…” When Xue Fanxin heard the coachman’s words, she was even more enraged. She increased her strength and whipped him a few more times.

The surrounding crowd watched the coachman get beaten. They expressed sympathy for him but were gloating at the same time.

This idiot could have offended anyone, but he had to offend the Ninth Consort, who was famous for being violent. Didn’t he know that the Ninth Consort was now an influential person in Heavenly Saints City?

However, on careful thought, it made sense. The people from the three great sects had always been arrogant. Every time they came to recruit new disciples, they would cause trouble openly. Whoever was unlucky enough to provoke them would be skinned alive even if they did not die.

They did not know who was stronger between the Flowing Cloud Sect and the Ninth Imperial Consort of the Ninth Lord’s Estate.

Their Ninth Consort was not someone to be trifled with. Her power was famous. Even the four great clans were afraid of her and went to give her gifts together. The Yi family head even tied up his son to apologize to her and beg for her forgiveness… In short, there were many things about the Ninth Consort that had spread throughout Heavenly Saints City.

They were looking forward to the exciting scene after the Ninth Imperial Consort faced off against the Flowing Cloud Sect.

“Stop, stop, stop. My senior brother is coming. If you don’t stop, he will definitely… Ah…” The coachman screamed. His arrogance had been beaten away little by little. At this moment, his heart was filled with panic. He suddenly regretted provoking this beautiful girl.

“So what if your senior brother is here?” Xue Fanxin originally wanted to stop, but the coachman’s words had displeased her. She planned to whip him a few more times.

Right then, a sword aura slashed at her. If she had not dodged in time, she would have been struck.

A man in a white and blue mystic robe descended from the sky. After landing elegantly, he got into position. While the surrounding people revealed admiration for him, he looked at Xue Fanxin and questioned, “Miss, why are you bullying someone from my Flowing Cloud Sect?”

“Your Flowing Cloud Sect bullied me, but can’t I bully back? Or is it that only your Flowing Cloud Sect can bully others?” Xue Fanxin retorted sarcastically, sneering in her heart. Another self-righteous guy had come.

She really could not understand these people. All of them were so full of themselves. Where did they get their sense of superiority from?

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