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Chapter 430: Butterfly Dance Flying Flowers

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Although Su Baifeng was in a state of madness, she could still sense the horror of Xue Fanxin’s move. At the moment of life and death, the first thing she thought of was how to protect her life.

But this move was too powerful. Before it was even unleashed, she felt her body get locked by an invisible force, restraining her movements. She could only watch helplessly as the terrifying killing move came for her.

“No…” Su Baifeng was frightened. She knew that if she got hit, she would die. In a moment of desperation, she could only seek help from the vengeful spirit. “Save me. Save me. If I die, your vitality will also be greatly damaged, right?

“Save me, save me…”

The vengeful spirit did not respond. Even if Su Baifeng was going to die, he did not care.

Back then, if Su Baifeng’s resentment hadn’t been strong enough, he would never have chosen her as his host. Who knew that this woman only had powerful resentment without any brain?

Anyway, he had already left that damned place. It was not difficult for him to find a new host. He would rather spend his energy finding the next host than save this idiot.

“Quickly save me. No…” Despite repeated calls, the vengeful spirit did not come. She was even more panicked. Seeing that Xue Fanxin’s terrifying killing move was about to hit her, the fear she had before death reached the extreme. She forgot everything, including her resistance.

Was she really going to die like this?

She didn’t want to accept it. She did not want to die.

When Xue Fanxin used that killer move, she realized that the vengeful spirit in Su Baifeng’s body had yet to come out. She was secretly delighted. She could finally kill her for good.

Right then, countless petals flew over from the sky. Every petal was like a sharp blade, carrying powerful energy as they dissolved more than half of her attack.

When only half of the power was left in the killer move, a beautiful woman in bewitching clothes descended from the sky and blocked in front of Su Baifeng, condensing a flower-shaped shield. Then, she swept her sleeve and shot out countless petals to counterattack Xue Fanxin.

The sudden situation made Xue Fanxin depressed, but she could not think too much. She had to deal with the counterattack.

Xue Fanxin used the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance again. Countless butterflies resisted the petals, creating a chaotic scene of butterflies dancing and flying. Many butterflies and petals turned into light spots and disappeared during the collision.

In the beginning, the butterflies and the petals could fight evenly, but later, the butterflies slowly fell into a disadvantage.

This meant that the person was far stronger than her.

That damned Su Baifeng. Her luck was too good. There were experts saving her every time. How detestable.

Seeing that Xue Fanxin was unable to withstand her might, the newcomer’s ten fingers formed a seal. She summoned thousands of petals to increase her attack’s intensity. She broke through Xue Fanxin’s butterfly shield in one go and sent her flying.


Xue Fanxin fell a hundred feet away. She spat out a mouthful of blood and could not get up for a while. Lying on the ground, she looked at the woman. “Who are you?”

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