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Chapter 434: I'm Not Afraid

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Xue Fanxin had just finished her advancement, and her aura had yet to stabilize. It was a critical moment for Wan Zhihua to escape with Su Baifeng. If she chased after them, she could stop the duo…

“Little Lei, what’s wrong?” Xue Fanxin gave up her opportunity. She ran toward Little Lei instead. She helped him up and hugged him in her arms, looking at him anxiously. His pulse was beating in disorder, and his body was burning. His body temperature was twice that of an ordinary person.

“I feel so uncomfortable. My body is so hot and painful. Wuwuwu…” Little Lei cried out in pain in Xue Fanxin’s arms, looking very helpless. In the end, he even cried.

How much pain could make the powerful Little Lei cry?

He was now like a child being tortured by illness. He was seeking help and warmth in his parents’ arms. His small hand tightly held onto Xue Fanxin’s clothes as if he was grabbing onto something. He felt happy to be in someone’s embrace.

“It hurts, it hurts, wuwuwu… It hurts, my entire body hurts…”

“Little Lei, don’t be afraid. I’m here!” Xue Fanxin comforted Little Lei as she checked on him. While she was feeling lost, she suddenly noticed that something seemed to have grown out of Little Lei’s neck, like scales…

She remembered that Ah Jiu had said that Little Lei’s father was not a human but an ancient divine beast, the Purple Lightning Divine Dragon. Could it be that his current abnormality was related to the bloodline flowing in his body?

“I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid.” Little Lei kept burrowing into her arms. No matter how painful it was, he was unwilling to leave her.

As long as he had this warm embrace, he was not afraid no matter how painful it was. He was most afraid of being alone. It had hurt in the past, but with his master accompanying him, he was not scared.

Now that his master was not around, his master’s woman was with him, so he was again not afraid.

“I’m here for you!” Xue Fanxin hugged Little Lei and kept comforting him. Then, she gently pulled open the clothes on his neck and realized that faint purple scales had already covered his neck. Although the scales were small and had yet to fully form, one could tell at a glance that they were scales.

If outsiders saw Little Lei like this, they would definitely see him as an anomaly. When that happened, it would be troublesome.

Xue Batian, Zhuri, and Fuyun rushed to the scene. Before they could approach them, Xue Fanxin had already pulled Little Lei’s clothes up and picked him up.

“Grandpa, I’ll leave the rest to you. There’s something wrong with Little Lei. I’m taking him back for treatment.”

She left in a hurry, not giving them a chance to speak. She disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Xue Batian and the others had yet to react and could not figure out what was going on. They only knew that something was wrong with Little Lei.

“What’s wrong with Little Lei?”

In their impression, that youngster was very powerful. No matter what happened, he had the ability to protect himself, and nothing would happen. What was going on now?

Was Little Lei injured?

“Zhuri, you and Fuyun stay here to deal with the aftermath. I’ll go back and take a look.” Xue Batian left the work of cleaning up the mess on them. Before Zhuri and Fuyun could respond, there was no trace of him.

Zhuri and Fuyun looked at each other helplessly.

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