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Chapter 484: : Swore to the Heavens

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Xue Fanxin knew that something had happened to Gu Jinyuan, and he had mostly been punished because of her. No matter what the reason was, she had to see her friend.

At the same time, she also wanted to help him vent his anger.

Be it the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company or the Blue Sea Villa, she would not let anyone who bullied her friends have an easy time.

Gu Jinyuan’s position as the Young Master had been snatched away and he had disappeared after being expelled from the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. No one knew where he had gone as if he had disappeared from the face of the earth.

Xue Fanxin wanted to find Gu Jinyuan as soon as possible. Since she did not have the ability to do so herself, she could only use the power of the Night Shadow Guards, sending out Ye Yi, Ye Er, Ye San, Ye Si, and Ye Wu.

The Night Shadow Guards were very capable. In less than two hours, they found Gu Jinyuan. However, that place was actually a ruined dungeon. He was locked there and was being tortured.

“Gu Jinyuan, I didn’t expect you to have such a day. Haha… I thought you could sit firmly in the position of the Young Master of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company and control it in the future. I didn’t expect you to be so stupid as to go against the Blue Sea Villa. Why don’t you think about it? Without the Blue Sea Villa providing medicinal pills to the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, can you still survive? Do you think you can stop the collaboration just because you say so? You’re only the Young Master, not the owner. You don’t have the right to make decisions for the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.”

A young man in brocade robes was holding a whip and ruthlessly whipping Gu Jinyuan, who was chained to the wall. With every lash, the man laughed wildly in excitement, his smile extremely detestable.

Gu Jinyuan did not say a word or cry out in pain. He endured every whip while glaring at the person. He swore to himself that he would definitely return today’s debt tenfold or a hundredfold in the future.

Wasn’t it just the Young Master of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company? He, Gu Jinyuan, did not care.

The Heavenly Treasure Trading Company had chosen to cooperate with the Blue Sea Villa and go against Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang. They were courting death.

Since they did not believe that Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang had the ability to contend with the Blue Sea Villa, he would let them do as they wished.

“Gu Jinyuan, why don’t you scream a few times? Scream, why don’t you scream!” The man continued to whip Gu Jinyuan. Displeased that Gu Jinyuan did not scream, he whipped him even harder.

However, he did not cry out, only glaring at the guy. He said after a long time, “You won’t be smug for long.”

“Hmph, it’s enough as long as I’m doing better than you. Gu Jinyuan, since you were young, you’ve been better than me in everything. Even if you’re heavily injured and about to die, you’re still the Young Master of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. In order to save you, the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company didn’t hesitate to pay a huge price, but what about me? We have the same blood flowing in our bodies. Why are you better than me in everything? Food, clothes, everything is the best, but I can’t even compare to one percent of you. I can’t be content with this.”

“Gu Jinwei, even if I’m expelled from the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, you will still be a lowly person in the family.”

“Impossible. As long as you’re not around, the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company will sooner or later belong to me, Gu Jinwei. And you can go to hell. Haha…” Gu Jinwei took out his whip and whipped Gu Jinyuan again, each whip stronger than the last. He planned to beat him to death.

Yet, after a long time, not only was Gu Jinyuan not dead, but he did not even make a sound. This made him very depressed.

It was not that Gu Jinyuan did not say a word, but he was enduring. No matter how painful it was, he would bear with it. He did not know how long he could last. Perhaps he would die in the next moment.

He was really unwilling to die like this.

He, Gu Jinyuan, swore to the heavens that if anyone could save his life now, he would definitely do anything for that person in his life and acknowledge him as his master…

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