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Chapter 522: A Devil

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Xue Fanxin did not pity the Heavenly Saints Emperor, nor did Ye Jiushang. He felt quite good watching him being tortured by the Ghost King.

“Xin’er, do you think the Ghost King will kill the Heavenly Saints Emperor?”

“That’s hard to say. Although the Ghost King is ruthless, he is a person who values relationships, evident from how he still hasn’t gotten over his Mother’s death. Such a guy won’t kill his father despite his hatred.”

“You mean the Ghost King won’t kill the Heavenly Saints Emperor?”

“Sometimes, death is not necessarily a bad thing, and living is not necessarily a good thing. The hatred in the Ghost King’s heart is too intense. Even if he doesn’t kill his father, he won’t let him have a good life. The feeling of living a life worse than death is even more terrifying than hell on earth.”

Just as Xue Fanxin had guessed, the Ghost King did not kill the Heavenly Saints Emperor, only torturing him.

“I suddenly feel that letting you die like this is too easy on you. Don’t you care a lot about this throne? Then I’ll snatch it away. As long as it’s something you care about, I’ll either snatch it or destroy it. I won’t leave you anything. Not only that, but I’ll also watch your miserable appearance and make you wish you were dead.”

“You can’t treat me like this. I’m your father. You’re deceiving your master and destroying your ancestors by doing this. The heavens won’t tolerate it.” The Heavenly Saints Emperor endured the intense pain in his body and looked at his son with tear-filled eyes as if he were confronting a demon.

He had always known that the Ghost King was powerful, so he wanted to use him to deal with Ye Jiushang. Even if he could not kill Ye Jiushang, he could at least restrain him a little.

But only now did he realize that the Ghost King was even more terrifying than Ye Jiushang.

If the Heavenly Saints Emperor knew that the person behind this event was Ye Jiushang, would he still think so?


“In the Imperial Family, killing one’s father and son is too common. Since ancient times, countless such things have happened. How many people still care? I know that you have always been using me to deal with Ye Jiushang. In your heart, I am only a tool. You have never treated me as your son, so…”

“What do you want?” When the Heavenly Saints Emperor saw the Ghost King’s sinister smile, he was afraid that he would be stabbed again.

“I’ll make you wish you were dead.” The Ghost King did not want to waste his breath on the Heavenly Saints Emperor anymore. He raised his sword and cut off all the tendons in his hands and feet, making him a cripple. Then, he ordered, “Someone, throw him into the Cold Palace.”

A few people in black walked in and dragged the unconscious Heavenly Saints Emperor out.

The Ghost King walked towards the dragon throne. However, he had no desire to sit down. Instead, he watched it in disgust. Suddenly, he slashed the dragon throne in half with his sword and turned to leave.

He suddenly heard a sound from the roof. Stopping in his tracks, he asked warily, “Who is it?”

“Aiyaya, I’ve been discovered!” Xue Fanxin saw that the Ghost King was about to leave from the roof and deliberately made a sound to stop him. Then, she smashed a huge hole in the roof and jumped down.

Ye Jiushang followed the beauty, also jumping down.

“It’s you.” Although the Ghost King was a little shocked to see the couple, he quickly reacted. His emotions were a little complicated. Especially when he saw Ye Jiushang, his heart was a mess.

The person he once hated the most was not his enemy.

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