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Chapter 543: Helpless

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Apart from her, the only people remaining in her entourage were the maidservants who had scattered the flowers. The others all bled from their seven orifices and died. They did not even have time to scream.

A few were experts in the Spirit Transformation Realm. The strongest was also at the peak of the Spirit Master Realm. This showed the power of the attacker. Just the thought of him being able to silently kill so many experts made her feel afraid.

Looking at corpses on the ground, Hai Lan panicked. Her face was ashen, and her entire body trembled. Her eyes were filled with fear. She felt an aura of death envelop her, making her almost weep.

If she could cry, she would have done it long ago. But she was so scared that she could not even cry. Her legs were trembling, and her heart was filled with regret.

She was only here to look for Gu Jinyuan to annul the engagement. Since that was done, why should she stay?

The more Hai Lan thought about it, the more she freaked out. It was as if a death god was staring at her, ready to take her life at any moment.

She did not want to die. She did not want to die.

At this moment, Hai Lan thought of Gu Jinyuan. She looked at him for help.

Gu Jinyuan knew what Hai Lan meant, but his hands were tied. A certain lord had already taken action. It was useless no matter who came now. Unless Xue Fanxin was willing to let Hai Lan off, she would not be able to escape calamity today.

Hai Lan was anticipating Gu Jinyuan’s help, but there was no sound from him. Instead, a young man mocked, “Aiyoyo, Master has made a move! There’s an idiot who’s going to be unlucky.”

“What… what do you mean?” Hai Lan knew that Gu Jinyuan’s help was out of the picture now. She braced herself and asked. However, her voice was shaking. Anyone could hear her fear.

“What else could it mean? You’ve angered Master. Do you really think that your bullsh*t Hai family is so great? If you anger Master, he can destroy it at any time. Not only did you injure Master’s subordinates today, but you also bullied his woman. You’re on your own.”

“What? Do you want to kill me?”

“What’s so strange about killing you?”

“Don’t go too far.”

“You were clearly the one who bullied us first, okay? You came to our doorstep. Besides, you were the one who attacked first. Now that you can’t win in terms of strength, you’re saying that we’re bullying you instead. Do you have any shame? Didn’t you say that you wanted the lord of the estate to welcome you? He has come to pick you up; are you happy?”

Hai Lan was barely holding on. Hearing Little Lei’s mocking words, she was even more agitated and almost couldn’t sit still.

If the people around her were not dead, she would still have the confidence to shout. But now, with her and a few maidservants, what could she do?

But she could not lower her head. What should she do?

Just as Hai Lan was at a loss, someone came. Someone she thought was her savior.

“Young Master Wuchen, long time no see. How have you been?”

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