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Chapter 598: Taste It First

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“What’s that? It’s so tragic.” Xue Fanxin looked toward the source of the sound curiously. She was still hanging onto Ye Jiushang.

He said unhappily, “It’s just a Bewitching Flower that has developed spirituality. How dare it act presumptuously in front of me? I’ve already killed it.”

Even a Bewitching Flower that had cultivated human form could not make him feel anything. But just now, he had actually been mesmerized and almost could not control his lust. The biggest reason was that his heart yearned to do this, so he fell into the trap.

He did want Xin’er, but he would not allow a flower spirit to do as it pleased.

If he had not resisted his desires and taken Xin’er on the spot, wouldn’t their first time be in such a damned place? He could not permit this.

Their first time had to be beautiful and romantic. Wait, what was he thinking?

Xue Fanxin noticed his changing expression. He was no longer as cold as before, but he looked a little cute like a little boy in love. She could not help but tease him, “Ah Jiu, are you thinking of something bad? Tell me the truth.”

Ye Jiushang turned around and returned the favor. “That’s right. I’m thinking about something bad, about how to fatten you up and eat you.”

Uh… Lord, can you not be so direct?

Actually, it was not a big deal. She had already decided on him.


“Why? Is Little Xin’er thinking about something bad too?” Ye Jiushang continued teasing her.

“Me? You’re the one who’s thinking about something bad. I’m not talking to you anymore,” Xue Fanxin said awkwardly. Her face was as red as an apple, and people could tell what she was thinking at a glance.

“My little consort is so cute when she blushes.”

“I’m not blushing… Mmph…”

Xue Fanxin refused to admit it, but her mouth was ruthlessly sealed. A kiss locked all her words, and she was hugged tightly in a solid embrace.

Although Ye Jiushang had removed the Bewitching Flower’s technique, he himself still yearned to be with Xue Fanxin. Since he could not eat her yet, he would taste her first to satisfy his hunger. He would save the rest for later.

“After we get back, I’ll fatten you up and eat you as soon as possible.”

“Er…” Xue Fanxin was speechless. Her intuition told her that it would not be long before she was eaten up by a certain lord.

Perhaps because they had both decided on each other, she no longer hated being his woman like before.

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you.” Ye Jiushang pinched her neck and returned to his cold expression. He looked ahead. “Let’s continue forward. We should be reaching the depths soon.”

He was certain that the Wood Spirit Heavenly Pearl was hidden in this cave.

It contained pure wood spirit energy and could nourish plants. That was why the vegetation here grew so well and why their vitality was so exuberant.

However, if they wanted to obtain the Wood Spirit Heavenly Pearl, it would depend on fate.

All treasures of the world with spirituality could not be easily used unless they acknowledged the owner.

Xin’er wanted the Wood Spirit Heavenly Pearl. If that pearl was not sensible, he would beat it until it was sensible.

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