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Chapter 669: 669 The Charm of Congee

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669 The Charm of Congee

Heiyao and Heiran were quite fast. Before long, they set up a few large tents.

Xue Fanxin took out kitchenware, cutlery, all kinds of firewood, oil, salt, fruits, vegetables, and fish and started to cook food for everyone.

Seeing so many ingredients, even fresh vegetables, Heiyue and the others were stunned.

The others had the same reaction. They really had not expected this little girl to have brought so much food.

She came prepared. If there was enough water and food, they could survive in such a desert.

“Your Highness, what are you doing?” Heiyue asked nervously. She wanted to say that she shouldn’t waste resources, but nothing came out. She knew that her brothers were already starving.

“Of course, I’m cooking for you! You must be hungry. I’ll make something for everyone. I’ll treat you to a feast in the future,” Xue Fanxin replied as she quickly prepared the ingredients.

Heiyue was a little speechless. In the end, she still said, “Your Highness, food and water are rare here. In fact, there’s no water or food. It’s a little wasteful for you to get so much food at once.”

“Yue’er, don’t worry. Before the Consort came, she got someone to prepare a lot of food and water. It’s enough for us to eat fish and meat every day for more than half a year.” After Heiyao finished his work, he came to Heiyue’s side.

“R-really?” Heiyue looked at Xue Fanxin in shock. She was unable to see through this consort.

She was clearly a Spirit Master. Why did she feel that the consort was unfathomable?

Ignoring her exquisite medical skills, the boldness she had displayed just now and her ample preparations… Was this something ordinary people could do?

“Of course it’s true. I even mocked the Consort for bringing so many things with her. Now, it looks like I was the stupid one, hehe…” Heiyao laughed awkwardly.

If not for the consort, he would have come on this rescue mission for nothing. Even if he came, rather than saving them, he would have lost his life.

Xue Fanxin ignored their idle chatter. After sorting out the ingredients, she started cooking. She made a large pot of fish porridge using the Electric Water Eel with some fresh vegetables. She also prepared a few more dishes. There was even roasted fish on the fire rack.

Before long, the aroma spread throughout the sandpit. Many people gulped upon smelling it, wishing they could eat a few large bowls.

They had long finished their food. Although they would not starve to death, they still felt hungry. They had been surviving on water. Catching the aroma of such a fragrant porridge, they wanted to eat it!

The woman who argued with Xue Fanxin earlier was also staring at the pot. There were a few times when she could not help but want to snatch it openly, but considering their cultivation levels, she did not dare to act rashly.

Old Man Yin Feng was also hungry. He swallowed a few times and finally could not help but return to his tent. What he did not see could not hurt him.

The others all stared fixedly at the pot in front of Xue Fanxin. They approached it step by step. Even if they could not eat it, they wanted to smell it a few more times.

Their cultivation levels were not low, and they had not cared about food for a long time. In the past, no matter how many delicacies were placed in front of them, they would not take a second look. But now, they were actually salivating over a pot of porridge.

The charm of this pot of porridge was really great!

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