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Chapter 671: 671 Once Very Strong

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671 Once Very Strong

Bai Shuiling was enraged by Xue Fanxin and almost lost her temper on the spot. However, the pot of fragrant porridge forced her to suppress her anger.

“How much is this pot of porridge? I’ll buy it. Is that okay?”

“Not selling.” Xue Fanxin did not give her any face.

“Little girl, going against the Bai family is not a wise move.”

“Big Sister, countless people have said similar things to me, but they all regret it so much that they want to bang their heads against the wall, including that Bai Wuchen.”

“You know my brother?”

“We can be considered to know each other. Anyway, we’re not familiar. Hey, if there’s nothing else, don’t block the light.” Xue Fanxin chased them away with a spatula, not giving the so-called Young Miss Bai any face.

She hated this kind of heiress who relied on her status to do whatever they wanted. They were always so self-righteous and thought that everything in the world should revolve around them. Once they were a little unhappy, they would use their power to bully others.

This so-called Young Miss of the Bai family was similar to Su Baifeng. She did not have a good impression of her at all.

“You’d best not regret it.” Bai Shuiling lost her patience, but thinking of Heiyao’s power, she did not act recklessly. She left straight away.

“There’s something wrong with your brain,” Xue Fanxin said disdainfully. She could not be bothered with her.

Heiyue walked over and said, “Your Highness, offending Bai Shuiling will probably be disadvantageous to us. She has a Saint Realm expert by her side. The strongest cultivator on our side is Heiyao, who is at the peak of the Mystic Spirit Realm. If we really fight, the chances of us winning are very low.”

“Don’t worry. They won’t dare to fight. At most, they’ll use their background to scare people. Unless they have no choice, they won’t attack. Rather, they’ll think about how to deal with us after we get out. But by then, will you still be afraid of them?”

“No. As long as we can leave this place, forget about a small Bai family, we won’t be afraid even if the four great families join forces,” Heiyue vowed.

Who did the four great clans think they were? Just the Nine Cloud Palace was enough to make them suffer. If they added the Purple Cloud Tower, they could reshuffle the four great clans of the Mystic Realm at any time.

“I know that you’ve suffered a lot of grievances recently. From now on, you don’t have to bear with anyone bullying you. You can return the favor. If the sky collapses, I’ll support you.”


Consort, you are only a small cultivator in the Spirit Master Realm. Can you really support the sky?

Although Heiyue did not think that Xue Fanxin had such an ability, for some reason, she saw a kind of hope in Xue Fanxin. As long as she followed her, everything would turn out for the better.

“Okay, that’s enough. You didn’t eat much just now. This bowl of porridge is for you.” Xue Fanxin scooped a bowl from the pot and handed it to Heiyue.

A man dressed a little shabbily walked over and said in a low voice, “Can you… give me a bowl of porridge?”

Although the man looked down and out, he emitted an unfathomable aura. But it was very weak, making it difficult to detect.

The reason Xue Fanxin could sense it was because the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel in her body had moved.

This person… should be very powerful. Or he had once been very powerful.

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