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Chapter 73: Going to Kill Someone

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Xue Fanxin did not tell him that the people from Asura Hall were looking for the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel. Even if Xue Batian asked, she would tell him she did not know anything.

This was a serious matter. The fewer people who knew about the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel, the better. Otherwise, she would be easily targeted. If she had not dealt with it quickly, the news of the three blank books would have long spread.

It seemed like Li Yaoyao couldn’t stay any longer.

“Miss, Miss, Li Yaoyao ran away.” Jasmine hurriedly ran over to report.

“The monk can run, but the temple can’t. I must send her to see the King of Hell tonight. Let’s go…” Xue Fanxin left with a murderous aura, leaving everyone confused.

They all knew that Xue Fanxin and Li Yaoyao had a grudge, but they did not know that it ran so deep that it had reached the point of no return.

“Little Xin’er, what are you going to do?” Xue Batian called out from behind.

“Kill someone,” Xue Fanxin casually replied, then ran away and disappeared. They couldn’t stop her even if they wanted to.

“My future consort is going to kill someone. How can I not go and support her?” Ye Jiushang said casually before turning around and disappearing.

Yi Tian originally wanted to follow, but he was suppressed by an invisible force. He could not move for a moment and could not go even if he wanted to. When he regained his freedom, Xue Fanxin had already disappeared.

After Xue Fanxin left the Duke’s Estate, she went all the way to the Third Prince’s Estate and used her kung fu movement skills to chase after her. No matter what, she could not let Li Yaoyao live to see the Third Prince.

If it was in the past, she would not be in such a hurry to kill Li Yaoyao. But after learning that the black-clothed person was from the incomparably powerful Asura Hall, she could not help but be anxious.

If Li Yaoyao told the Third Prince about the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel, she would be in knee-deep trouble. She might even be targeted by the entire Nanling Empire.

Before she had enough power, she could not fall out with the Nanling royal family. Otherwise, not only her grandfather, but even the entire Xue family army would suffer.

“Little Xin’er, why must you chase with such difficulty? I’ll take you along.” Ye Jiushang suddenly appeared by Xue Fanxin’s side. He reached out and hugged her little waist, embracing her tightly. Then, amid a flash of white light, he brought her along with her. In the blink of an eye, he had already appeared in front of Li Yaoyao and blocked her way.

Li Yaoyao did not take anything and was running towards the Third Prince’s residence with all her might. Perhaps because she ran too quickly, she stumbled a few times on the way and had quite a few injuries, but she never expected Xue Fanxin to appear in front of her and block her way.

At this moment, Li Yaoyao smelled death.

“Cousin, I beg you to let me off. I won’t go against you again.” Li Yaoyao knelt in front of Xue Fanxin and pleaded for mercy. In order to survive, she had to put down all her self-esteem.

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“From the moment you pushed me off the cliff, I had already decided to take your life. Furthermore, now I have another reason to kill you.” Xue Fanxin had a small flying dagger in her hand, ready to shoot Li Yaoyao at any moment.

Li Yaoyao knew that Xue Fanxin would not let her off. Before she died, she said loudly, “Ninth Imperial Uncle, the three blank books in Xue Fanxin’s hand are definitely not ordinary. You—”

Before Li Yaoyao could finish speaking, she realized that her throat had been slit, startling her.

What shocked her was not why she had been killed, but that the person who had attacked was Ye Jiushang.

Logically speaking, when the Ninth Imperial Uncle heard the important secret she was talking about, he definitely would not kill her immediately, but the result was… why?

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