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Chapter 76: Excellent Medical Skills (1)

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Because of Steward Mo’s appearance, Yan Jinlu could only flee in a hurry.

Other people treated Steward Mo like a god and were respectful to him, but Xue Fanxin thought nothing of it and treated him with her usual attitude. “You should have the highest authority here, right?”

“That’s right. I’m the supervisor of the Nanling Empire’s Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. Everything here is basically up to me to decide. The day before, you sold a bottle of Spirit Awakening Potion at my Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. This is your remaining payment. I’ve prepared it for you.” Steward Mo brought Xue Fanxin to the highest level main hall to entertain her and took out the rest of the money.

“Steward Mo, with your Heavenly Treasure Trading Company’s ability, how long will it take for you to trade these two million taels of gold for silver?” Xue Fanxin did not take the banknotes, asking another question instead. When she faced Manager Mo, she was extremely calm, not nervous or panicked at all.

“Miss, you want to exchange these taels of gold for silver?”

“Yes. Change them all to silver.”

“Although this matter is a little troublesome, it’s not impossible. May I ask you to wait a moment? I’ll send someone to prepare the silver now.” After complaining about the extra work, Steward Mo agreed to Xue Fanxin’s request. He immediately ordered someone to prepare the silver.

Two million taels of gold’s worth of silver was not a small number. There would be at least a thousand chests. If it were an ordinary bank, they definitely could not take out so much silver.

However, the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company’s financial resources were astonishing. Converting two million taels of gold was nothing difficult for them.

“Miss, forgive me for asking, but who concocted the Spirit Awakening Potion in your hand?”

“Does the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company have to investigate the origins of the goods when doing business?” Xue Fanxin retorted. She did not lower her stance, and her words carried a hint of arrogance.

“No, no. I just want to know who concocted this Spirit Awakening Potion because I have something to ask of you.”

“Oh? Please elaborate.”

“The person who can concoct such a spirit liquid must be a high-level alchemist. Many years ago, my family’s Young Master got injured and has yet to recover. He urgently needs high-level spirit pills and miraculous medicine to treat his injuries. Although the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company is everywhere, there are few high-level alchemists in the world, many of whom are helpless against Young Master’s injuries, so…”

Since Steward Mo had already said so much, Xue Fanxin naturally could guess his intentions. “So you want the person who concocted the Spirit Awakening Potion to treat your Young Master?”

“Yes. Young Master’s injuries are very serious. Even a high-level alchemist might not be able to treat them, but we won’t let go of any hope. As long as you are willing to help, I will be endlessly grateful.”

“I see!” Xue Fanxin thought about this matter carefully.

Disbanding the Xue family army and having them leave the Imperial City in batches did not sound like a problem, but it was difficult to pull off in reality.

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The Nanling Emperor was constantly watching every move of the Xue family army. If she wanted to let the Xue family army leave the city safely and leave this troublesome place behind, it would be challenging to do so with her own ability. If she had the help of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, things would be much easier.

As for her identity, it would be revealed sooner or later. Why think so much?

“Steward Mo, where is your Young Master? Why don’t you let me take a look at him? I know a little about medicine. Perhaps I can help you with something.”

“This…” Steward Mo hesitated.

A young man in an embroidered robe walked in and said elegantly, “Then I’ll be troubling you..”

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